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Beautiful trail love it, 3mile incline be prepared,4 miles decline my legs were like jello after that, Good trail bein my first 7mile hike, quit a lot of stairs, good pace You should be good. Very proud of myself for doing that!.


This hike is perfect. We started at pantoll campground. And took matt Davis down to Stinson. Had lunch at siren canteen. And hiked up through steep ravine. Steep ravine had some nices to sit. And take in the nature. And the following water.

It was beautiful. I found the trail to be moderate plus with a few challenges. I took Dipsea to Steep and came back down Matt Davis. I like my uphill first. But that down hill was hard... a lot of steps. If you struggle with down hill I think poles or walking sticks would be perfect.

There are a lot of stairs on the uphill and the down hill. Beautiful 100% of the way..... Weather was 57-58 degrees while I was there with moving fog that was thick and made it seem like it was raining.

My head and mind was full of wonder.... I could have spent all day wandering in this little loop.

The ferns, redwoods, moss and Ivy kept me happy. It was enchanting hiking the fauna laden switchbacks. The fallen trees, and forest crackling sounds were amazing. You can hear the ocean in the back ground on the front and backsides of the loop and there are mini waterfalls, creeks and dripping foggy dripping sounds as well.

My fitbit logged 153 flights of stairs. If that helps anyone to gauge this climb. There are a lot of rocky path and a lot of thick roots.

You don’t have to travel all the way into see all beautiful things... you can climb into beauty the first mile or so and go back. But I assure mile after mile there are more rewards.

Great trail heads... easy to follow trail. There are lots of little surprises everywhere if you take time to notice.

The ladder isn’t hard... but it was challenging for me this day.
Trails app logged me in at 8 miles from Stinson Beach Parking and 2000 feet elevation gain.

The parking was free at Stinson. There are bathrooms at Stinson.... and then if you take Dipsea to Steep Ravine and end up at the ranger station there are bathrooms, warm air hand driers and seating to eat or rest.

This hike was a lot easier than I thought it would be based on other reviews, on the easy end of a moderate ranking, but I am a fit hiker. That said, this was one of the most enjoyable hikes I have ever been on. I took my mom for Mother's day and it was PERFECT for her. She loved how it had a little bit of everything in terms of habitat. There were people on the trail but not to the point where it felt overcrowded. We parked at the Stintson Beach parking lot and clocked about 8.1 miles from there and back. We went in the clockwise direction, starting with Matt Davis, as that is what people suggested since it is steeper than the Dipsea, but to be honest I think it would have been fine either way.

This trail had to be one of my favorite hiking experiences. I reserved my parking position ahead of time, and got there a little early (but they still let me in). I accidentally paid $10 to go visit the monument when I was only going there to hike the dipsea. Gladly they gave me a refund. Our hike towards Stinson Beach was pretty easy, but beware for the runners. If you come in the morning, there will be plenty of them so be ready to step to the side to let them pass. When I finally reached the beach, I stayed there for about 2 hours to rest, ate some food, and then headed back. The way back was sooooo hard. The stairs literally killed me, and I’m pretty fit. I have never sweated that much in my life. The hike took me about 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish (including time to take pictures). I recommend bringing a water bottle, a jacket (it gets cold), a towel (for the beat), and money to eat. AND MOST OF ALL BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF CLOSE.

One of the best hikes I had in Marin so far.
I did not find it difficult at all. Finished in 3hrs and I had about dozen breaks as the hike goes along streams of water and redwoods and it is just hard not to stop and contemplate the beauty of this trail.

Very easy to follow trail.
Beautiful views!

Nice trail with pretty views of the ocean, forest, and rolling hills all in one. I started at Mountain Home TH and hiked to Stinson Beach and back. There’s quite a bit of stairs built into the trail. About 3,000 feet of elevation gain over 15 miles.

It was hard coming back to steep hills n steps but worth it!! Hiking with family is always fun. You definitely need to train for the steps your gonna take in the steep hills. But you can do it!!

Pretty amazing, though I went the hard route! Saved the uphill for the end!!

Started from stintson and hiked up the south side of the trail which was more of a shady forest of red woods and moss filled fauna. Very steep with lots of stairs but beautiful scenery and intermittent flat paths. Hiked along a ravine with a lot of foot traffic. Although there are lots of other hikers, it’s easy to feel at peace and alone there. My friend and I found a small waterfall and went for a very refreshing mid-hike dip. Once at mount tam park halfway, there are restrooms and water fountains and even a vending machine for hikers. From there, the north side of the trail is a breezy foggy hillside where you’re hiking mostly through paths between overgrown lush grass. Then, there’s a descent into the forest with views of stintson before dropping into the town at the end where there’s loads of restaurants and ice cream waiting. Highly recommend this hike especially for visitors because of the coastal vistas and redwood forests. I recommend starting in stintson or at least doing the hike counter clockwise. Favorite hike in the Bay Area!

