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Soda Springs, California Map
13 days ago

*quite a lot of this trail is on gravel road.
*lots of mountain bikes on trail.
*road noise for a long time on the walk.
*water for the dogs.
*would be nice shade in the hot months.
*lake was nice- people catching fish.

off road driving
18 days ago

This is an awesome trail with some beautiful scenery. The old rail fire lookout building at the top is a cool historic building to see and the view is fantastic. There are two options to get up to the top. You can take the hard way or the easy way (Through Cisco Grove). We went up the hard way and came down the Cisco way. From the trailhead to the top it was 4.8 miles with an elevation gain of almost 3K feet and took us about 3 hours with a stock Rubicon on 33s. Lots of rocks and small boulders but only two kind of challenging spots where we had to get out and spot a line. The hard way requires a 4x4 and the easy way would be fine to 2WD.

2nd time around..get up there to see a fire at around donner lake or hwy 89 yesterday..makes u realize hikers vulnerabilities..great views and great scramble up once you get up past first turret..not a trekking pole hiker but they may come into play on way down..

off road driving
28 days ago

ran it with a buddy last night, started at dusk and drove through the trail, had a couple spots that were tricky for a 2wd truck but overall as long as you keep it around 15mph the constant bumps and intermittent ditches and whatnot aren't terrible

Great hike with great views. Starts as a dirt road, at the big sign you take a left onto the trail. You can make this into a nice loop (adds maybe a mile and adds no elevation gain) by continuing onto the castle mountain trail a bit and then taking the pacific crest trail back down. The pacific crest trail is a very sharp left turn, easy to miss.

Great hike. Weather was amazing, and nice people on the trail.

A really nice hike. Note that at the initial trailhead from the gate you take the right “road/trail”. The road to the left leads somewhere else. Not too many people. Quite a few dogs, if that matters to you. There is a LOT of fire road to walk on. If you’re there on the weekend you will likely encounter several trucks. But, it’s beautiful and a breath of fresh air, literally.

Quite windy today, but beautiful skies and miles and miles of visibility. Trail is in good condition, although a bit loose going up the last 3/4 mile (all walkable if careful)

This hike has great views. It's pretty moderate until the last mile, then it's steep. Bring poles, it can be pretty slippery. Lots of loose gravel and sand.

1 month ago

I've done this as a snowshoe day hike in the winter, an overnight backpacking with snowshoes in the winter, and a spring/summer hike. All times have been great with different experiences! One of my favorite go-to's when I need a quick hike that I'm familiar with and won't get lost.

off road driving
1 month ago

Rad trail, if you are new to rock crawling or don’t have a well built crawler I don’t recommend it. Most of the winch hills have bypasses but the water crossings don’t. I have been thru committee crossing where it was over 6ft deep in some spots and the only reason I made it across is because my jeep floats. I would also recommend 37” tires or bigger, Dana 44s or better with lockers and lots of armor.

Fun little hike before the snows return. If actually trying to bag the true summit keep in mind it’s the easternmost crag. Def a bit of exposed class 3 climbing to get up top but we still managed to get up in a little under two hours.

1 month ago

Great mellow trail!

One of the best!

off road driving
1 month ago

Nice trail, came up the hard side (eagle lake). Would rate the trail a moderate. No problems for our Wranglers with 35's. It is a quite lose rocky climb up with a handful of small obstacles. Good warm up for a lifted rig and probably pretty challenging for stock vehicles.

Great hike with amazing views! Going down was a little tough/slippery... bring gloves!

1 month ago

I have done castle Peak at least 5 times. I have completely circled it and spent a night at Warren lake. I have also done Andesite and Basin Peaks.This is an amazing area. It is loose and steep up the final ridge. Bring poles. Also you can park closer if you have a high clearance vehicle. We mad a video of our last ascent it can be found on YouTube at Chris and Bobs adventure channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpJF3zCamY0

This was a fun, family friendly experience.

Love Glacier Lake and Island Lake. Favorite Is to go from Carr Lake to Island Lake day 1 and then to 5 lakes next day and back home on Sunday. My favorite local backpacking spot.

Great day hike. Poles would've been a smart idea since it is rocky and slippery in spots. Beautiful views ❤️

2 months ago

Hi all, my friends and I are undertaking this hike soon, is hike 10 miles there and back or 10 each way (20 total)? A couple of sites I went to doesn't seem to clarify this and people are confused.


2 months ago

Great hike! Just be prepared for the moderate portion to end at the lower lake. There is no established trail between the lower lake and the upper lake, but there are markers to help guide you along the way. I would also recommend that only those who are very experienced hikers to try the hike up to the upper lake because you will need to climb up rock faces and navigate across and over slabs of granite frequently and negotiate some rough terrain.

absolutely beautiful

2 months ago

Unleashed Dogs... Nice Dogs... Barking Dogs... Growling Dogs... Attacking Dogs... Unleashed Dogs everywhere with ignorant owners in tow. "Oh don't worry... Spike won't bite you"... As he's charging me at full speed with his teeth bared, hackles up and gutteral growl going.

Trail is beautiful. Lake is great. Views from the rims are wonderful. Hike is easy with a couple moderate tenth mile stretches.

Did I mention the Unleashed Dogs!

off road driving
2 months ago

First off road expedience so not much to judge against. Beautiful drive, not too difficult. Make sure to download the map because there's no cell service.

* peaceful if you ignore highway 80.
* level. shady.
* can go all around the lake trail, very nice.

Lower section is open to high clearance vehicles in summer. Suggest taking Pacific Crest Trail to the junction near Castle Ridge. Also note short extension on PCT to Peter Grubb Hut at Round Meadow.

Fun trail! Best views of Castle Peak at the beginning of the loop and again at the end. Shaded by trees through most of the trail loop, but does get hot getting to the loop and when you finish the loop where most of the trees are off the path. Some of the trail is an off road track for trucks, so if you want a shorter hike you can drive your truck to the top of the loop and hike to Castle Peak from there.

I love scrambles and steep hikes but the trail was so slippery it wasn’t fun. Constantly trying not to fall. The views were pretty good but there are certainly much better hikes in the area

2 months ago

Awesome hike! Nice and shady and the views of the lake were great! Pretty easy, not much elevation gain. Will do it again in the future.

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