This hike is so beautiful! Redwoods, wildflowers, small waterfalls, bridges, a ladder, and the beach. It's like being in 4 different places at once. It was 62 and perfect today. There was some fog which added to the beauty of the hike. After our hike, we grabbed a bite to eat at the little restaurant and ate on the picnic tables before heading to the beach for a quick break. Fair warning tho, for those looking to go, as of today, the trailhead parking is closed. It's all street parking so get there early to find a spot. We parked near the post office and at 8 am, there was hardly any parking left. By the time we were leaving, at 2:30 pm, people were fighting over spots.

This is one of my favorite hikes ever. It’s a awesome trail to hike if you want to see some Redwoods, without going all the way to Redwood National Park. We loved the views and the ladder was so cool.

Get there early. Parking lot closed still. Beautiful hike and lots of flowers. Love this hike!

one of my favorite places to hike! such pretty views, right around every corner. Mostly shady except for when you have to walk through one little area that’s directly in the sun and SUUUPER hot, but then you come around the corner & see the ocean and it immediately cools down :). Plus the coolest bridge and ladder! Definitely a good hike! (Not the easiest tho, just a fair warning, lots of uphills- but it’s worth it!)

10/10 would recommend! If you haven’t done these trails already please do! Started with the Matt Davis trail bc it’s a little more of a challenge. Upon going up we ran into a raven just chilling on a post right in front of us, it was crazy, never seen a raven that up close before. Then while on the steep ravine trail we ran into deer! Throughout most of these trails there were a bunch of little lizards everywhere. It was dope. Also there’s a bunch of little waterfalls & wooden bridges. Make sure you go early because parking fills up fast as Stinson beach is right there. Definitely will be back again!

Great trail. First 3 or so miles is constant incline and invigorating. All views are gorgeous-start and end with ocean views and stunning creek, woodsy atmosphere through the center of the hike. We arrived early and parking was fairly easy, however, later when departing many were hungry for a parking spot. Can’t wait to do this hike again!

This trail was an amazing with great views of the ocean as well as multiple beaches. It is strenuous on the way up however it’s worth it for the view. Depending on where you start coming back is a lot easier than the start.

Everything was cool about the trail except having to find parking so go early. But amazing nonetheless. It was a nice mixture of trees and sun with gorgeous views of the ocean from the top. Took us about 3 hours 20 minutes from start to finish.

best trail in Bay area. we went last Saturday, and experienced four types of environments - cloud grassland, cloud Forest, dry grassland, dry forest. the views are gorgeous.

A breath of fresh air! Wonderful and kid friendly trail!

Matt Davis has lotsa poison oak encroaching on trail these days. But this is always an amazing loop hike!

We went in April in 65F weather which was perfect! We only did a portion of the Steep Ravine and it was so gorgeous that we want to return for other trails. We started too late to continue going further. Part of the trail was a little muddy and slippery, and we had to climb a ladder, and definitely had steep areas to climb with a railing and steps. There were some beautiful little waterfalls and plenty of shade most of the way. A little bit of everything. Not suitable for strollers on the Steep Ravine due to the ladder and plenty of steps, and I wouldn't recommend a dog unless you're prepared to carry it on the ladder. I also wouldn't recommend kids because it is a challenge to hike unless they're accustomed to hiking.

1 month ago

Trailhead is currently inaccesible to vehicles, but at the moment you can still bike into the park.

Awesome trail. Lots of redwood, flowing streams and waterfalls, beautiful views of Stinson beach. I would say on the slightly tougher side of moderate rating, some pretty steep climbing sections. I went when it was closed and there was only one hiker on the whole trail. Some muddy segments but mostly great. One of my favorites in the Bay Area.

Beautiful escape

Gorgeous trail, seems longer than the AllTrails map

Up and down, that's all this trail does. I prefer varied straight always with both downhill and uphill. This trail was just consistent steep up and steep down.

