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10 hours ago

Started this hike at 6:30a on a Monday - parking lot was essentially empty besides a few cars from who we guessed were campers. Took us around 4.5 hours to summit and an equal amount of time to descend (this is definitely on the slow side relative to other hikers). 3L of water per person turned out to be a good amount.

The incline of the hike is pretty forgiving with a lot of relatively flat ground to cover in the first half of the hike. I think the main difficulty is the terrain at mile 2.5; lots of medium sized rocks you'll have to step carefully on. Besides that, main notes are that it can actually get a bit chilly at times in the morning so consider bringing a long sleeve if you start early, and plenty of sunscreen regardless.

The views are spectacular. It’s not an easy hike but worth it. Start early at 6am if you want to beat the crowd. I was just there on Saturday and the weather was perfect so made the hike a lot easier than last September 2017. Will definitely go back again!

21 hours ago

Great route with unparalleled views. Fun climbs.

Incredibly crowded route. Many unprepared and clueless people not following standard etiquette. You won’t find solitude here.

Great area, pretty funny essentially walking around a ski resort I’ve been to a dozen times in the winter. We continued along the pct and climbed granite chief which is a pretty casual peak to bag. Like others have said, download the all trails trail map or use your gps early on to save yourself some backpedaling. After a mile or so everything is pretty well defined and the trail is tough to lose but at the beginning it seems to go in a half dozen different unmarked directions!

21 hours ago

reminded me of biblical depiction of Hell. much smoke from the nearby forest fires. piles of loose jagged rocks jumbled with pumice, obsidian and various other. fascinating, but not fun today

The trail is back open as of August 15. Check with the Mill Creek Ranger station to confirm that it has not been closed again, but the fire has been contained more and it has been considered safe to use this trail. We hiked it on August 17 and had to hurry down from the peak due to a thunderstorm that was coming in. Overall, this is a great hike. The trail is a little rocky and eroded in spots, but definitely worth doing.

Amazing beautiful views. Most of the elevation gain is in the last half mile. Well worth the effort.

Absolutely love this trail. I’ve done it three times now. It’s definitely a work out and a climb so bring plenty of water. I made the mistake of not bringing enough for both my dog and myself and it hurt me bad. Also watch your footing as the granite and loose rocks can make for an easy ankle roll (did that my second time on the hike). Lakes are gorgeous at the top and there’s plenty of spots for everyone to sit and enjoy. You’ll see backpackers and day hikers at the top and you’ll share smiles because the hike was not an easy one. Recommend bringing a lunch or snacks if you’re making it a day trip :)

What an amazing accomplishment. we summited whitney June of last year. after a big snow season, the switchback were still not open (completely covered in snow) Had to out on spikes and climb straight up 2,000 ft. Met two gentleman on the summit which were doing the PCT. It was only us 4 up there that early. Coming down the scree was so fun. Glissading down 2,000 was a blast. Not so much for my fiance as she was yelling at me in fear. All in all, not bad at all. as a day hike it would kick anyone's ass, backpacking and staying at trail Camp, the hike was not too bad. Until you come back to your car and your car battery is dead.

Great easy trail for kids and adults. Beautiful scenery. Not well marked at the 1/2 way Point but the trail goes off to the right for a shorter hike to the lake or left for a longer loop. Helps to keep the app running to make sure you stay on the trail.

Hiked on Aug. 16, 2018.
(I won't go over food or water here since so many reviewers have already stressed the importance of both).

Amazing hike! Absolutely beautiful! Next time, I want to backpack!
Favorite part: Going up the 99 switchbacks as the sun started to rise. Least favorite part: the section from Trail Crest to End of Pinnacles. This part is technical. Lots of slippery rocks.

Definitely rid your vehicle of anything scented. I saw a bear at the trailhead right by a parked car.

Leaving at 12:15 AM was worth it. The night sky was special and it remained dark until the 99 switchbacks. The darkness actually made time go by very fast.

I noted on my map the time it would take us to get from point to point according to a 9 hour ascent time and an 11 hour ascent time. This was so HELPFUL and MOTIVATING. For example, on my map I noted that the segment from Whitney Portal to North Fork Lone Pine Creek should take 30-35 min. Which meant that arrival time should have been between 12:45-12:50 AM. I highly recommend doing this. Breaking this hike into small goals worked!

