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Sierra Madre, California Map
18 hours ago

Busy trail for weekend warriors looking for a nice climb. Parking lot gets full by 7am so you will see cars parked on the road on the way up. Trail is easy to follow and the falls are underwhelming thanks to the dry So Cal summer.

If your looking for a trail hike and not a fire road this is it. From dirt to rocks, shade to sun, cool breeze to no breeze this here trail is #1.

Awesome loop hike. Bugs were really bad. I had to hike with a head net from strutevant camp to the summit. My GPS had me at 15.7 miles.

Increíble el dolor de piernas que causa! Muy recomendable. Llevar suficiente agua y repelente de mosquitos. En la cima hay un café por si a caso necesitan comer o tomar algo. La recorrí el 23 de septiembre y no hubo mucha gente, se debe de comprar el gafete para parking (5 usd).

I hiked on 9/22/18. started at parking lot at 0645, made it to the summit at 1215( yeah, I'll never break any speed records) at my age just finishing is a big deal.
Trail is beautiful, mostly in shade through forest, just gorgeous. last few miles to the summit are a bit rough. but of the 4 six pack of peaks that I have done this year. the is easily the most beautiful.
if you go on the weekends, the Cosmic Cafe is open at the summit. Had a killer hot dog, coke and cookie all for 10 bucks. a life saver. got back down to car at 515. so a full day hiking. Fyi, all trails has it as 11 miles, the signage on the trail show it round trip at 14. both my pedometers showed it 18. So go figure. Anyway a great day and an awesome hike. places to camp along the way also.

Went hiking here on a Thursday morning so parking was Not a issue. after the short walk to the trailhead we walk on a dusty path until we got deeper into the forest then you see how green and pretty it is. the water flow is a trickle, but I've been here before after the rain and it was flowing and beautiful. Right now it is like "hard mud" the insects are buzzing around the mud and water, you might want to bring bug repellant. I think I swallowed a bug ha ha. it's a easy hike to the falls, please be careful the rocks are huge and smooth. I have very good hiking boots and theres no grip, so slipping is possible and the water is low. I know this is a "cliff jumping" spot but looking at the low water and seeing the rocks I can't believe people jump off this. i think if they saw what's down there when the water is low they would think twice. So easy, good hike. Wish there wasn't so much trash and graffiti but you can still see the beauty in nature. #mountaingirl

Get there early if you want to find parking!

As previously stated parking is a challenge if you don’t arrive early. Over all it was a nice leisurely hike many squirrels, dragon flies and butterflies.. Colors are beginning to change. Was able to take a nice peaceful nap at Hodgees campsite before heading back down the trail.

Beautifuul walk

8 days ago

This is my first hike in a national forest and I really enjoyed it! This route in particular wasn’t too steep and has plenty of shade, my 10 year-old brother who didn’t really have any hiking experience said it was an easy hike. Just make sure you arrive early because the parking lot fills up quickly; we arrived at 6:50 am (Sunday) and we had to park a long way down the road!

Wow what a butt kicker...Beautiful trail. Took the lower trail out ( this is the trail from the lower parking lot. It was shaded almost all the way to the top of Mt Wilson. I didn’t run into any bugs not even at the top. Up to the camp the trail is pretty moderate after that it’s all incline and you will feel it. We arrived around 6:15 am and there was only about 4 parking spots left. Not sure about the overflow parking. On the weekends there is a cafe open at the top of Mt Wilson and there are restrooms as well.

mid September hike. I see now why you are advised to start early AM for this hike. we started at 9AM and it got pretty hot on our hike, and was partially sun with some shade going up, but coming down (1PM) was a scorcher, with minimal to no shade. Bring lots of water, as there is none at the sites. overall, a great view of the LA Basin and if not smoggy, beyond, even to Catalina. overall, it was fun.

Love love love. Shady. One day I will reach the end.

Currently my favorite trail, however it becomes very busy during the week ends. I would suggest to arrive super early or car pool.

Did this one with my hiking buddy. We started in the late morning. Made our way through the back side. My altimeter watch was giving us very wrong elevation readings so we thought we were ascending very very slowly, but before we knew it, we reached the top! The backside of Wilson facing the San Gabriels takes your breathe away!

Hiked during 95 Degree weather and oh boy was it hot. Saw about a thousand lizards on my way up. No snakes. When I reached the summit, there is a bench with fields of plants. Dozens of giant butterflies we're flying all around me, it was quite majestic.

One of my first Mountain Summits. Small yes, but was fun none the less! Great panorama view at the top.

very nice trail. lots of shade, water was very dirty bcus of no water flow. other than that very peaceful trail

like the rock canyons. nice hike

**HOEGEES CAMPGROUND is on the East side - by the junction of Lower and Upper Winter Creek trails, after you've descended from Mount Zion. This map has it located at the North, which is Camp Sturtevant's location, where you can get water.

Loved it! But the ridgebacks after Mount Zion, which is worth a visit, were pretty tough. Made sure to stop every few for a break. Great views, despite the vegetation at the top of Zion. If I had to do again, I’d go later in the day, set up camp at Spruce campgrounds, refill water at Camp Sturtevant and hit up Mount Zion or Wilson the next day.

Planned to camp but saw bear scat in the Hoegees campground, then a ranger said, “Be sure to use this new food box, in case the bear comes.” He was gone before I could clarify if he meant “a bear” in general or “the bear” as in, a specific one that regularly visits. I had been there a few hours & since nobody else was setting up camp, I decided to pack up and head back to the parking lot.

We visited today at around 7:30 am and finding parking was a hassle! Overall getting to the waterfall wasn’t overly difficult however save the energy for the way back, its much more difficult. Overall this is a beautiful trail and is very tranquil. Definitely would recommend it.

Hot today!! A bit crowded and parking was difficult.
Great hike though.

Really beautiful nearly the entire hike, great views. However, if you shit in the woods please pack out your toilet paper and pack out your food trash. Leave no trace.

I love this narrow little trail and I love the difficulty. Wear a bear bell and be mind-full though we have bears regularly in this area.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike, plenty of shade throughout, bugs got annoying here and there, not as bad as I expected from the reviews.

21 days ago

A short, but certainly not "easy" route to the summit of Occidental Peak on a use trail with loose and uneven surfaces. Starts off near a broadcast antenna and guy wires, and ends with a panorama of more antennas. Kinda fun, but mostly of interest to peak baggers. (Be sure to bring a pen to sign the summit register.)

The hike is 6 miles round trip. Fairly steep elevation. Series of switchbacks to the top. Awesome views at the summit. Highly recommend this trail.

Easy paved path around the historic Mt Wilson Observatory, with breathtaking views of the LA Basin. Great for kids, with the historic telescopes, museums, and of course the Cosmic Cafe for snacks.

To make it slightly more adventurous, Echo Rock is an easy quarter mile or so on the (unpaved) Sturtevant Trail, with great views of the back range.

22 days ago

A section of the trail has eroded near the beginning of the hike and is dangerous to pass due to a drop off. It could be done, but I didn't think it was worth the risk, so I turned back.

honestly disappointed in This hike there were so many people that were present and for me when I want to get in touch with nature and get away from the busy ness of Southern California I don't want to be around a bunch of people. And what is worse is the quality of people I experienced on this hike. There were quite a few drug users people whom would litter, And quite a few graffiti writers have defaced the fall areas and cabins. I understand some people like to have the artificialness of stores and roads By I truly hated the fact there were so many pave roads for quite a bit of the hike.. I will just stick to difficult and desolate hikes from now on.

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