Photos of Seacliff Trails


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1 month ago

I love that I can hike in Nisene Marks between or after classes at Cabrillo thanks to this trail. There are also lots of little wide trails weaving through the trees where I can let my dog run and play without even going into Nisene. The OP entered the park by continuing up Danube Dr. and, at the fork, taking the left side road with the yellow gate. When you get to the first turn in the road, look on the right side of the road and the trail continues through a little redwood grove, along the bottom of the road on the hillside and then down into the park. Alternatively, instead of walking up Danube drive from where Carmichael spits you out, look down the road to your right and you will see a sign for Nisene Marks. There is a park entrance there as well, as a reviewer below me mentioned. This one is faster to the creek and main part of Lower Nisene.