First half is all in a beautiful wooded area, up against the creek and redwoods. No views at the summit but some once you get a bit further into the Matt Davis trail. Def not as many as views we were expecting, but it wasn’t a hard trail and was quiet! Gorgeous hike for the forest but not as much for views.

Did the trail 3/1/20 and because there has been little rain, trail conditions were great. We began at Dipsea and went up Steep Ravine which is, as always, lovely. The trek up to the East Peak is fairly easy and hardly seems like you are going up, until the rocky scramble to the top. A great hike - we made it to the top in 3 hours and back down in about the same. Sadly the weather was a little cool and cloudy but still stellar views and wildflowers are starting now. My fitbit shows this as 16 miles... but they vary it seems.

3 months ago

Well used, well maintained. A trail I would do again. The Dipsea Trail heading up is picturesque and the Matt Davis Trail was a comfortable downward trail back to the beach. This is definitely the way I would do the trail again in the future. I took a couple of small detours and end up hiking 16km, I had planned for a 12-13km hike, so ensure you allow suitable time to enjoy the trail. The reward at the end is Stinson Beach and putting weary legs in the cool of the ocean.

I’m hoping I picked the correct trail loop as we had taken the wrong one the first time we had attempted this loop. The second time was “correct”. We had started near Stinson Beach fire station. The loop actually ended at the dead end of the road to the left looking at the fire station and started on the main highway road on the same side as the face of the fire station going up the hill (you’ll see a small sign). There is also more parking if you turn at the road on your FIRST LEFT going up the hill past the fire station and past the small entrance to the trail and park immediately on the corner on your left. If you park at the dirt “up the hill spot” the trail continues across the street. The trail at the parking spot will take you down to the fire station front highway road. The first attempt we figured “Steep Ravine” meant up the hill. So when you reach the bridge where you can continue straight and not cross the bridge but rather pass a big boulder and a fallen tree ... that’s actually Steep Ravine and you will have the ravine next to you with little waterfalls and get to climb the rock with the ladder. If you choose to cross the bridge and go up, it’ll also take you to Pan Toll Ranger station (where there is bathrooms, a water fountain, rangers, and WiFi at the kiosk but unsure if you need to download an app or something first to access it. ) This route is also beautiful as when you reach what feels like the top, you have a beautiful spot to picnic and take in the ocean view. But you skip a lot of little waterfalls and the ladder on the rock which is such a cool experience. I’m unsure what this latter trail is called. The hike itself is beautiful with many different experiences... narrow trails, rocky with roots, lots of dirt paved steps, eroded steps with rail spikes to watch out for, flat wide even trails, wooden paths, and even areas of concrete (when you’ve reached the half way point at Pan Toll). You’ll walk through hills with open wide spectacular views of the ocean and into the dark forest with lush and vivid colors surrounding you. The smells, the sounds, the beauty of it all can be found here. You’ll most likely go home sore but with such a great feeling of accomplishment. I really recommend walking to Stinson Beach afterwards and take off your shoes and let the sand cool your feet. Once you finish at the fire station, turn right at the main highway road. You’ll be walking through their downtown area. Make a left at the stop sign and you’ll see Parkside. They have coffee, ice cream, pizza and so much more but I’ve only tried their Shandy lemonade beer (so refreshing!!!), clam chowder (so so good), bread and very fresh pesto ( yum), and calamari (over priced for it not being that tasty). Anyways, walk a little further behind those buildings, you’re at the beach! It’s so close... and elevates you’re peacefulness even more. Btw... start early! We almost got caught in the dark in the forest on our first try. Luckily there’s a bus at the Pan Toll Ranger Station so make sure to put at least $2 cash in your backpack just in case and a headlamp in case you did have a late start and was having too much fun that you missed the bus .

Such a solid hike -- mix of everything, good challenge, and all kinds of terrain. Perfect for a sunny day and end up back at Stinson to check out the beach and get some beer at the shop nearby.

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