If you're hiking in the dark like we did, don't wait to fill up on water until Trail Camp. The water isn't easy to find in the dark. Instead, fill up beforehand. Also, just know that the water is cold and your hands will probably get wet.

Finding some privacy to pee wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I would recommend wearing pants. At times, I needed all warm layers: long-sleeve, fleece, hat, gloves, etc.

Changing into a fresh pair of socks at the summit felt great.

I popped 600 mg. of ibuprofen at the start of the hike. I heard that it can help to alleviate elevation sickness. As for elevation sickness, I was perfectly fine until I started to descend. Maybe I should have popped more ibuprofen on the way down. I think I might have stayed at the top for too long ( 1 hour and 40 minutes). I got a headache and a tiny bit of nausea that made descending for the first few hours suck. I had to get well past Trail Camp before I started to feel better.

In hindsight, a pack cover wouldn't have been a bad idea. While descending, I got caught in a thunderstorm just after Trail Camp that drenched my pack.

Enjoy the descent. It is going to feel endless, so might as well slow down a bit and take in the fresh mountain air.

I loved this trail! Bagged my first peak! This trail is best to do in early morning when it’s cool outside. It is hard but it is worth it! On switch back 5 or 6 there is a nice resting bench on the left side of the mountain. I recommend tying your boots pretty tight so your foot doesn’t move around to much. I got blisters on the sides of my feet. Take at least 3 liters of water if you plan to do the full hike to the top and some smart snack. Make sure you have the proper hiking shoes for this! trekking poles are recommended! There is lots of shade on this trail. 42 switch backs total it’s ALL switchbacks! You can do it! One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve done.

Awesome trail. Quick and easy. You can relax at the pool just past the bridge.

Breath taking view but not for the weak

1 day ago

Kind of ran out of water but everyone I came across was really cool and the top was amazing!

There are no sign so keep your gps on. I didn’t pay attention to my gps and kept following the trail so we end up taking a longer trail that took us to Lake Angela then to Flora lake and back to our car. The view was great, the hike was easy.

I always forget about the bouldery portion after the train tracks- strenuous but then eases up on the knees after that. The higher lake is definitely worth getting to, less crowded.

Beautiful trail.

Great trail to hike with your dog

great scenery great people working to maintain it

Great views from Ontario peak. There was a decent amount of smoke from the fires

the elevation gain is no joke. excellent and challenging trail

Great hike from Carson pass to winnemucca lake and back. Very busy trail hike. Elevation will get you so take your time and hydrate alot during the hike.

Wow! Those views! This trail took me 5.5 hours. It was hard but totally doable. I just took my time. Lots of shade. I highly recommend!

Went up the right fork to Round Top Lake first. As mentioned before the view dropping into Winnemucca Lake is beautiful. No people on the first half. A lot of people from Winnemucca Lake down to Wood Lake.

Our favorite peak thus far in the 6 pack challenge. Not as difficult as we thought it would be - up and back 7 hours - including 2 hours at the top. The peak area was amazing -- so many beautiful, peaceful spots to explore. Shout out to our new friend - please join us for more hikes!

This trail is not well marked and not a lot of shade. You see a lot of hills and dry grasslands. The gravel portion is nice and wide, but take off on some of the other trails to explore and get in a good hike. The highlight for me was crossing the water bed. Lots of horses on this one as seen by their manure.

2 days ago

Upon arriving at the camp ground I was confused as to parking and where the trail was so I parked back down the road in an open field where 2N13A starts which took us around the camp ground. Once we got to where 2N13D split I noticed the route though the camp ground so we took that on the way back and it all made sense. The hike was easy going with beautiful views all around. We saw to deer ahead of us cross our path. There were also lots of birds and chipmunks. Toward the end the climb became rocky and we exerted more energy in our climb. Upon arriving at the peak we were rewarded with views of lakes, a ski area, and the other peaks in the area. We sat and enjoyed our snacks and then took in the view a little more before heading back down. One thing I really liked was being the only ones on that trail. When we started we passed a man and his dog and on our near the end we passed three young men who were just starting their hike. It was so peaceful and quiet. On our way out we drove through Big Bear and they had a popular hiking trail by the road that had tons of people coming and going. I was so happy with our choice.

2 days ago

A beautiful and challenging hike.

2 days ago

very nice. Because of the snow we couldn't see much beyond the first lake.
would love to go there when it's warm.

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