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8 days ago

Such a gorgeous hike. Spent a few days out near Shaver Lake recuperating from a conference. The three lakes made for an incredible experience and great R&R. From the east coast and live at an elevation of 410 feet, so the elevation made this slightly challenging but once adjusting speed no issues were had. I'd rate as moderate - make sure to bring sunscreen and to wear hiking socks (to keep the sand out).

13 days ago

This is an amazing trail with epic views! Backpacked 3 days with my husband for our anniversary this week and loved every minute! I’d consider it hard for someone who isn’t in shape but even a novice hiker in decent shape can handle the trek. Worth camping a night or two if you can. Bring bug spray and a swim suit, lakes are all refreshingly cool. Warms days and cool nights made for perfect camp weather. The trek from Upper Twin Lake to George Lake is the toughest part but worth it. If camping at George overnight be sure to make the day trek to College and Campfire lakes for great fishing!

14 days ago

I don’t exercise at all so this trail slaughtered me but the views were amazing and the lake was stunning. Saw some horses on the way back to! It was definitely worth the suffering and the shin splints!

It is 5.5 miles one way, 11 miles total. Took my 9 year old son and we made it to the lake in 2:40 and out in 2:20. Lots of people.

This was a butt-kicker on the way to the lake due to the incline, but easy on the way back, of course

23 days ago

I thought this Trail was well marked, even amount of up hill and down hill. The lake was worth the distance! The drive to the trailhead was only an hour from Shaver Lake and on a paved road.

24 days ago

Had an awesome time on the trail on 7/20/18. Our group of four was able to complete the hike, out and back, in 4 hours and 10 minutes. This included a few rest stops along the way and 15-20 minutes at Nellie Lake.

The trail has an initial up hill section that flattens out for about a mile. Once you cross a tiny creek their are two more noticeable uphill sections. A section of granite "steps" is the last uphill and then the trail meanders it way down into Nellie Lake. The water was crisp, but it was worth jumping in after the initial hike up.

When we went up there was no one on the trail or at the Lake, we only encountered two other hikers on our way back down.

beautiful. lots of dogos on the way up, even saw a cow.

28 days ago

Backpacked out of Courtright Reservoir with my 18 year old son. Took us 2.5 hours to get in and 2 hours out. Trail is pretty well marked with only a couple of instances where we needed to look around for additional identification. Moderate is appropriate - only the last segment has much in terms of elevation change. It's a really nice hike with wildflowers, creeks and vistas sprinkled along the route. There's also plenty of shade/cover during the hike. Cliff Lake is really nice and has a scenic quality to it with a sheer wall along its NW side.

Read a lot about mosquitoes and bugs which worried me prior to our departure. On the way in, with the trail being near a water source for a healthy part of the hike, you did notice the bugs, especially when you stopped. At Cliff Lake, however, I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe it was because it was later in the season. Maybe it was because we had a nice breeze during the day. But, the mosquitoes weren't that bad during the day (noticed the flys more but not a big deal). Come dusk to dawn, when the breeze calmed down, the mosquitoes did come out. Again, I wouldn't characterize it as menacing.

Day hiked to Rock Lake. There I thought the mosquitoes were much worse. Climbed a ridge and most of the surrounding lakes seemed to have a fair amount of marsh which would lead me to believe they, too, might have more bug issues than Cliff.

Cliff is popular. There are several quality campsites and they were mostly filled while we were there (say 15+ people in addition to us during our 2 night stay). That may/may not bother some people.

We caught 4 Brown trout (had to throw 2 back as they were too small). Plenty of jumpers during the morning and evening hours.

Overall, I/we really enjoyed our stay and would definitely come back again!

Nice little family walk with a waterfall. Good for all skill levels

allot of big boulders

1 month ago

Completed an out-back from the Trapper Springs TH. 3 hours in and 2.5 out with a dog. Bugs were tough and head net + DEET make it more enjoyable. Lots of mountain storms this weekend so rain for much of the afternoon and night. Check weather and prepare accordingly. This is a day hike destination but from here you can bag peaks or fish the other lakes in the area.

Did this today and the weather was great, very shady the whole way. There were a few spots that were easy to get down to the lake. It did start raining so we had to turn back early but we will definitely go again! The parking fee is actually $8. The pay station is down the hill to the left of the boat dock. After driving a little, there are three off roads that lead to a lot to park in or you can drive all the way up to the trail head and park if there is room. We parked at road 1 and walked a little more than 1/2 mile up to the trailhead.

This trail was a great way to escape for the weekend. Bring lots of mosquito repellent as they are terrible at lower and upper twin lakes. The nature is gorgeous along the way, so you will not be bored on the way to the lake.

