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South Lake Tahoe, California Map
1 day ago

Took the dogs today for a short hike. Thus was a beautiful hike. Started early at 9 to beat the crowds. The waterfalls were great and the lake was crystal clear. The only bummer was not much space to sit at lake and enjoy it. On the way out around 11 there were people everywhere.

One of my all time favorite Tahoe hikes. Perfect for a little off boat excursion, and dont forget to jump off round rock.

man we had a blast.in a almost stock JK no problem I just wish it was longer 6/18/18

great views at the top. Simple hike with a few steeper parts, but overall manageable. It was pretty dusty, but well worth the hike. takes 30-35 mins to get to the top

1 day ago

Beautiful hike in late May above the shore of Lower and Upper Echo Lakes. It offers a spectacular view looking back. We hiked to Tamarack Lake, but left too late to make it to Lake Aloha. If you want to do that, leave early, around 7, to get a parking spot and a good start. The water taxi offers shortcuts, but it’s $14 each way. On the trail and around Tamarack Lake, we logged 11 miles. We plan to return to hike to Lake Aloha.

1 day ago

My wife and I did this hike for my birthday on May 29. It was a spectacular hike on a strikingly beautiful day. We managed to make it all the way to the peak, but we had to trudge through snow and got off trail a few times. We also wandered a couple of ridges and the so-called false summit.
Panoramic views open up to Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake to the Desolation Wilderness. If you’re up to it, it is worthwhile to venture to the summit. There are a couple smaller lakes and creeks along the first half of the hike. After that, the trail is exposed and steep. All in, we logged 12 miles in about nine hours.

nice trail for those with small kids. took my 2 and 5 year olds.

on Eagle Lake Trail

2 days ago

Fairly easy hike through the rocks. Mostly stairs. Eagle lake is refreshing.

long trail. beautiful views of lake. highly recommend.

The trail to Eagle Falls is pretty easy, kids were hiking with their parents. Once you get to the water falls, which is gorgeous, there is a big beach area with breathtaking views of the lake! The hike back is moderate, due to going up hill a bit. But it’s not to long...worth it!!

great trail for those with little ones! we did the trail with a 5 and a 2 year old. fun for everyone. also liked easy access to Port a potty.

4 days ago

Hiked this today. Many opportunities for beautiful pics. Hike was pretty easy, just long. Not too many people on the trail which was great. Weather was perfect and trail was easy to find thanks to this All Trails App. Would do this hike again.

I just hiked this trail yesterday, and oh my goodness, it is the most beautiful trail I've hiked! This is coming from someone who hasn't spent a whole lot of time in the Sierras, but still, this was truly amazing!

It was really cool to start out on a portion of the Tahoe Rim Trail. I didn't know about that through-hike until I found this on All Trails, but it's cool to imagine people hiking all the way around Tahoe Lake. We were content with Dardanelles though. The parking lot was pretty big and had restrooms, but no running water. We arrived around 10:30am and we were able to find a parking spot in the lot. It was pretty full, though. If you want to be sure that parking won't be an issue, you may want to come an hour earlier if you're summer hiking on a Saturday.

The trail itself was sensational! I couldn't believe the beauty! At the very beginning, you do have to run across highway 89, but once that's over it is wilderness all around! there's a steep-ish incline with rocks and roots. It was adventurous! The trail evens out once you get to the big meadow, and that's where you get your first glimpse of the snow-capped mountains. The meadow is so serene and peaceful. After that is forest with many beautiful wildflowers. Some flowers were so cool looking! The stream crossings were easy. There were conveniently placed rocks to step on while crossing. Only one was a little tricky. But wow, was the river gorgeous!

As we got closer to the lake, we reached a patch of huge granite stones with bright pink flowers growing on them! The rocks were so cool-looking! They weren't steep, so we climbed up on them for a gorgeous view. It was a great spot to take a small break. Very safe.

We finally reached Dardanelles Lake and it just took my breath away. I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene: dark blue waters against a big mountain of granite, with snow-capped Sierras in the background. It was remarkable. There were 1-2 other small groups of people, but the lake was big enough to give us a very secluded spot along the shore. Even though it was breezy and the water was cold, I still couldn't resist jumping in! The water felt great after the sunny hike! There are leeches though! A little one attached itself to my sister's leg. It was really easy to pull off, though.

It was so hard to leave the lake, and eventually we did. Walking back in the late afternoon was lovely, because the lighting was just right against the trees and the leaves.

Throughout the hike, we ran into friendly hikers and their cute dogs, but it wasn't crowded. We were alone for the majority of the trail.I whole-heartedly recommend this hike! I was the happiest I'd been in a long time on this trail.

