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2 days ago

The hike took us about 6 hours from the trail head to Jennie lake. The hike was very strenuous there are some shade parts and some sunny part. We did the loop from Jennie lakes but we couldn’t find the trail that loop around to weaver lake so we had to boulder hop down the mountain luckily I was looking on the map on my GPS to find my way to Weaver Lake

My girlfriend and I hiked this trail in a two day backpacking trip. We camped out at Shake Camp before leaving for the first day ($15/night, self-pay station) and then left for Maggie Lakes the next day for the trailhead. You follow the trail to Summit Lake for the first part (mostly all uphill) and then go right around the lake once you reach the top (otherwise you have to go all the way around the lake). The pass is absolutely breathtaking. Definitely stop and explore for a little while there if you can. The trail then heads downhill until Maggie. Once you hit Twin Lakes, the trail is difficult to follow and there are a lot of downed trees you have to climb over. Twin Lakes is beautiful and so is Maggie. The trail is basically deserted. Be aware that you need a permit for Golden Trout wilderness (through Sequoia National Forest) and a permit to use a stove. Definitely bring some insect repellent, there are a lot of mosquitoes.

My favorite place. Easy hike from shake camp along the Tule river, lots of water. The trail crosses the river maybe three times, The last three miles is up, after the switch backs there is summit lake. After catching Brook trout and turning in for the night we wake up and head out over sheep mountain, up then down to twin lakes, after a nice break its Maggie. Maggie is awesome, three lakes to play with, trout fishing is ok. Nights are nice, afternoons are nicer, naps in my hammock was very nice. Bears, deer, coyotes. Scouting the area fishing the creeks below for Golden Trout, then packing out the trail to quaking aspen cause its shorter. The pack station at Balch park, is why the trail to summit lake and Maggie is open, not the Forrest service, there was no trail from twin to Maggie after the fire, I was there and the pack station new where it used to be and made the trail to Maggie. I would also tell you to have them pack you into Maggie in a day, stay longer with extra food, then backpack out and enjoy. Its an easy trip, plenty of water sources, and ok fishing. I would recommend this for first time and seasoned packers all. Depends what time of year, mosquito head net is a must, and I use mosquito wipes, they work ok for a while. I like the pictures here, I saw the rocks I made around my tent in the pics. You must have went after I did, what happened to the big yellow pot with lid? I found it at one of the old camps, brought it to mine, used it to boil water for dishes and clothes and stuff.

15 days ago

As of late May, it was still fully covered with snow. You need to know what you are doing, but it was amazing. I'll come back later in the season someday!
Also, I did this back and forth in a day hike, about 36 miles according to my equipment Anyhow. Very doable in a day hike if you have the legs, since up to hamilton lake (and even later - up to where there was snow) the trail is extremely well marked and easy to follow, you can do 3 miles/hour easily

I did a little more than this, reaching precipice lake and the pass after. As of late May, it was still fully covered with snow to go this far, but no snow if you only reach Hamilton lake.
Also, I did this back and forth in a day hike, about 36 miles. Very doable since up to Hamilton lake (and even later - up to where there was snow) the trail is extremely well marked and easy to follow, you can do 3 miles/hour easily

Hello, first time using this app, have been on this hike before with a different buddy and loved it. Just one concern does the map take you right to the trail head?

great hike, seemed like we went uphill both ways.
the views at the lake were great and you could see the trout cruzing the banks.
the trail is challenging to follow in a few flaces and theres a lot of down trees to walk over or around.
plenty of water supply along the way

Beautiful lakes, but no fish.

Started just off of 190 at meadow below Ponderosa. Went up towards Slate mountain 4.65 miles and back. light patchy snow. very nice!

5 months ago

For ‘city folk’, you’ll not find more bang for your buck. Great views, decent distance, pristine lake and views. I’ve not been back in a few years, but hope to get back again someday.

6 months ago

Difficult with a heavy pack but views and the lakes (lower and upper Maggie) were awesome!

6 months ago

Jennie Lakes is a great day hike!! Easy hike and great views. We went in the spring, did a polar bear plunge (BRR)!

8 months ago

We started from the big meadow parking lot (adds a little more then a mile to your hike- try to find the fox meadow trailhead, spits you out near the trailhead for Jennie lakes) and backpacked in to Jennie lake. The hike there was mainly uphill and took us 4 hours. We reached the lake at 330pm to find three groups already setting up camp, which worried us but luckily there were plenty of camp spots dispersed around the lake we could camp at. The lake was gorgeous and there were tons of trout that we saw! As it got later we made a fire and cooked dinner. It was a perfect one nighter. We left at 830am on Sunday and got back to the parking lot at 1030. The hike back down was extremely easy since it was mostly downhill. Great hike and next time we will do the hole loop!

9 months ago

Beautiful hike. We slept Friday night at Big Meadows campground and then left for the trailhead in the morning. The hike only took about 3 hours, and Poop Out Pass was not as difficult (in my opinion) as some described. The lake was gorgeous but there were at least six other camps while we were up there. The fishing it great! Caught rainbow trout using Power Bait.

We set up base camp at the 1st creek crossing approximately 1 mile in. Then we ran to Maggie Lakes 8 miles. Did some swimming and fishing with no luck. Ran back and had fire going by 5pm. Weather was perfect and views spectacular. Did another 4 mile run before coming back home.