Great first backpacking trip with my husband June 29-30. Weather was perfect, mosquitoes were kept at bay with repellent. They seemed the worst at Lower Twin Lake. The last mile from Upper Twin to George was the part that makes this hike designation as ‘hard’. Uphill most of the way during that last mile, some rocky areas that make it hard to identify the trail. But the views at George are amazing! So worth the hike up there!

1 month ago

Went there on 06/23 on backpacking. Pretty easy hike. but the place is infested with mosquitoes and no one will be spared even if you use repellent spray and face net. Throughout the hike a colony of them will surround you and protect you from other insects. Couldn't stay outside of the tent for long.. Though the hike is pleasurable couldn't enjoy cause of the mosquito menace ...

1 month ago

Awesome trail! Beautiful lake! Was closer to 5.5 miles out, so 11 round trip. Bring plenty of mosquito repellent!

1 month ago

Great hike, the trail had a couple of deadfalls to hike around. Last river crossing by the lake on the way in was higher than usual but no reason to get wet. I did not stop much on the way in because the skeeters were so bad. I applied Deet at the trailhead, all day, and into the night. I ran out of Deet the next morning so I jogged out early. Caught a Brookie on a frog popper.

First 20 minutes were brutal, tons of mosquitoes. It gets better though, hang in there. Try not to stop. Hobler lake is beautiful and very peaceful. Not too much to see on the way, most of the time you are walking trough forest with no view. But the forest itself is beautiful.

The drive up to the trailhead is gorgeous!

Just went up on Monday and the trail was beautiful. The last mile there were a significant amount of fallen trees blocking the trail so make sure you pay close attention and do not go off trail. The water level in the lake was pretty low, but still offered a beautiful sight. I would recommend it for the beauty, but not for the fishing.

2 months ago

Giving it 4 stars out of 5 only because of the mosquitos. When my group and I took small rests, mosquitos swarmed us. Got to the lake, and they were even worse. The trail itself disappears here and there so be careful. Resources there are also scarce. There will be stacked rocks for guidance. Cliff Lake is also a highly used area for backpackers, so resources were scarce. Besides that , absolutely a beautiful place. Great fishing. Great campsites available even though there were multiple groups camping there. If time is enough, try to hike to Dogtooth peak.

interesting. Kind of ugly at first thanks to all of the dead trees in the Sierras right now, but once you hit the halfway point it becomes considerably more scenic. I prefer a little bit better of a view while hiking, but the destination was great and beautiful. A good deal of side hikes are available on this trail as well (check out Mary's Meadow).

A nice easy walk through the trees with gorgeous views of the ridge off in the distance. 2 waterfalls with the first one being the biggest. There is a cool metal stair structure build next to it so you can climb up and look down at the waterfall. Parking was on the side of the road on the corner of the main road and Camp Sierra Road. The trailhead gate was closed to vehicles, but I walked around.

2 months ago

Memorial Day weekend and the lake was still frozen! Easy to lose the trail, so take a GPS with you

2 months ago

Absolutely perfect for my first overnight backpacking trip! The trail was fairly easy to follow, and in places where we were a little unsure, stacked rocks were easily found guiding us in the right direction. The very last segment does include some switchbacks that sort of wind around the stream running down the mountain (for now, probably going to dry up in the next couple weeks) and it is definitely the most difficult park of the hike. It took us 4 hours to get to the lake from the trailhead, with many rests in between. There are many snow patches on the ground still, but plenty of dry spots to camp around the lake. Also, the fishing was great! My husband was able to catch breakfast, lunch and dinner!

2 months ago

I hiked from the gate at the turn off for Court Wright lake. 8.8 miles to the TH then hiked the 4.5 miles to cliff lake. I started towards rock lake but turned around at the top of the ridge because I dropped my sunglasses and all the snow was getting to my eyes. I found my glasses about 2 miles from the TH on the road walk back to my truck

Loved It! Not too difficult terrain wise; trail is tough to follow. The app works pretty good with GPS where it gets iffy. Had a Bald Eagle fly right over us, got some decent pics for phone cam. Highly recommend this longer than 5.7 mile hike; with the occasional 'detour' it was 7.7 miles all the way to the lake and back.

Walked on this trail for a bit today. It was a nice, easy walk through the woods on a paved trail. We had a really hard time trying to figure out where to park as the trailhead listed on this page is well past the locked gate. We finally parked by the boat launch and walked on the road (which is all the trail is anyway). We ended up taking a logging road for some water access and had just the best time jumping over the tiny streams that pop up everywhere during the spring thaw.

6 months ago

Great campsites near the lake.

This is a great trail. There is parking for about 4-6 cars at the trail head right off the main road. My family and I hiked this trail in January (no snow this year) so we felt comfortable taking it on. The trail was a paved road, even terrain and clear of trees. The waterfall is early on in the trail making it perfect for younger children that start to bore with just looking at trees. This trail
Offers a few beautiful views and a very gentle if any grade. It’s a perfect day trip for a family with younger children.

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