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Went the second weekend in November. Perfect weather. There was some snow along the trail in higher elevations but it was still a very a nice, easy hike. Beautiful views. We only saw 1 other person on the way up (around 8 am) then didn’t see anyone for the rest of the morning. On the way back down (around noon) we encountered several people making their way up but it was spaced out enough to not be an issue. It was quiet and peaceful. Parking was no issue in the morning. Will definitely be doing this again

Excellent hike. Micro spikes would help a lot.

Trail was clear until towards the top of the ridge on the hike in, 1-2" of snow in patches. Same with around the lake. Weather was cold and windy, plenty of downed fire wood around all the camp sites. Didn't catch any fish but they are there. Climbed up the rock formation, not recommended with snow.

The meadow is wet in the Spring and braided trails are developing. Buttercups bloom first then Asters both are beautiful. Round Lake had a pair of nesting bald eagles this year. A great hike with access to Dardanelles lake as well.

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I've hiked this trail many times and love it more each time. You pass two alpine lakes, the second lake your halfway to the peak distance wise but still have a lot of elevation to hike up. The views are worth it!

Beautiful views. You pass a lot of small cabins along the way so it is not a completely off the grid trail

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We just completed this hike. The trailhead was slightly confusing and we ended up having to circle back around and park in a designated lot versus along the side of the road. It was raining lightly at the bottom and that quickly turned to snow flurries at 8200 ft. At 9000 ft we made it into the gorge where the wind and snow was being bottlenecked and making this trail feel like K2 rather then Lake Tahoe. Visibility was near zero and when we turned southeast on the last large switchback we made our ascent slowly because the trail was hard to follow with 6 inches on the ground and we didn’t want to lose one another. It took nearly 2 hours to conquer the last 1/2 mile and the wind was blowing hard. We stayed at the summit for lunch but the below freezing temperature and high winds made the choice easy. We made it back to the gorge and the wind and weather calmed down and we were a little surprised to see that most of the snow had melted completely.

Overall an amazing hike! One of my most challenging yet! We left a WHOLE PACK of granola bars in the cache so if you’re the next hiker! You’re welcome!

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If you can't find the trail head for this hike, it's because there really isn't one. Take the Armstrong connector and then follow the gated off fire lane to the left of Armstrong Pass. It's EXTREMELY creepy though. There's a fallen tree that has "Private Property. Turn Back" spray painted on it and a little bit further up a proper "No Trespassing" sign..But we researched it and the land doesn't seem to actually be owned by anyone. As you're making you're way up, past the No Trespassing sign there's a "camp". It has an old woodstove, old fishing poles and some makeshift gated area made out of fallen trees. We knew we were on the trail but looked at the trail map to make sure and it all checked out. Now the trail itself was great. But expect to hike almost vertically up nothing but sand after you make it through the brush. The view was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth it, just bring extra socks, lots of water and go really early because it's a long one. We didn't see a single soul on the trail, or any of the trails surrounding, but keep in mind the parking is really limited when it is busy. If anyone has any other info on this hike or maybe we went the wrong way (even though it all looked right on the map?) feel free to let me know.

Great but heaven wind

The trial is easy. You walk around the beautiful lake with peace and harmony.

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Short, easy trail. Some of it is paved and there are plaques along the way you can read about the environment. The trail goes along Taylor Creek and underground where you can look through a glass into the creek and see all the fish. Lots of tourists but a good trail for kids.

My husband and I did a short hike on this trail as we were leaving the South Tahoe area. We just did a leisurely 3 mile out and back. The views were lovely and the trail mostly flat. The weather was in the cooler side and a bit windy, but not too bad. This was my first time on the PCT and I hope to visit it again.

My husband and I hiked up Tallac October 28, 2017. It was a warm day with a high of 70F. We started kind of late just before 10am. It was nice and cool at the beginning of the hike and very flat for the first couple of miles. After that, the trail gets very rocky and gains elevation quickly. It was around noon or so when we made it to the top. The views were great as it was a clear day, but the summit was so crowded with people. One person brought up a folding chair and was sitting at the very top, so I had to climb around him to touch the summit. Another person was flying a drone. It was crazy. There were people ahead and behind us on the trail the entire time. I knew that going into it that the trail would be rocky and crowded. It was a Saturday, so that’s just how it is. I was told the trail is much more quiet this time of year. Overall the trail was pretty and there are nice views much of the way. It took us almost 6 hours round trip including an hour break on the summit. If I’d do it again, I’d go that same time of year but on a weekday.