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amazing hike, blinded by the white granite. very steep at the beginning overwhelming views and finally Meeting a bear on his path.
Start was a little difficult to find, but when heading North where the sign of the Summit is place easy to find. the silence in there is amazing.

1 day ago

Directions from the app worked great and there are signs for forest service access road 8S31 coming from both directions of 168. We went on May 23 and the road was open so we drove the SUV up to the Rancheria Falls parking lot. Road up was pretty tough, a standard sized car might bottom out. The parking lot actually has 11 spaces but I recommend arriving early. We got there after 10:30 am and were the only ones there but buy the time we left at noon there were four groups of hikers on their way to the falls and most had dogs. Our group included hikers aged 3 to 75 and incline proved to be too much for a few. Trail is wide, well marked, and clean. Waterfall is amazing and raging now. Recommend holding hands of little kids when cliffside and by rocks. Hike well worth the trip. Bathroom on the otherhand was one of the most disgusting I've ever experienced (it would get negative stars). Nearly every hiker in our group preferred the Indian Pools hike over this one because the entire way you are right next to a river despite being more difficult to follow but these Falls are fantastic.

This trail was great to do during May when it was still relatively cool and the clouds provided coverage from the sun. The effort is worth the view at the end (if not totally surrounded by clouds as it was for all but a few minutes when I was there). It’s very easy to lose the trail and I did so multiple times, but being able to reference this app helped. But beware, it drains your battery. Early in the trail, ribbons mark the route relatively well, but once the terrain opens up you have to rely on the rock piles which are obvious in some places and almost impossible to rely on in others.

12 days ago

Done this hike many times, sometimes as a backpack, others as a day hike. Always a great trip. Last day hike was the most interesting. It was early September, so the weather was great. Instead of starting out on the trail, we did the full loop of almost all the lakes, we left the trail within a couple hundred yards after leaving the parking lot. We crossed the creek and headed up the ridge and contoured around and went to Eastern Brook then Rainbow to Swede. We continued on the trail for a short time and then up the ridge to Fingberbowl, Island, and Rock Lakes. Back on the trail again, we took a side trip to Little Lakes then to Second Dinkey and then cut cross country to South Lake. We got back on the trail and passed Swede (again) headed to Mystery and then then back to the trailhead. That's 10 different beautiful, yet different, high Sierra lakes. All in about 6-7 hours. The trickiest part of the hike was the first section up to Eastern Brook and Rainbow Lakes, otherwise the route finding was pretty straightforward (as long as you're pretty good with a map or gps).

A great hike overall. Hiked it in mid-May while it was still fairly brisk and chilly, which was nice. I do t think it’d be a good hike at all during hot weather since there’s little shade for most of it. Trail starts towards the right side of the parking area. Approx. first 1/3 to the peak is very steep. Make sure you’re in decent shape.. I wasn’t but still made it though. Cairns can be tricky to follow on the way down.

Great trail. A nice challenge. Not to intense for a fun day hike. First quarter of the trail is pretty easy to follow. But after a while it get rather difficult to read. DONT follow the 4x4 trails. They don’t lead to Bald Mountain. This app helped tremendously.

Super nice and easy trail. Still quiet a bit of snow on the trail. The falls are really flowing and the roar is loud! Great time.

Loved It! Not too difficult terrain wise; trail is tough to follow. The app works pretty good with GPS where it gets iffy. Had a Bald Eagle fly right over us, got some decent pics for phone cam. Highly recommend this longer than 5.7 mile hike; with the occasional 'detour' it was 7.7 miles all the way to the lake and back.

23 days ago

We hiked Lewis Creek Trail 2 days ago and it was awesome. Great view, many waterfalls. It was very rocky, lots of fallen trees to climb over. My wife and I are still sore from it but we loved every minute.

An awesome trail, especially as a fallback when everything else is closed!

Great hike! Parked at the road and walked in to the trailhead. Makes for about 4 miles round trip. Still quite a bit of patchy snow and a few places were a little slick and scary near the falls, but gorgeous views! Not super strenuous and most uphill at the beginning.

Definitely need a fully charged phone to keep track of the trail! Lost track of the ribbons once the trail tapered off, and had to search for stacked rocks in order to know where to go until you find the Jeep trail. Good luck!

Overall pretty cool hike. View was nice at the top, but I would love to see it with Shaver full of water. All trails app isn’t really effective, it pulls you away from main trail. Also trail Head is a little hard to find with a ton of wash out debris blocking the main path and a incorrect path to its left that will lead you straight up the mountain. Good luck have fun, I wouldn’t go alone....

1 month ago

The route shown on alltrails isn't well marked, if marked at all, up until you get to the fork half-way up. You need to keep you eyes open so you don't get too far off trail. Taking the left at that fork also appeared to be off trail as well with the random stone cairn every once in a while. It's fairly straight-forward to find your way back to the main trail though.

Walked on this trail for a bit today. It was a nice, easy walk through the woods on a paved trail. We had a really hard time trying to figure out where to park as the trailhead listed on this page is well past the locked gate. We finally parked by the boat launch and walked on the road (which is all the trail is anyway). We ended up taking a logging road for some water access and had just the best time jumping over the tiny streams that pop up everywhere during the spring thaw.

1 month ago

We took our dogs and the snow was not too powdery so we were able to walk fairly easily! Beautiful scenery and not too cold! Will be back again!

Great hike and beautiful falls. A little challenging in the snow but worth it.

Brr! A little snow on the trail. Stunning frozen falls.

3 months ago

A nice long hike. Lots of snow and a little scetchy near the falls.

The hike was really nice! There's about 3-4inches of snow on most of the trail so be prepared. The waterfall was frozen too, but still so pretty!

3 months ago

Definitely a hard hike during the winter, but if you can make it to the peak... get ready to be amazed!

4 months ago

Theeeeee best little scenic loop ever! I typically do this during mid-late September & the weather is perfect (a little cold). I hear the mosquitoes are bad during summer but I’ve yet to experience them. You get a pretty little lake about every 1-2miles. So rewarding! Stop at the Auberry ranger station before heading in. They’ve got great little maps with the best service road entry highlighted for you & also good info (reports of an aggressive bear last time I backpacked it).

Went on trail in January 2018. Great trail for beginners❤️

4 months ago

loved it! the road up to the trail head was a little icey but other then that it was great. The weather was perfect for a January hike. Cannot wait to go back in the spring time.

4 months ago

Fun little hike for all ages and dogs. Still not much snow as of 01/04/18. I plan on going back in the spring when the waterfall is flowing.

There is no vehicle access from Dinkey Creek Road to the start of the Trail.

27 degrees when we started with a little snow and frost, but it was perfect. Highly recommend for a last minute pre snow hike.

Fun and easy hike with kids. Beautiful in the light snow. Road to parking lot icy but areas to pull off about 1/2 way up.

5 months ago

Fun trail. Very quick and easy. Took my (big) dog and was a breeze for him. Trail gets narrow towards the end so we had to let people pass us considering we had the dog. Went in September, late review. Not too much water falling.

Waterfall was partially iced up. Nature was beautiful

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