15 hours ago

I really wanted to like this trail. 5 lakes in only 7 miles? What is there not to like? For starters, the road towards the trailhead. Rough road and at certain portions off road conditions. It is about 1.5 hours from Dinkey Creek Campground. Not recommended if you do not have a high clearance all wheel drive SUV. Secondly-- the actual trail. Poorly marked, not maintained at all and easy to lose the trail. You will experience a lot of bushwacking. Thanks to my downloaded map from Alltrails, we managed to find our destination, Island Lake. No switchback-- just straight up. The worse part? Mosquitoes. and lots of them. We had to cut our trip 1 day short because of it. But I have to say though it is really beautiful and if you want solitude, you will definitely have it here.