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Just tried to go up today and the bridge was out, no idea when it will be fixed.

off road driving
4 days ago

We did this trail in Sept 2018. Beautiful views of Shaver from the tower. I did the trail in my ‘94 YJ and my buddy took his 99 TJ. Neither had any problems with the trail besides a couple of scrapes on the skid plates for the stock size Jeep. This was my first time off road and my first trip with my Jeep. I recommend taking a friend and you’ll have a great time.

This hike is along a road that is paved in places but mostly dirt. There are great views into the city of Big Creek. This trail can be extended but we turned around once we reached the main road Huntington. Basically a completely flat hike so it is really good for all skill levels.

Parked at bathrooms and hiked up slight incline but very manageable for my husband and I who are 48 & 50 years old. Views were pretty and path was clean. We stayed further back from falls and decided not to take on the larger boulders that were closer to the falls and still enjoyed the beautiful sight & sounds of the falls and creek. Amazed there was still as much water as there was in September. Our 4 pound Yorkie had no trouble at all either.

very fun off road trail, the dinkey lower green gate route is easier then the tamarack route. only one spot caused problems for my open diffs cause of loose sand but there is a bypass.. I've got a 87 4runner stock on 31s and I scraped pretty bad in some areas. invest in some sliders unless you have about 2' clearance

6 days ago

Gorgeous hike, beautiful lakes. Mosquitos are out of control. It was hard to enjoy anything while being swarmed constantly. First night at stayed at first dinkey lake, with an amazing view of the lake and meadows. We hiked up to higher elevation and stayed at rainbow lake the second night, which was significantly better, mosquito - wise. We were all covered in DEET, and used citronella incense, as well as natural repellant, to no avail. I'd love to come back some day when the mosquito population isn't as crazy. Great trail for beginners and kids, otherwise.

I loved this trail. But you don't want to go there alone. Trail is not marked. You just park on the side of the road (near sign that says Bald Mountain Summit) and look for a small path to the top. At the beginning path will be marked with some plastic lines on the bushes and trees. It's very strenuous in the beginning, no warmup. After about a mile you get almost all elevation and trail become easier and more spectacular. Still no marking but you can following stone pyramids other hikers left there. Be careful when going down and try to follow same markings you saw while going up. We ended up doing some back and forth because we lost our way down few times.

17 days ago

Went during the Labor day weekend, not very crowded for camping, ran into more traffic for day hikes on our way back. Camped around the lake, beautiful views in the morning. Highly recommend!

18 days ago

Nice day hike. At this temperature (low in the 40’s at Trapper Springs campground) at end of Aug, NO MORE MOSQUITOES :)...and no water in any of the stream beds.
Beautiful destination. Only 2 groups staying at the lake the Friday before Labor Day weekend.
I’m going back with my 13 yr-old and dog for an overnighter before it snows.

Great hike, clearly marked trail. I would not rate this hike as hard. It’s moderate. Only the first mile and last half mile are challenging. The lake is beautiful!

19 days ago

Parking: Turn into the camp and keep going down until you are where the trail begins on the app. At that point there is a small (fits ~3-4 cars) dirt parking area on your left and a gate on your right. Went around 10am and there was like 1 car there but by noon the area was full with 4 cars and 2 cars on the other side of the road. Easy to miss if you aren't looking at the app because you can go too far and hit the boy scout camp. Went during labor day weekend.

Walk; progressively downhill as you go in Not steep, barely noticeable. There are cut trees and a trailer at the beginning of the trail. Trees aren't super tall so it wasn't super shady. At the last part of the trail there are many ways on to the shore line. I went in through the first trail my dog can find. Found a nice shaded spot to swim with my dogs. Very clean. Lots of boats, jet skis

Shoreline: areas of pepples and areas of smooth sand+ gold flakes. So barefoot/water shoes base on where you are. The shoreline is a little murky when your dog runs through it but gets deep after a few feet.

So I personally like this place because it is isolated. By the time we left, there was 5 families all gapped out. If you want to rent out boats, that's at the North part of the lake. You can just drive and park right along the shore. But it was hella crowded.

Pretty easy with SUV, few spots you need to negotiate. nice views! May be difficult for low clearance vehicles.

21 days ago

Easy to navigate and beautiful lakes! Perfect time of year to hike it as well.

25 days ago

A great workout hiking uphill to this picturesque lake. We had the lake all to ourselves, it was beautiful, a panorama of serenity.

