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1 month ago

Backpacked the trail on 06/29 through 07/01. As first time backpackers the climb was pretty intense and we had to take quite a few breaks. We started at the Mt. Lola trailhead around 1:30 p.m. hoping to reach the peak that evening. We managed to reach the Knob where we camped out between the pine trees to get out of the wind. The night was cold up there as to be expected and the trail, in some spots, was covered with snow just before ascending the knob. The view from the knob was absolutely beautiful and the sunrise was breathtaking. We met three day hikers while on the peak on day two. From the peak we backpacked to White Rock Lake. There were a few fallen trees covering some of the trail which made it somewhat difficult to get through, but we managed. The trail leading down the backside of a hill after the switch-backs/ridge walk was non existent so we had to really scramble to make the last 3/4 mile descent to White Rock Lake. That was definitely the toughest part of the trail. The lake was crystal clear and refreshing once we got there. Plenty of campsites- designated and non designated. No permit needed. Would do it again, but would leave the 25 lbs packs at home and opt for a day hike!