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No water at the falls but still a great hike, definitely a work out though once you get to the rocks. I've been here before when there is water and it is amazing, will be coming back but probably after some rain.

I remember this hike from earlier this year. I'd say it's more of a hike than a running trail..

One of my favorites!

It’s pretty good trail. Mixed of bikers and hikers. After about 1.5 miles you’ll see a probably abandoned house and that’s when the uphill starts. It’s a route en zigzag with one side is mountainous the other face the windy open view. I quite like it. I went about 80% to the end and went back, reached 5.5 miles for 2.5 hours on an August Thursday. No warning signs for rattlesnakes. The only perk is that no service for my phone.

No water at the waterfall but still a good hike! Very rocky, not meant to climb alone. Bring water! There’s no service on the trail.

If your going just to see the waterfall be warned there is no water right now.

Great hike. First 2.5 miles is along a dirt road with little to no shade. Not overwhelmingly exciting. When you get to around 3 miles in, the fun starts. Its hiking through thickish bush and concluding with a bit of light climbing uphill. In August the waterfall is more of a rockface, but it's a cool little area to relax nonetheless. I'd definitely do this one again

it was a fun hike but there were a lot of yellow jackets

1 month ago

To get to this trail hard you have to walk 2.5 miles down a fire road. It is flat and easy. Once hitting the trail head it is a 1 mike hike up to the falls. Mostly light bouldering. This is where it earns its rating.

great hike, shaded most of the time, beginning isn't as shaded. wear good hiking shoes lots of rocks. It definitely is a better hike when water is running but still a good workout.

It’s an easy hike to the sinks...definitely worth doing! Lots of other options on open access day in Limestone.

Hiked to the Old Indian Village. A fun hike!

1 month ago

Not long, but very rocky. Well w o rth it.

Once you get into the creek, the hike is more challenging and much more interesting. The climb back into the falls is the toughest and most satisfying part! This hike isn't the easiest, so make sure you're ready for it, and take lots of water with you.

Overall I enjoyed this trail and would do it again. I did this trail in the summer so there was no waterfall at the end but the place where it would be is still pretty cool. The trail is easy for most of the path and gets moderate towards the end. You follow along a paved/dirt road for probably 2 miles and then you find the trail head. From there you follow along a riverbed for about a mile and a half. The last 1/2 mile of trail is alot of bouldering with quite a bit of incline.

Bring lots of water, I brought 2 liters and ran out about a mile from the parking area.

Love this trail but gotta go after a heavy rain to see the waterfall in all its glory...and it’s a long hike take plenty of water and good comfortable shoes a lot of climbing over rocks

Awesome hike if you don't mind climbing over and under rocks and fallen trees. I was really beautiful . You should go early in the morning because it gets really hot. The end was where the water fall is supposed to be. It was a very nice adventure and I do recommend.

Long way on a paved road to the BOULDERS. Never seen such big ones! Fun climbing, jumping, slipping on our bottoms.
Missed the top, ran out of time. Will be back!

No waterfall in the summer when we went and the barren waterfall smelled like sulphur.

However, I will say that the bouldering was really fun and made up for the non-existent waterfall.

Trash on the trail, graffiti on the rocks, and 2+ miles of fire road before you get to the real trail.

3 months ago

Long paved road leading to the real trailhead. I would call it moderate because of the length and the boulders to navigate. Otherwise it’s a relatively easy hike. No major inclines, no switch backs. We recorded 6 miles in and out.

volunteeer-led urban wild park hike with a group of 20. Great volunteers. Nice countryside and the limestone sink overlook is interesting. However, I prefer a less social hiking experience but that's not an option as the park access is regulated. Understandable, but disappointing nonetheless. Road noise as we hiked up the small ridge but that faded as we dropped down into the canyon on the back half of the loop. Personally I would rate this hike as easy.

If you'd like to hike this trail you'll need to make an advanced reservation for a guided hike, otherwise you'll be trespassing to reach what's known as Orange County's Grand Canyon (The Sinks). The various hikes offered are quite long and challenging, typically between 7-13 miles round-trip featuring different scenery and different viewpoints. You'll need to pre-book your hike at least a few weeks in advance as there are very limited spaces available, usually 20 people per hike. The link to book these hikes (among others in Orange County) is:

3 months ago

I really liked this trail. However, we learned a lesson that might be helpful to other hikers. Since this was our first time we did what other hikers recommended and went down the trail to the creek. It’s the trail before the Cleveland national forest sign if you’re coming from Harding Truck Road. Problem is, when we got down to the dry creek we turned left and headed down stream instead of turning right. We got to a straight drop where it looks like a damn for water control was built. We climbed down to the bottom where there was a lot of shade and a creek. We started walking that path and came across a large sign that said “KEEP OUT” spray painted on a wood board. We thought this was a way to trick people away so we kept going anyway. We came to someone’s house who lives in the middle of nowhere at the end of the creek. It was kind of creepy. Don’t know who they were or if they were someone dangerous so we headed back. That’s when we figured out the right way to go.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Perfect mountain biking through OC’s most haunted canyons!

Good one but tough to get over all the boulders toward the end. Enjoyable and great sites. Not a beginner trail in my opinion. The trail from parking lot to the start of the “falls trail” is easy but once you start out for the falls it gets tougher and tougher. I would suggest a nice cool day or start early. Proper hiking shoes definitely a must. Pack a snack and appropriate water (depending on the heat).

This one was tough. We went in woefully under-prepared (we each had a small water bottle, that’s it) and ignorant of what the actual hike entailed (we knew it had a waterfall).

The first part of the trail is a scenic walk through black star canyon, great views, but not exactly what I’d call challenging. The hard part came once we got to be river. Hopping across the rocks and hiking along the river was a lot of fun, but when the rocks turned to boulders and we went from hopping to climbing, things started to get dicey. Neither of us had ever done something like that before, so you can probably imagine the...challenge we had to overcome.

But overcome we did, we made it to the waterfall, and it was beautiful. The hike back was tough, and once it was over I had a serious case of jelly-legs, but I’m glad we persevered. It was a valuable lesson that helped me grow as a hiker and a person

My struggles can’t be blamed on nature, the hike itself was beautiful and rewarding, Would like to do it again one day.

It was raining when we went and it was a tough hike. But worth it to see the waterfall at the end.

This hike was so much fun but be prepared to do some rock climbing. There is a river that runs through it but it depends on the time of year and the rain we get.

We took our boys but it kicked their butts.

A little crowded on the weekend but a fun hike

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