26 days ago

After having lunch at Upper Twin, we made the trek up to George to setup camp. The trail itself is well marked and easy to navigate but it is marked "Hard" for a reason. I don't think there is any part of that trail that is downhill, the best you're going to get is a slight incline. Most of the trail has a steeper grade than anything found on the Twin Lakes, it was certainly a fun challenge. After finding an ideallic spot on the northwestern part of the lake we decided to figure out a way to get up to Kaiser Peak. There is no distinct or marked trail but there are several unofficial trail markers that lead you in the right direction. The last part that takes you to the top of the ridge is a pretty intense climb on loose rocks. While I never felt in danger of falling, the steepness really took it's toll on our leg strength and fitness. The thinner air didn't help either. Coming down was also a challenge as we decided to scramble through bushes and stream beds all the way back to George. It was certainly fun but it's not something I look forward to doing again. When we returned to camp we ate a well deserved meal and watched the full moon rise over the glassy lake. It was a sight I won't soon forget. 10/10 would recommend this hike to anyone who is thinking of doing it.

This trail is paved concrete; beautiful stroll and view but by no means is it a hike.

27 days ago

Nice, well marked trail to a beautiful waterfall that was even flowing at the end of summer. Lots of families with young kids handling it with ease. Just be careful when you get to the falls with little ones- it's a big drop down.
Also, dont start at the trail turn off. Drive up the dirt road from the trail turn off for 2 miles to reach the trail head. There's a bathroom ("biffy" style) & parking area there. From this point its a 2 mile round trip hike to the falls & back.

Very easy hike and a fun dirt road to drive down that starts the trail. Gorgeous views and lots of rocks to sit on and enjoy the scenery

1 month ago

Took the family and dogs up yesterday. Challenging, but clearly marked trail. All up and all the way down! Lake was pretty and saw zero people the whole way!!

1 month ago

Me and my three kids went up for the day. They enjoyed the hike and was excited to find the lake shore at the end of the trail. We went swimming and cooled down in the water and had the beach to ourselves. Beautiful scenery. Only thing that took away from it was all the construction and cut down trees at the beginning of the path.

off road driving
1 month ago

great trail very technical

1 month ago

Great Hike!!

This one is great for family. There’s a bit of dust and construction on the trail but after the first quarter mile or so it feels more like a hiking trail and less like a road. The trailhead can be a bit tricky to spot. The gate on the right is where it starts. Worse case is you’ll do what we did and drive to the end to the Boy Scouts camp before realizing we went too far. There are a couple of beach accesses once you get to the lake shore that are great for swimming. After those the trail appears to continue. Stopping at those first two spots and heading back came out to exactly 2 miles.

So, the description is misleading. This hike isn’t actually long at all. You can drive your car up most of the way to a parking area (would suggest a SUV, our corolla had a hard time). With that said, the short hike to the falls was beautiful, being high in the mountains meant it wasn’t too hot, and the falls itself was a little crowded. Overall worth a stop when exploring the area!

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Access was very easy. Parked off the side of dirt rode and started trucking. Went off trail through a meadow and spotted deer and cattle. Once we got down to the water we created a shelter made of branches and enjoyed the refreshing water. Highly recommend this trail for families!

1 month ago

Such a gorgeous hike. Spent a few days out near Shaver Lake recuperating from a conference. The three lakes made for an incredible experience and great R&R. From the east coast and live at an elevation of 410 feet, so the elevation made this slightly challenging but once adjusting speed no issues were had. I'd rate as moderate - make sure to bring sunscreen and to wear hiking socks (to keep the sand out).

Amazing views. We did the loop passing by 4 lakes. 15km. Easy hike. Cristal bleue sky, no mugs thanks to the wind. The way to get there was actually also an adventure as we are not used to drive a 4x4 (a must for the last part of the dirt road). We took the Tamarack road following the advice bellow.

Beautiful easy trail. If you have kids, it’s best to drive up the dirt road and start where the parking lot is. Dirt road is a little rough if you don’t have a SUV or truck. But beautiful waterfall at the end. My kids enjoyed it even my 4 year old.

I think it some type of steps and / or handrails could be constructed to facilitate a safer decent to the waterfalls pools. Other than that, it is an easy surface to negotiate on the trail and a scenic hike also!

Could not find a specific trailhead but the map really helped us! It’s basically a dirt road- WELL worth the short hike! The lake is absolutely beautiful. There’s not really parking but we just parked on the side of the road. It was only my husband, dog & I and we didn’t see anyone else while on the hike! Once we got to the lake we jumped in since it was pretty hot out. The lake was so refreshing.

1 month ago

Hike it or 4x4 it. Some rock scramble to the right at the top. Great view of Edison lake!

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