Looking for a great trail near Stinson Beach, California? AllTrails has 26 great hiking trails, trail running trails, views trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails in Fort Funston, we've got you covered. Ready for some activity? There are 13 moderate trails in Stinson Beach ranging from 1 to 61.1 miles and from 9 to 2,467 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!


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Stinson Beach, California Map

Fantastic hike with a variety of terrain. Fairly difficult but very worthwhile. Would recommend starting early as the peak gets very hot, and on the steepest section no less. Matt Davis on the way down was a good call - shaded, cool, and atmospheric.

Gorgeous! Shaded and steep in the beginning, open and exposed with coastal views at the end. Don’t forget an ice cream at parkside and sitting on Stinson beach at the end to enjoy it!

Spectacular views! Pacific Ocean, Marin city, woods, sunshine, and river. Everything is perfect! Super recommend it

Hiked 5 miles of this trail starting and finishing out of Muir Woods. Elevation changes and beautiful scenery. Redwoods and wildlife. Loved it!!

Beautiful hike. Amazing views. Many stairs that are quite the workout. I somehow got off trail for this hike and ended up almost 10 miles. There was a point where I found it tricky to find the correct way to go. But this hike has it all...waterfalls, city and beach views. Peace and quite and lots of nature sounds. Love it and will definitely do this one again.

one of the most beautiful hikes but definitely is a challenging one. it's a long and strenuous hike but definitely comes with lot of rewards. such views of the sea and the trail runs next to a creek and so you can here the water pretty much half of your climb if you take the steep ravi e trail. we took steep ravine until Pantoll and cant remember the rest of the way until you hit the fire road. last couple miles before visitor center of the eat peak are the most difficult ones with pretty much half the elevation. coming down on Rail road and Matt Davis is much gradual descend all the way to Stinson beach. would love to do it again some day! Highly recommend the hike if you are up for the challenge!

We parked near the fire station and started on Matt Davis Trail and continued to Steep Ravine and and then Dipsea. Amazing views all along - the majestic redwoods, waterfalls, the cute bridges. The uphill climb provided a great workout. Highly recommend this trail. The ocean had a beautiful shade of blue due to the clear sunny day. Highly recommend this trail.

Great Trail. Clocked 16.7 miles. We used the Matt Davis there and back.

This was not a hike. It was a StairMaster exercise. This makes it a much harder workout on the legs. I could see that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like all the stairs. Some areas have paths worn on the sides of the staircases. Try walking there so you don’t get worn out too soon. Other than that, the views were nice. I especially liked walking along the creek in the trees. The beginning of the trail was littered with dog poop. Please at least flip your dog’s poop off to the side if you don’t have a bag.

It was a beautiful hike. I am totally dead after doing it! The views were spectacular, and there were a couple places to refresh with a mini river dip. We made the “mistake” of leaving at 9am on a hot day. We went the opposite way of what AllTrails said, and the hardest part (1200 ft incline in 1.7 miles or so) was during the hottest part of the day. But, the silver lining is I did it the hardest way. Any other day or time should be a piece of cake. The only issue I have is with AllTrails. I followed the exact trail, and the hike ended up being 2.1 miles longer than advertised. Definitely not upset about the length, just wish I knew exactly what I was in for.

This hike has Beautiful views of the ocean!

We hiked this trail for the first time yesterday and I gotta say, it was a lot harder than we were expecting. It took us longer than the average, from what I saw on the recordings. However, this hike was amazing. Very beautiful all around. Cant wait to do it again!

Started at Pan Toll Ranger Station which has limited parking and went down Matt Davis to Stinson Beach and up Steep Ravine. I would recommend hiking up Steep Ravine, not just for the challenge but you get to see the waterfalls, bridges and redwoods from below which are amazing. Watch for poison oak but great shaded hike most of the time. Beautiful warm clear sky day was the best. Could be considered difficult IMO.

We parked at Stinson Beach near a cafe from where the trail head was very close. We hit the trail at 8.20am and took the clockwise route as suggested by others in reviews. The first half the trai (via Steep Ravine) has a gradual accent with very serene and calming views. We were a bit disappointed as we couldn't see much but clouds on reaching the summit. However, the cloud and fog helped us keep cool throughout. Will go again to see the spectacular views on a sunny clear day.

Great hike. Did this on reverse to save my knees. Steep ascent for about 30 mins through nice shaded woodland, exposed near the summit, but great views. Remainder of the trail is wonderful, shaded woodland, running streams and beautiful redwoods. hike ends with a short walk through exposed scrubland with wide views of the Pacific and lagoon.

We loved this hike so much we had to do it again. This time with some running and hardly any stops. We went up the Dipsea/Steep Ravine trail and then headed down the Matt Davis trail.

30 days ago

This trail is really beautiful and worth hiking during one of Martin Griffin Preserve's open saturdays. Dogs are not allowed.

Quick hike with 7 month baby

Great trail! At the highest point I decided to follow a small trail off of the main one, going up the highest peak in the area. There was a rope swing and it was really cool to be in the clouds.

Really an awesome hike for being so close to the city. Some steep sections and lots of diversity in terrain. We refilled water at a campground and at Westpoint Inn. The peak was crowded, there’s a road that folks can drive to an area just short of the peak. But overall a great day, lots of options to loop back on a different trail to the beach, as the trails tend to crisscross all through the state park.

Love this trail! Such a beautiful fairy like environment. So many redwoods and ferns and waterfalls I was blown away felt like my home of Hawaii in many ways.

Dipsea and Steep Ravine trails on the way up from Stinson are magnificent. Encountered a coyote on Dipsea. Matt Davis is nice, too; be aware that the descent is rocky and lots of uneven stairs. Watch your footing. Altogether a great loop!

This was an epic hike. Be prepared to hike for atleast 8 hours. Going up the Matt Davis trail on a misty morning was beautiful. Great trail with different environments the higher you go up. The Pantoll station is your 1/3 waypoint and the West Point Inn is a nice place to chill and recline before you get to the East Peak. The peak has great views of Marin and San Francisco. You forget about the beautiful relationship the fog has with San Francisco, but not up there. Its stunning

Easily one of my favorite year-round hikes. It’s so gorgeous, has a moderate amount of elevation gain and still pretty pleasant in the summer. Definitely take the steep ravine trail back down if you take matt davis up, not just to mix it up a bit but because it’s absolutely worth it.

Beautiful trail. It was quite hot so did not enjoy the open Dipsea trail as much, but enjoyed Steep Ravine a lot. Lots of greenery, little waterfalls and pools and well shaded.

Beautiful nature trail, views of the pacific and shoreline, mist and sunshine, lots of fun steps to climb, streams and small waterfalls, deer, very good moderate trail.

I love this area! We began our hike at Pantoll parking, hiked down the Matt Davis trail to Stinson beach. We chilled at the beach and continue our hike up Dipsea to Steep Ravine, to Pantoll. You have to pay $8.00 to park at Pantoll. When we started up Dipsea we ran into a coyote, who began stalking us..so keep a watchful eye out. Walking up the Steep Ravine trail to Pantoll was a great uphill workout, moderate trail. Many places to stop along Webb creek and relax.

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