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Sierra Madre, California Map

Nice and cool down between the trees. Once down in the canyon area the trek is pretty leisurely. I ended up jogging back from the waterfall with my partner.

completed this trail last weekend and we knew it was rated difficult but the mileage is way off. it says 12.6 but we charted 16.2 miles with an apple watch. make sure you have a full day to complete this hike. if you are not in top shape it will take you more than half the day. beautiful hike and definitely recommend.

A Beautiful hike! It's so amazing to find such a lush oasis of nature just minutes from the metropolis of LA. The hike is strenuous and exhilarating, but not necessarily difficult. There are only a few spots where one might put a hand on the rock for stability. The trails are meticulously maintained, well marked, yet deserted on a weekday morning. This route weaves in and out of multiple terrain and flora zones. We saw brazen deer and signs of bear. The June flowers were captivating: from giant yucca sprays to fields of monkey-flower, from lupin to phacelia, and many dozens I cannot name. Care must be taken in the shade as the abundant poison oak often invades the trail. Sturtevant Camp was peaceful, but there were too many mosquitos to stop and eat. My GPS recorded 10.7 mi, including Mt Zion, excluding the waterfall trail.

I really did adore this trail. I want to say that off the bat, and state that the only reason this review is missing a star is because I could not locate the trail that looped this fire road back to the starting point, so I wound up hiking this as an out-and-back.
I hiked this on a beautiful, overcast June day. Much of this trail is shaded anyway, but it was nice to have the cloud cover and cool temp in the uncovered spots, including the top. I only ran into one pair of hikers early on, and one family of 4 or 5 descending from the peak of the hike. The road is paved (and used by vehicles, so keep your headphones out for this portion at least) from the picnic area up to the heliport. I saw a ranger service truck parked on the heliport on my descent, but no one was there when I was going up. The trail is mostly up at a steady grade on the ascent, which meant I flew back down in no time with trekking poles. Nice wide fire road and trail, but it is fairly rocky for most of the unpaved portion. Make sure you stop and grab a deet packet or two from the Pack Shop, because the bugs are real persistent towards the top of the hike. Many beautiful wildflowers were blooming when I was up there.

The family I ran into mentioned the loop trail, and I asked them to leave something to mark the trail, but I never found a marker nor the trail itself. I am curious to check the reviews in a few more months and see if anyone else was able to find it. Also, try to get there early. Parking is slim on weekends, and you WILL need an adventure pass (available at the Pack Shop, along with snacks, drinks, hot food, etc.). PLEASE be careful if you park alongside the main road.

This trail is NOT 5.1 miles. It's more than 50 miles long and extends through most of the San Gabriel mountains. (Closely follows the PCT at some points) The section from the trailhead pick-up located on Angeles Crest Highway to Charlton Flats is probably what the 5.1 miles is meaning.

The hike is fairly easy and short but get there early because it shares a parking lot with a bunch of other hikes (including Mt. Wilson) and it will be full by 7am.
The falls themselves aren’t really that special and they get crowded I didn’t really care for all the graffiti. Kids will be cliff jumping, which I don’t recommend.
Not my favorite waterfall hike in the area but if you’re into jumping off of cliffs, it’s an option.

A good warm up trail for Mt Whitney training.

Very good trail, on the way back you go to a big steep hill, but every else was fantastic.

2 days ago

Good easy path ways, clean and nice wild flowers to enhance your nice peaceful hike. Save your energy for the return as there's a steep climb back up to civilization. Don't forget to bring your adventure pass! Parking can be made possible via valet service for $20, parking on the side of the road or if your lucky in the parking lot.

Fun trail. It’s a little short, but a good quick workout

4 days ago

Hiked this trail with a group of 6 on Friday, June 8. Arrived at parking lot 6:30am and it was nearly empty (weekday). We also came across very few people on the trail. Not the most scenic hike but definitely a tough workout. After Spruce Grove Campground, the going gets very tough due to steeper incline and includes mosquitos and other flys. Note the weather was not hot. I got bit about 6 times each leg and had the spray which helped somewhat. I think a face net would have helped as well.

CAUTION: The trail is not marked well in many areas as we came across a few junctions which did not have a sign. And then on the way down while taking Mt. Wilson Toll Rd, we ended up missing a left turn for “Mt Wilson trail” towards what should have become Winter creek trail. We didn’t realize this mistake until we were already 2.5 miles down Wilson Toll Rd near Henninger Flats. There’s a difference in “Wilson toll road” and “Wilson trail”. A friend of mine who ran this trail 3 weeks back also missed this turn initially until running back up. After going back and reviewing the photos on web, I believe the sign is also faded for the left turn to Wilson Trail/Winter Creek.

Realizing we had spent all our energy uphill and how far we were from winter creek, we reviewed the paper map (not very helpful if you get far off trail) and our phone map. After checking our phones (only Verizon worked and thank goodness), we decided to keep hiking down eventually leading us to the start of Eaton Canyon trailhead. We then had to Uber back to Chantry Flats. Phone clocked nearly 18-20 miles hiking.

The trail signs really should be more clear. This does not excuse us from being fully prepared as we should have been. Lesson learned for future adventures.

Did a solo trip with my dog. It was my first time making it all the way to mt wilson. Very difficult after sturtevant camp cabins all up hill. Amazing views. Definitely will go back on a cooler day.