How do you get to the fox meadow parking lot?

10 months ago

Great day hike. Good trail variety from strolls through the trees to scrambling over granite out-cropings. The Jennie Lake didn't disapoint. Clear, cold and spectacular granite back drop.

11 months ago

Did a quick overnight at Jennie Lake 13 July. all trails well marked, no snow to speak of. Lake was clear, and mosquito free. Decent crowd for a Thursday. Ran out of time to do the loop via JO pass, but ranger posted info said there was still big snow and fast water up that way.

Would recommend Jennie Lake for overnight backpack, great workout, especially going up Poop Out Pass.

First of all, the trail you take is not called Maggie Lakes. You take the summit trail all the way. Wish I knew this in advance because once you get up there, there is no reception and I had to drive back down to Nelsons camp to get figure out what trail I really needed. I used this app and it had me at a completely wrong point so don't rely on the "get me there" coordinates. Go to the summit trail.

This was tough. I was definitely not prepared for the uphill battle. Beautiful scenery and lots of wild flowers and beautiful meadows. However, it is definitely not a horse friendly trail. Having been on a few tough trail rides I give horses a lot of credit. However warning to you would be equine trail enthusiasts, I wouldn't take a horse on this one because there are too many downed trees that don't have a way around and once you reach the lake there isn't anywhere to set up a fence or hobble to allow grazing. I took my dogs on this trip and wish I had gotten booties for them. Careful if you bring a dog to mind their paws. The tree sap causes some real damage between their paw pads. And lastly, make sure to bring plenty of water. There is only a reliable source at the beginning and end. I ran out and had to melt snow as it took me two days to get back instead of one. Again, I'm a little out of shape and my pack over weighted to have made this my first hike of the season, but if you're looking for a challenge and a beautiful vista I would recommend it.

Parts of the trail were difficult to follow due to snow and winter. We had downloaded the map from AllTrails and had no problem finding our way. I would highly recommend downloading the map before you go.

Did this with my 8 year old on his first multi night backpacking trip. He carried his own pack weighs down at about 10lbs. This was the first time To Jennie lake for both of us. Started out of fox meadow. Trail was great until top of poop out pass then lost trail with snow. Thank goodness for GPS locator on All-Trails app. Kept us in the ball park of the trail as we climbed over snow banks. With all the snow this year the lake was still mostly iced over and any little stream was now a river but we were able to find a nice camp site away from the lake (all lake sites were under snow still) and was only 3min walk to lake where we caught two small rainbows. Had the whole place to ourselves!!!! It was an amazing trip.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I may be a little biased because I patrol this area, but this hike is beautiful, can be challenging, and is sure to give some amazing views. Right now there is tons of snow and the creeks are nearly raging rivers. However, this trail (versus the whole loop) is the best access point to Jennie Lake!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I've hiked to Jennie lake but entering at lodgepole on the Twin Lakes trail...its a tough trail approximately 8 miles...if you feel you won't make it over the J.O. Pass you can camp at Clover Creek about 6 miles in and tackle the pass to Jennie lake the next day...I made it in one day before but was exhausted...this lake is beautiful and I only rate it a 4 because I love solitude and this lake is usually pretty busy in the summer...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Round trip in one night with my wife. We should have spent two nights. Took us about 12 hrs each way. Beautiful but rugged on the downhill. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Completed this in July of 2015.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Great hike well maintained the first steam is the only reliable one till the lake, amazing vistas and meadows with flowers of ever color

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Traveled to this lake via Twin lakes trail from Lodgepole campground. Was a beautiful lake and surrounding. In mid August of 2016, weather was perfect, not many skitos

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

awesome and somewhat tough hike. did some fishing but didn't catch anything. the person camping next to me did tho

Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct 31 2015 - We (4 men, ages 20-30) started out at Bearpaw around 10am and made it to Lower Hamilton Lake around 12pm. It is a very strenuous hike. The first half or less is essentially down hill, the second half or more is all uphill on blasted granite and hardpack. This whole section of trail involves stepping up or down and seldom provides level ground. I busted my knee on this portion of the trail, so if you are prone to knee pain, brace up, bring trekking poles and have fun.
If you are returning to Bear Paw meadow, start early so you can enjoy the lake. The solitude up there is absolutely spectacular and the views of the Kaweahs on the way are breath taking.
On our way to the lakes, while the trail is flat and hugging a long granite wall, a small black bear dropped from a precipice about 40-50 ft ahead of us and sprinted away down the trail. I think our loud talk gave him advance notice of our presence which is a good thing. You don't want to surprise a bear if you are close to them.
The Kaweah River bridge (30 minute hike from Bear Paw meadow) is a nice stopping point and if memory serves, it is the point where the trail becomes completely uphill until Hamilton Lakes. Just know this, you aren't close to Hamilton Lakes until you encounter tide pool like areas from the outflow of the lower lake.
The final ascent is a mellow winding granite staircase and then, voila, you will see a few wilderness campsites and a beautiful high alpine lake. Also, there is a high alpine toilet with no walls around it so your views are great even while using the toilet.

trail running
Monday, August 01, 2016

We did the entire 18.1 mile trail in one day. Did it in 5:35 hrs of moving time but we stopped and enjoyed the scenery. Beautiful!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Great hike....There is a lot of foot traffic though. I would recommend for trail runners. Very clean lake with beautiful views.

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