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Stockton, California Map

me and the pup enjoyed ourselves, stopped at the nearby dog park when we returned to the start.

I love this spot, trained my dog to walk with me off leash here. it's one of our go to walking spots. it IS an orchard though so if you see people working stay out of their way and please keep your dogs out of their way. My dog has a thing for white trucks because I drive one and took off after theirs once. The owner was super nice about it. thankfully since it's flat farmland it's pretty easy to spot incoming people or the occasional white truck from very far away.

Nice hike along the Calaveras and San Joaquin Rivers. Nice views of the rivers, the marina and a yacht club and plenty of very nice houses and docks and boats. It's gated with a turnstile gate on both ends to keep bicycles out for some reason. I should have done it in a loop but didn't have a map and ran out of time... If you loop it the rest has bicycle access...

Nostalgic hike for me... Over 40 years ago I used to fish on a wooden dock by the bridge in the photos and all over the island on the backside. Now it's signed and you can't go there. The walk on the levee wasn't much but the memories from the past were great...

Simple, pavement and rocky dirty by the water. Dog friendly

Did this several times years ago...

This was a great Sunday afternoon walk. Wide open blue sky and great fields with the delta right there next to the path. My only concern was the “No Trespassing, no fishing, no biking Federal Reclamation Area” sign that was posted at the end of the trail we just came off of. Hmmmmm

Very flat and super windy. Beautiful landscape.

Pretty good trail. It's really flat, and there's not a whole lot to look at, but there aren't many people so you can enjoy the trail to yourself. Good for putting in miles if you're trying to train for something. Depending on which way you go, there's a gate which makes part of the trail private property so it isn't a true loop, but the gate isn't very tall so.... if you wanted to make it a loop you could. I'm not encouraging trespassing, and what you decide to do is completely on you. I'm not responsible if you break the law.

easy, you can take the whole family

mountain biking
10 months ago

Awesome ride close to the park. Go too far on either side though and it gets a little dirty. Will be coming again

It seemed like it took forever since most of the time you are looking into an empty field. This was my first time but overall I did like it so it wouldn’t be my last.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is a simple and easy levee trail that goes out to Paradise Point Marina and back. It is easy, no elevation changes and offers a nice Delta view for most of the way.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I did the entire 8.4 mile loop this morning. I started at the entry on Voyager and went South and did the loop clockwise. So I was surprised to find at mile 7 (mile one if you go the other way) a gate across the levee marking it as private property with a big NO TRESPASSING sign on it. I do believe that at least part of the actual marked trail is private property and that this is not meant to be an actual loop trail since you can only do a full loop by climbing over a fence marked No Trespassing. Something to look into.

As far as the actual trail, it was ok. Definitely a "training" trail to put in miles and do some stamina walking. The Delta is nice but levee trails like this are not much on sight seeing. I did enjoy seeing many turtles at one point though, that was great.

it was great took my dog and went for a walk with my mom

ok walked several times with my dog

Monday, February 20, 2017

Nice long walk! My GPS said 7.8 miles around the whole loop. And you walk next to the water almost the whole way. We saw lots of wildlife and only a couple other people walking. There is a gate at mile 7 or 1 depending which way you walk but it's easy enough to maneuver around. I took my dog with and it was a great walk to tire her out on.

So, according to distance measurement the long loop is 11 miles. Not that it matters, great walk!

Oh, this was a long walk, but so worth it. The sun came out, saw cranes, cormorants, Fishotter, came across 2 runners, that was it. A few people were trying to catch fish. You want to walk until you can't walk anymore, you want to Tucker out your dogs, that's the walk to do. I guess I would have liked to have a few benches along the way to rest. Also the access is not clear and there were locked gates to get by. That was. Little weird at best. Still, once on the dam road, a great walk.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Trail is flat and hard on the joints. Half way through walk about a mile out on a field people were shooting guns. ALOT of BUGS by mosher slough. Same scenery entire walk. We will bypass mosher slough next time. Overall an OK walk.

Relatively flat, nice views of distant mountains and the water to your side. but at mile marker 7 or mile marker 1, depending on which direction he head, there are two gates blocking your route. I had already traveled 7 miles and not wanting to back track, so I hoisted my bike over the two shorter fences to continue trekking.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

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