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1 day ago

Great Hike!!

This one is great for family. There’s a bit of dust and construction on the trail but after the first quarter mile or so it feels more like a hiking trail and less like a road. The trailhead can be a bit tricky to spot. The gate on the right is where it starts. Worse case is you’ll do what we did and drive to the end to the Boy Scouts camp before realizing we went too far. There are a couple of beach accesses once you get to the lake shore that are great for swimming. After those the trail appears to continue. Stopping at those first two spots and heading back came out to exactly 2 miles.

So, the description is misleading. This hike isn’t actually long at all. You can drive your car up most of the way to a parking area (would suggest a SUV, our corolla had a hard time). With that said, the short hike to the falls was beautiful, being high in the mountains meant it wasn’t too hot, and the falls itself was a little crowded. Overall worth a stop when exploring the area!

4 days ago

Amazing hike! Access was very easy. Parked off the side of dirt rode and started trucking. Went off trail through a meadow and spotted deer and cattle. Once we got down to the water we created a shelter made of branches and enjoyed the refreshing water. Highly recommend this trail for families!

7 days ago

Such a gorgeous hike. Spent a few days out near Shaver Lake recuperating from a conference. The three lakes made for an incredible experience and great R&R. From the east coast and live at an elevation of 410 feet, so the elevation made this slightly challenging but once adjusting speed no issues were had. I'd rate as moderate - make sure to bring sunscreen and to wear hiking socks (to keep the sand out).

Amazing views. We did the loop passing by 4 lakes. 15km. Easy hike. Cristal bleue sky, no mugs thanks to the wind. The way to get there was actually also an adventure as we are not used to drive a 4x4 (a must for the last part of the dirt road). We took the Tamarack road following the advice bellow.

Beautiful easy trail. If you have kids, it’s best to drive up the dirt road and start where the parking lot is. Dirt road is a little rough if you don’t have a SUV or truck. But beautiful waterfall at the end. My kids enjoyed it even my 4 year old.

I think it some type of steps and / or handrails could be constructed to facilitate a safer decent to the waterfalls pools. Other than that, it is an easy surface to negotiate on the trail and a scenic hike also!

Could not find a specific trailhead but the map really helped us! It’s basically a dirt road- WELL worth the short hike! The lake is absolutely beautiful. There’s not really parking but we just parked on the side of the road. It was only my husband, dog & I and we didn’t see anyone else while on the hike! Once we got to the lake we jumped in since it was pretty hot out. The lake was so refreshing.

Quiet during weekdays. Lower pool is easily accessible from the trail. Some scramble to the top of the falls.

13 days ago

This is an amazing trail with epic views! Backpacked 3 days with my husband for our anniversary this week and loved every minute! I’d consider it hard for someone who isn’t in shape but even a novice hiker in decent shape can handle the trek. Worth camping a night or two if you can. Bring bug spray and a swim suit, lakes are all refreshingly cool. Warms days and cool nights made for perfect camp weather. The trek from Upper Twin Lake to George Lake is the toughest part but worth it. If camping at George overnight be sure to make the day trek to College and Campfire lakes for great fishing!

Short and simple, with a very rewarding waterfall

14 days ago

I don’t exercise at all so this trail slaughtered me but the views were amazing and the lake was stunning. Saw some horses on the way back to! It was definitely worth the suffering and the shin splints!

Good family hike with a nice view at the end.

15 days ago

We took Tamarack road in as the road from Dinkey Creek is closed. We were warned about abundant mosquitos but it wasn’t bad at all. There were some at Dinkey 1, but we stayed at Island lake and had no problems with mosquitos at all. We took 4 kids on their first backpacking trip and it was fantastic!

Dirt road entry is pretty rough but the walk is very nice.

18 days ago

Had a great little hike up to the beautiful little lake and went for a quick swim. Water was great, views on the trail were amazing. There were definitely bugs but once I used bug spray they didn’t bother me at all.

This is more of a stroll amongst a beautiful grove of Giant Sequoias than a hike. Completely paved so it’s easy for everyone and it’s a good place to stretch your legs on the way to Wishon and Courtright Reservoirs.

19 days ago

Easy walk. Loved the beautiful falls!

Actually didn’t get to hike it but wanted to post this in case others are headed down soon. Got to the road leading to the trail (Dinkey Road) and it was closed due to construction. Drove 2 hours and was bummed about that. Perhaps call restaurants/businesses in the area to inquire if the road has opened back up.

took my hunny it was very pretty

This was a butt-kicker on the way to the lake due to the incline, but easy on the way back, of course

Great beginners hike. It’s an out and back so it’s easy to follow. Parking lot can get a little full during peak times but people aren’t hanging out there all day long so the cars filter in and out frequently. Overall, great little hike for families and groups with small kids.

23 days ago

Had an awesome time on the trail on 7/20/18. Our group of four was able to complete the hike, out and back, in 4 hours and 10 minutes. This included a few rest stops along the way and 15-20 minutes at Nellie Lake.

The trail has an initial up hill section that flattens out for about a mile. Once you cross a tiny creek their are two more noticeable uphill sections. A section of granite "steps" is the last uphill and then the trail meanders it way down into Nellie Lake. The water was crisp, but it was worth jumping in after the initial hike up.

When we went up there was no one on the trail or at the Lake, we only encountered two other hikers on our way back down.

Easy enough for my four year old and beautiful view of the lake.

Very beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail!

25 days ago

Definitely drive up the dirt road all the way to the Sierra National Forrest sign. This way you won’t wear yourselves out before you even get on the actual trail. We made it too difficult for ourselves. Lol It’s a beautiful hike with a gorgeous waterfall at the end. Many families are on this trail. We took our Weimaraner. She loved it. This is an easy hike with a slight uphill climb. Don’t forget to bring your water jugs! We will be going again in the early morning for a different experience as we got there around noonish.

25 days ago

This was a fun and easy hike for me and my dog. We arrived about 9:30 am on a Saturday and were the only ones there. Since it was the middle of summer there were plenty of bugs and lots of dust. It was an awesome view once u got down to the beach. We will definately go back again.

beautiful. lots of dogos on the way up, even saw a cow.

Love this trail. Been going on it for over 25 yrs.

Super easy hike. It’s a 10-15 min hike if you drive til the parking lot.

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