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My favorite hike in the Bay Area! Tho, we go the opposite direction.

I hiked this trail in July of 2017, and it was not very difficult for an active person. The steps going up and down were hard on my legs at times but nothing worth being sore over.

I hiked this trail in trail running shoes and packed only about 1 liter of water which was enough. We hiked down to the beach. Then, we relaxed, ate and took a nap before going back up.

I hiked this trail again in June of 2018 with my 8 year old son and mother. We got almost to the top but turned around because of the weather. It was very cloudy, misty and definitely could feel the droplets towards the top. It was such a beautiful experience going on a day it wasn’t sunny, though!

We packed light on water, about 1 liter per person and didn’t take any breaks except to drink water.

Gorgeous hike through the trees and grassland on a beautiful, sunny, and warm day. We started at the top, parked in the Bootjack lot (adding ~1 mile), went down Matt Davis and up Dipsea and Steep Ravine. Just an archetypal GGNRA hike, in the variety and beauty of the surroundings, level of strenuousness, and length. A wonderful day and route.

Much harder than I expected but one of my favorite hikes ive ever done. My knees and ankles are super sore but it was worth the pain

I enjoyed it! The beauty of the trail was second only to the beauty of my companion. Definitely go clockwise.

A fairly easy hike with absolutely stunning views and cool weather

My boyfriend and I hiked this a few weeks ago and we both loved it! The incline wasn’t too bad, and the views were beautiful the entire way up! Lots of different scenery along the hike ranging from beach and ocean views, to the forest, to a waterfall! We passed a few people on the trail but overall we felt pretty alone. We completed the hike on a Friday afternoon in about 4 hours with a long stop at the top for lunch!

Great loop trail, takes advantage of the well established trrail routes in the area. Recommend pants at the least, long sleeve shirt for your comfort if you need it. Beautiful views of the ocean when you come down Matt Davis trail and lots of time in the woods with the sequoias!

I LOVED this hike! We started at Stinson and took the Dipsea Trail (just to the south of the fire station) to Steep Ravine. We followed Steep Ravine to the Pantoll Ranger Station, joined the Matt Davis Trail and took that back to Stinson. The hike was followed by delicious tacos and beers at The Siren Cafe, right on the beach at Stinson. The trails in mid June were lush, running water, and shaded for about 3/4 of the loop. Total loop clocked at 8 miles and took 3.5 hours. I'm an avid hiker and found this hike to be strenuous enough, not too hard, but I felt like I had a great workout when I was done.

Great hiking trail and loop from Stinson beach and back. Great sceneries, vues, foliage. Starting on the Matt Davis trail to the Steep Ravine trail to the Dipsea trail makes for a challenging but fun hike!

This hike far exceeded my high expectations. I parked next to the bathroom by Stinson Beach and went up the Matt Davis Trail so I ended along the beach on Dipsea. The trail is beautiful and overgrown but not too much. Be cautious of poison oak in the first leg. It is quite the workout going up the first half but once you get to the top the rest of the hike is easy. Breathtaking and changing views throughout every inch of the hike. Ends up being closer to 8 miles but is worth every minute. If you’re doing in the summer I suggest trying this hike late afternoon and catching the end during golden hour. Magic is an understatement!

There is a lot of things to see right here. We enjoyed hiking and we're gonna go back here sometime. The trail has a lot of things to enjoy. The vegetation changes as you go further.

A really great trek to go to. It's quite a workout going uphill and a comfortable walk downhill. 7.2 miles in total. Things to remember - loads of poison oak along they way so make sure to cover yourselves completely. - The environment changes suddenly from woods to meadows to ravines so dress in layers. - We did not encounter any wildlife along this trek - Parking is available at Stinson beach. It's a good place to start and end the trek. You can use the restrooms and/or buy some food from the snack bar (they have amazing sandwiches, a perfect lunch at the summit)

Nice varied trail with good views but be prepared. Wore tennis shoes since we weren’t planning on hiking and was bleeding near the end. Very steep incline with lots of stairs, significant leg workout. But worth it. Good wildlife spotting — we saw a snake, some birds, a friendly vole, tons of lizards. Make sure to layer — even on a chilly day it gets very hot when you make it out of the fog and into the open fields.

Beautiful trail. Didn’t know about needing to make reservations for Muir Woods. Drove to Stinson Beach to do this trail. A lot of stairs but one of my favorite trail runs. Garmin read over 11 miles.. but we did get a little off the trail. Recommend this for all runners and hikers.

Great hike! For me, the hike up was pretty hard. Constant climb and steeper. Awesome workout though!! We came down Matt Davis, it was so long, pretty much downhill the entire 4 miles, super easy. Beautiful views! Plan to go up Matt Davis next time.

Pure excellence. Beautiful and varied terrain. Amazing ocean views, waterfalls, bridges, fern lands, everything you could want. Easily one of my top favorite hikes in the Bay Area.

Wonderful hike in Mill Valley. We went up Matt Davis trail first and thought that was the prefect route to take. Beautiful views throughout!

Such an amazing trail. I am very picky with trails and usually get bored quite easily, but I definitely recommend this one. Every mile is unique and beautiful.

I really enjoy this hike and have done it twice, once starting going up Steep Ravine and today starting with going up Matt Davis Trail. I prefer going up Steep Ravine first for two reasons- that part of the trail has a wood ladder, and going up a ladder is vastly preferable. Matt Davis has more stairs, and I’d rather go down stairs than up :)

There aren’t a ton of signs but there are very few forks. The hike is well shaded except for one exposed section in the middle with gorgeous sea views and one at the beginning of Steep Ravine.

A moderately challenging hike with a few nice views and some good spots to sit and relax. There is quite a lot of poison oak, so something to be aware of!

Beautiful hike, a good variety of wildlife: saw deer, butterflies, banana slugs, and many types of birds. Beautiful variety of terrain, especially liked the lower creek part of the trail and ladder which adds some fun to the hike. Make sure to bring layers and temperatures can change from warm to cold quickly. The town at Stinson beach is great for a post hike celebratory drink.

Top 5 Bay Area Hike - I start with Matt Davis since it has more switchbacks. Not easy to get to if you start at Stinson Beach- As Laura says below some Oak but not too bad but enough to wear long sleeve shirts and pants. First 2.5 miles will push you but after that not too bad. First 4 or so miles pretty quite then gets busy

Began at Pantoll Station and descended through the redwoods and ferns following the stream until the scenery opened up to coastal brush before arriving in town. From the fire station headed up the Matt Davis trail which was steep and consisted of well maintained switchbacks. The trail levels out at the top and opened up to rolling hills with no coverage and completed the loop back to Pantoll Station. This is the harder option, as the uphill on Matt Davis trail is greater over a shorter distance than ascending up Dipsea trail. Moderate through most of the hike. Get their early to avoid the crowds. Parking at Pantoll is limited and cost $8. Pay to support the trails and people who keep it going. Don't be cheap and park on the road.

Wonderful! There was poison oak but not too much. The trail is a touch overgrown in places. Great wildlife - pleased to see a number of bee nests up high, tons of birds, and a few small snakes along the path. This is obvious, but we saw a few folks struggling - make sure to bring water and wear proper footwear. This is not something to do in flip flops, après swim.

a favorite of mine. Can't wait to go again.

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