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More like 16 miles.

The last two miles are very steep.

Lots of good and diverse views

Great trail, went up Davies and back down on the ravine. A little muddy but not bad or dangerous. This is one trail I take all visitors on.

Beautiful views. Easy to hike, we started at Stinson Beach to hike uphill first.

One of my favorite trail at Mt Tamalpais State Park.

I love this trail. It has many interesting features. If you go while it’s misty it adds even another element of beauty. One of my local favorites for sure.

This remains one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area. I usually start at Pantoll Ranger Station, but on my most recent trip, I started at Stinson Beach and completed this in the opposite direction suggested: up Matt Davis and down Steep Ravine and Dipsea. The trail is a "best of" of hikes in the Bay Area in that you get a bit of everything: grassy fields with expansive views; redwoods; small streams amid forests of canyon oaks and eucalyptus; and, of course, Stinson Beach itself.

Definitely one of my favorite trails!

Started early for this hike: on road by 6 on the trail by 730. Easy parking early ona. Cold winter's day but easy to imagine the town fills up fast under different circumstances. I took the Matt Davis trail up to the inn and then the old fire road to the fern trail. Nothing to challenging I may try to attack it from the willow camp trail next time since it's more challenging. Beautiful views, lots of clearly marked trails, hard to get lost.

14 days ago

Great hike to complete in the morning! I imagine foot traffic picks up after 10-11am, as I noticed larger groups and families starting their hike while I was ending mine. I started at the Dipsea Trailhead, continued onto Steep Ravine and climbed down via Matt Davis. Good mix of shaded/open areas. I especially enjoyed the ocean and city views on the Matt Davis Trail. You could complete this trail multiple ways depending on where you park. I originally wanted to park at Stinson Beach, but the parking lot was closed, I'm assuming due to the government shut down. Instead, I took the risk and parked in a drop off zone next to the trailhead. I learned there is another parking lot at Pantoll Road, at the campground, so that's another option if Stinson's lot is closed. If you park at Pantoll, you could climb down via Matt Davis and hike back up via Dipsea & Ravine. Alternatively, you could hike down via Ravine/Dipsea and hike back up on Matt Davis. Overall, it's a nice Marin hike.

Great way to start the year!

Great way to start the year!!!

This was one of the best hikes I’ve been on.

I hike this trail often, one of my favorites. I like to start at Pantoll Ranger Station. Get there before 9a if you want parking in the lot. I start down Steep Ravine, it's such a magical place. If dragons and wizards ever existed, this is where they lived. The climb down is beautiful. Watch the calendar for races because Steep Ravine is used for their marathons and half marathons. The trail opens up at the foothill of the mountain and you are in riparian growth overlooking the Pacific. Absolutely gorgeous. I take this down to Stinson Beach where we have our packed lunches (PB&J for me). Then head back up on the Matt Davis trail. This is a good climb back up. All levels can do this climb. It's a gradual climb and some areas where it flattens out to catch your breath. Don't get me wrong, you will burn off your lunch on this trail but it's so worth it. There is plenty of shade and coolness no matter the time of the year. But it can be muddy if you're going during the rainy season but don't let it stop you. There are parts of the trail where it opens up to tease you with views of the Pacific as you get higher and higher. As you near the top you will be out in the open. If it's sunny, it will be very warm. You are exposed but not for long until you're under a canopy again. The trail ends back at the Pantoll Ranger station parking lot.

We traveled 3 mi in and back from above Stinson beach. Well travelled but still rustic and narrow in places. Shaded in mixed redwood forest with stream and waterfall plus viewing of the coast from flat rock about a mile into the hike. We encountered many friendly hikers, some on long distance treks from the coastal trail and others just taking an out and back hike like us. Parking is challenging but good payoffs at your choice of cafes along Stinson beach.

Beautiful December day. Went with daughter around noon. Did it counterclockwise. It’s actually about 7.4 miles long. First half moderately strenuous and uphill. Second half easy but downhill and lots of rocks so wear good shoes. Beautiful all the way - redwoods, streams, ocean view, shade and sun. Moderate foot traffic but generally mellow folks around. Classic NorCal hike. We even spotted a big coyote - it crossed the trail, then climbed a hill and stared at us.

What a great hike! We took music stand to cut off some of the elevation. Not one complaint. Definitely worth it.

This trail is amazing! I think I logged almost 10 Miles. The scenery in the mountain on the trail was so beautiful. I had some hot tea on the beach and watched the dolphins. Then at 730am I hit the trail. Finished up with lunch and a beer at the Siren Canteen on the beach. Amazing time!!!

Best hike in the Bay Area. Good mix of ecosystems and wildlife, while providing a good workout through length and climb.

Very steep, and slippery when muddy! But very pretty trail, and saw several deer.

Any hike that includes the Steep Ravine trail is absolutely amazing! This is clearly the gem of this area of the Mt. with a tons of covered scenery to look at, a few bridge crossings with small waterfalls, and a fun 10ft ladder to climb which is different and interesting. The Matt Davis trail is quite a bit more open, so make sure you plan accordingly. Thankfully the weather normally doesn’t get insane as the ocean helps mediate it, but the sun can really take you by surprise. There are a good number of stairs, so the elevation on this is fairly condensed allowing for long breaks of flat trail mixed in with long stretches of uphill. All in all, this will be one you will remember!

ocean, trees, & fresh air, does it get better?

We started by the fire station trailhead- that way gives you a steep climb to start the trail. Going the other direction is a longer, steady climb.

Phone gps trackers put the total hike at about 7.2 miles.

Trail pretty well maintained and easy to follow- we never found ourselves wondering which trail to follow.

There is a nice outcrop with a good view of Stinson beach- maybe around 1.5 miles in.

Nice changes between forests, grass hills, and then along a creek on the Dipsea trail portion.

All in all, a good hike.

Remember to dress in layers..

My dad and I hiked this on a Tuesday felt like it was just us I suggest parking at Stinson beach beautiful views saw a coyote deer squirrel birds finished in three hours amazing time bring a friend or family member and do it!!!

I hiked in the Steep Ravine from the Pantoll. The scenery in the wooded area is beautiful. There were flies or gnats the first .5 mile from the Pantoll which were a little annoying but otherwise very serene.

Very calming and relaxing. We went on a weekend and there were people out but not enough to find annoying . Took about 4 hours. Once we came down to Stinson we went and hung out at the beach before heading back up the dipsea trail! Lots of stairs both ways and the “ladder” is NOTHING to worry about!

We did this on october 27. The views are absolutely briliant. Very hard towards the peak. Steep and a lot of stairs. The beauty of all of the hike is breathtaking. Took us 8 hours. :) we went up the fern trail and oh boy was it hard. Like super hard.

Wow! I’m not sure it gets better than this hike! Ocean, Redwoods, steep climbs, well maintained trails with built in terraced stairs throughout the trails, views for days that covered all the way out to east bay and SF. Absolutely stunning day to hike, we lucked out. Apparently in winter there are waterfalls, today we had trickles but it was lovely to hike alongside the sounds of water in the trees.

We took a wrong turn at pantoll and went up the wrong Matt Davies trailhead which took us up to the mountain theater by accident. However that little detour gave us the most amazing views!! Totally worth the 3 mile mistake to get back via old mine trail to get back on the right Matt Davies trail. Such an incredible and challenging hike! Wowza

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