4 days ago

I started on the trail at 5:30 am, Saturday June 16th 2018. I really recommend to follow the All Trails trail map to the summit. I lost the trail many times and it was valuable to have the offline trail map to find the trail again. There is still snow on the trail in 3 to 4 spots. The view from the top is amazing. Get here early to get a good parking spot because it fills up fast and otherwise you’ll park on the side of the road and walk longer. Compared to Pyramid Peak and Freel Peak in the Tahoe area, Mount Tallac is less remote and easier. Overalls great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Gorgeous!! The wildflowers are blooming! The views, tress, fresh air, and lake is amazing! Love this trail!

It was beautiful and easy with kids.

5 days ago

Beautiful view for a 4 mile pretty moderate level hike. Goes in a big loop, this way there is a different view coming back down the mountain. While we went there was a deceased horse on one of the trails that they warn you about on the message board before the trails begin. Be careful if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff. They will probably let nature take its course for a while before they can get it out of there. Otherwise, highly recommend the hike.

On reaching the summit you would have earned some of the best views of Lake Tahoe ever. Went today and although small patches of snow are still present it's still manageable with regular trail shoes. Frequent patches of rough rocks too - so right kind of shoes definitely recommend. The hike though is totally worth all the efforts.

Closer to 11.5 miles in and out. Trekked through a few small snow banks in June, made it more interesting and fun. The wildflowers are icing in the cake during this difficult hike.

Started at Big Meadow early, 15 miles plus. A good day, came across lots of hikers on my way back in. Wind picked up at the lake lowering temps but keeping the bugs away. A few water crossings but nothing to sweat. Wildflowers will be blooming in the next few weeks so the meadows will be stunning.

Fantastic. Hard slog up the fire road, but worth every inch once you get up to the alpine meadow.

We hiked Mt. Tallac yesterday. Some patches of snow on the trail but easy to navigate and poles helped with stability. We lost the trail a few times near the summit but it was not a big deal to find it if you keep hiking and pick a good line. This hike has the most beautiful views of Lake Tahoe, Emerald bay, Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Aloha (amongst many more) from the backside. Breathtaking! Round trip 5 hours and a celebratory beer at the car!

A beautiful hike along the shore. There was some small climbing but definitely doable. A good mix of sun and shade. I believe what makes this a moderate hike is the distance. At the end there are some benches along the shore and a water taxi to bring you back to the start if needed. Also, the trail gets busy as the day goes on so I would start early.

off road driving
8 days ago

The Rubicon Trail is a 22-mile-long route, part road and part 4x4 trail, located in the Sierra Nevada of the western United States, due west of Lake Tahoe and about 80 miles (130 km) east of Sacramento.

The western maintained portion of the route is called the Wentworth Springs Road; it begins in Georgetown, California, a hamlet in California's Gold Country. The road continues from its intersection with State Route 193 toward Wentworth Springs, where the trailhead for the unmaintained portion of the route exists adjacent to Loon Lake. The trail portion of the route is about 12 miles (19 km) long and passes in part through the El Dorado National Forest as well as the Tahoe National Forest and the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. The eastern maintained portion of the trail is called the McKinney Rubicon Springs Road, and leads to Lake Tahoe.

We took the fireroad up. Nothing to see there. Elevation was big, but not to tough. After 4,5km you reach the meadow.
Walk back next to the creek was amazing! Well worth de hike up! Couple of crosses with the water. Loved it!

Super mild, definitely want to come back in the summer and go in the lake

10 days ago

The views at the very top was worth the hike. I would say the views are better than Yosemite. You get a 360 degree view of nature’s beauty. I am not sure how the Desolation Wilderness looks without snow, but this time of year with snow on the mountains, it was just jaw dropping beauty. Of course, the Lake Tahoe side is just as gorgeous. My only regret was not bringing my DSLR camera.
The trails are tricky this time of year. Many people turned around instead of attempting to climb the face of the mountain. Snow covered trails make it very difficult to follow the trail. You either “rock climb” on the right or scale the snow.. definitely need gear to go over the snow. It’s very steep and slippery. Coming down is tricky since the views are so different from the top. I would recommend GPS marking where you came up. At the very peak, there will be chipmunks that will attempt to steal your snacks. So don’t leave your food out in the open. This hike took us 6 hours, including getting lost trying to find our way down the face..

Quick scouting trip today - just a couple miles in and back along Echo Lake. Nice trail, fairly flat in this section. We look forward to returning soon so we can hike all the way back into Aloha Lake.

11 days ago

Awesome long walk along the water with small waterfalls, and a walk around Emerald Bay. Nice that you can decide to turn back whenever you want

11 days ago

This is a great trail. I've been doing it for many years. It's also fun when covered in snow. In the summer, eagle lake makes for a great spot to stop and take a swim. It's really just the gateway to all the other trails in desolation wilderness.
Instead of doing an out and back, you can head towards Bayview and make it a full loop. Keep in mind that if you park near Eagle falls trailhead and you exit at Bayview, you will need to walk along 89 back to your car. It's pretty safe, but I'd recommend walking on the east side of the road (with traffic) to avoid all the potential falling rock on the west side.

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