Did this hike on Saturday. Got to the Stinson Beach parking around 1030 and there was plenty of parking. Trails pretty well marked and you really do get a little bit of everything on this loop!

Beautiful views! Not too hard on the knees if you start from Pantoll and go down Matt Davis Trail. Have lunch at Siren Cafe on Stinson Beach

Nice hike. Park at the Stinson Beach parking lot and find the trail entrance on the other side of highway 1 (it's a bit hidden). We took Dipsea and then ended with Matt Davis, so counter-clock wise, which I would recommend given the incline on the Matt Davis trail. Most of the hiking is done in the woods which is a good thing on a hot day; the downside being that there are not as many viewing points as we would expect (only at the beginning and the end of the hike). Laying on the beach is a great way to end the hike!!!

Start from the fire station in Stinson Beach, hike up Matt Davis and then down Steep Ravine. Total loop: 6.5 miles, 1696 ft elevation, 2 hr 53 minutes.

Did this with my 3 year old sister a year ago and beware nudists like to hang down at the beach. Other than that it’s a nice little walk.

Probably my favorite hike in the Bay Area

Steep Ravine is a wonderful rainforest right now!

Beautiful hiking!
Be on the look out for a hidden swing!
We Spent about a hour, swinging out over the trails and trees!
Gorgeous views, and when done hiking, the beach isn’t a far drive away!

Hiked this trail yesterday, Easter Weekend 2018.
We parked at Stinson Beach and walked to the left of the fire station up Belvedere Ave. and found the trailhead for the Matt Davis Trail. Glad we started here because there is so much incline and stairs in the first two miles. I have knee issues going down hill so I wouldn’t like going down this way. We took the Matt Davis Trail to the Ranger Station and from the Ranger Station down the Steep Ravine Trail which then takes you to the Dip Sea Trail. From the car we clocked it at 8.18 miles. Holiday weekend so the trails were very busy with lots of people. We started at about 10am and the parking lot had tons of spaces open. By the end of the hike around 1:30pm the parking lot was full. Tons of poison oak everywhere so wear long pants and long sleeve. It was foggy so we weren’t able to see the ocean until we hit the dip sea trail. Great views and great hike. I suggest wearing real hiking shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy. Some areas the waterfalls made the trail a bit muddy.

Loved this loop. We took dipsea and then ended with Matt Davis. Dipsea takes you through grasslands and sweeping views of the beach then steep ravine kicks your butt with its incline. But it’s completely worth it because the waterfalls are really full right now. We stopped for lunch at the ranger station which was ok seating wise. Matt Davis was nice too because it was so diverse and mostly downhill. That trail alone has redwoods, eucalyptus, and grasslands! You get a sample of everything. Also we were crossed by three snakes luckily none were rattlers but still watch your step!

On this trail you get it all... try it out and find out why.

Beautiful vistas. Hills are green during spring and gorgeous to see

Not going to lie, that hurt. Hurt so good :) Gotta do it, though, it is quintessential Bay Area. It was a foggy, misty day, perfect for not overheating on this brutal hike. I started at the stairs from Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, which climb about 760 ft in a mile up to the Panoramic trailhead where the AllTrails route begins. I think in order to say you did the Dipsea you must include the stairs...you have to earn it :) Also, that’s where the infamous race begins, so start there if you’re training. FYI a bridge is closed in Muir Woods until summer and so you have to take Deer Park Fire Road just a tad south of the Dipsea on Muir Woods Road.

We loved this hike! We started across the street from the parking lot went up dipsea then through Matt Davis, it would be easier on the knees if you started Matt Davis then went down hill through dipsea part. This hike had everything .. flowers, tons of greenery, redwoods, beach views and my favorite waterfalls! The ladder is a cool touch too! It is wet and you prob will get muddy! Thankfully we did end up downloading the map because we accidentally veered off the hike and it added an extra hour to our hike but all in good fun! We went on a Sunday, started around 11 am and there wasn’t too many people!

Saw some waterfalls. Not very hot at all, and not crowded. Nice people everywhere. The redwood trees are gorgeous.

Awesome Hike!


Great hike. We started from the top and left the hardest part for last. The scenery is amazing, especially in the clearing where you get to see the ocean. Got lost on the way back up and ended up taking a goat trail rather, which was very strenuous.

One of the best trials i took in the recent past... thanks to Alltrails..
Lots of water streams and waterfalls... crystal clear water and spectacular sea view :)

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