This is such a beautiful trail despite the heavy traffic during the day and being so close to the city. Arrived 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon with a friend to give him a taste of backpacking. Very few cars in the parking lot and only one other gentleman with cooler heading down to a cabin for the weekend. After a quick detour to Sturtevant Falls we head up the upper trail where we see our last person hiking down the mountain. Beautiful views of the canyon and a few spots where I get signal to text my family where I am. As we approach Cascade Picnic I am left without signal and daylight fades quickly through the dense foliage. We end up hiking in the dark since my friend was having a hard time walking up with his pack. Just as I start getting uneasy about hiking in the dark.. the wind brings a familiar smell.. smoke from a campfire. We get to the campground and its basically all our with one a couple up towards the end of the 6 campsites. I quickly set up camp and collect wood to for a small campfire. The sound of insects and a stream puts me to sleep. The next morning I wake up early to the rhythmic pattering of the early morning trail runners. Soon after a parade of early bird hikers, runners, and their dogs stroll on by consistently.

This is a gorgeous place to test out new backpacking gear or simply feel like you are further Way from the city than you really are. You will run into a lot of traffic on the way down the mountain depending on time you leave so prepare to make way through the narrow sections of the trail.

We did this loop this last weekend and really enjoyed it! I found this hike to be much less difficult than initially described. There were a few steeper hills but, overall, it was a very gradual ascent and descent. The scenery was beautiful and the dam structures were incredible and looked like something from an abandoned city! The only complaint I have was that there were several cabins along this 5 mile loop (which we assumed were available for rent). Seeing these took me out of the moment, so to speak. Some people were staying there and listening to some loud music which was a little disruptive as were were trying to enjoy being away from the city hustle and bustle. There are a ton of trails up here and we’ll be back to try some more!

Great hike!

Lovely casual hike to a waterfall. Cute cabins along the way. It’s not difficult but does end with a good uphill stretch. Parking is difficult so come early or come late or be prepared to add distance to your hike walking to/from your car.

9 days ago

6-10 hike for

Awesome!!! Great views, mostly no sun. It’s 7 miles uphill and 7 miles downhill. On top they have a coffee shop only open Saturday and Sunday. I went memorial weekend the weather was perfect but it was 39 degrees on top lol. But my husband and I have such a wonderful time. I would gladly do it again.

Nice trail with very nice views. Parking lot was already full by 7:30am! Wow. However, we managed to find someone just leaving. Will come back very soon! 5/5

Very fun trail that is close to the city, but you're immediately in a forest once you start on the trail. I parked on the street just across the park and walked up the paved street to get to the trailhead. It was moderately steep, and after hiking through the shaded area provided by the row of trees, there is eventually no shade until the end where the creek is located.

Doing the six peak challenge and was told this was the easiest to start with. It’s actually really hard! It’s the lowest in elevation out of the peaks but has a very steal incline. I was expecting something easier. It is shaded almost all the way up which is definitely a positive. We we were sore for days after this hike!

rock climbing
11 days ago

The trail down to the waterfall is nice. Went on a weekday and there were a good amount of people just hanging out near the falls. I don't know how people cliff dive here, looks terrifying! To get down to the pool is pretty hard although there is a rope provided.

The fall in itself is nice aside from all the tagging ):

It will remind you how young and in shape one is in a very stern but enjoyable way. Definitely worth the continued and consistent experience and effort

Wonderful views with easy parking on a Thursday morning.

Nice chill hike! Take it slow up! Nice water fall with water.

did the first 2.2 as an out-and-back. Beautiful single track with lots of shade. Some new growth hanging into the trail in places.

WHY IS THIS LISTED AS A 4.4 MILE LOOP!?!?!??! The map and GPX file are at LEAST double that and must be planned for accordingly. A beautiful hike for sure, we had a bit of a close call with a rattlesnake and something rather large was also kicking rocks down from a sleep slope above us which made things interesting.

Regardless this is a beautiful hike and area. Parking is a mess of course and don't forget that if you Uber to/from you may have issues getting cell connection to Uber back. Luckily the stand at the beginning/end has wifi so that was a savior for us!

We saw a mama bear and a cub on the hiking trail!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 days ago

I hiked this trail on June 1st 2018. With little preparation and a few sandwiches me and my friend went up to mount wilson using the trail depicted here. It was a Friday and we got to Chantry Flats at 6:30 a.m. Since we did not have the nature pass we payed $5 to park in the packing station, of note it does cost $10 later in the day. The trail is closer to 18 miles, and the cosmic Cafe at the peak is only open on Sat and Sun. When it comes to the trail it was tough but doable, just come knowing that you will leave tired and it isn't a cake walk. Also there is an extreme amount of mosquitos, so be aware of that.

17 days ago

Woke up at 5:30am all chipper, figuring it would be a nice quick hike around Mount Zion Loop, and we'd be done for an early lunch. Well. We hiked up Sturtevant, not another soul on the trail, very cool! (Actually, COLD is more like it.) At the junction we decided to continue up Sturtevant to do the entire Mt. Wilson loop. We weren't ready for it but we figured, "We're here, let's go!" The only other times I've hiked 15+ miles in one go was Half Dome, and a sections of the Mauna Loa Summit trail. I wanna say this was pretty tough, but I think my view of it is harder than it really is since we went off-trail down Mt. Wilson Rd adding about 2.5 miles to our day. That sucked. Once you leave the summit and you head down Mt. Wilson Rd, make sure you turn left to go down Winter Creek Trail, and don't continue down Mt. Wilson Rd. The trail was not hard to follow, but there were definitely some ratty old difficult to read signs.

Anyway, overall a great trail I could see doing again for a good challenge or conditioning, or just for some peace and quiet in those woods.

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