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off road driving
12 hours ago

Beautiful back country dirt road. I used to camp between meadow lake and twin lake as a kid and it's still as beautiful as ever. Meadow lake has leeches. Just FYI. not sure about Twin lake. Theres a few more lakes up in the mountains that are between the blue lakes and twin lake.

19 hours ago

it was a lot of fun, but not a year round trail. I'd definitely avoid this place in the summer. the description saying it's shaded and cool is inaccurate; most of the trail,even inside the canyon, is in the full brunt of the sun.

The trail starts out on sandstone hills, then declines gradually into the slot canyon. once inside, the trail is extremely narrow. I could barely fit through with my day pack on. my husband wouldn't be able to fit through most of the trail as he's a big guy, and I was scraping my legs and arms on the walls as I passed.

Fortunately, the views inside the canyon make it totally worth it. It was even worth the heat! Would be a beautiful hike in the winter or spring, when the sun isn't so hot.

over the years it's got a little easier, there's still points that are challenging even with more advance drivers and built rigs. 33" tires can do the trail with a good spotter 35" tires and a locker would be advisable. great trail AMAZING views.

off road driving
22 hours ago

great trail very technical

Nice and easy trails, fun little hike

Beautiful trails and breathtaking views!

lots of big Redwoods and easy pull outs if you want to drive slower and enjoy. black errors on the side of the road near the top, and a few trail heads. great scenic drive. for even more break off down Mattole Road and there is a lovely loop a mile before Albee campground

Beautiful locale, would be amazing if the County revived it for theatre and live performances!

Beautiful, scenic hike. There are paid parking lots but there is a small parking lot next to the chamber of commerce which offers free parking. The trail can be accessed at that area near the picnic tables.

off road driving
12 days ago


Nice trail with many opportunities to view wildlife and gorgeous rock formations. Also food and restrooms available along the way. An easy walk.

great trail. alot of fun. not too hard

It was a nice easy drive that cars could easily do with out bottoming out. Private property surrounded it and didnt see the campgrounds.

Limited parking is available in the upper lot at the trailhead if you want to avoid a long walk up from the south lot. We arrived early on a weekday before our flight, and it wasn't overly crowded. Trail itself is easy with gorgeous views of the coastline and cliffs. You are exposed most of the time so sunscreen and hat is ideal.

scenic driving
14 days ago

Make sure it's a clear day and you'll get great views of the city; if the fog is in, don't bother. Have been on top during both conditions. On a nice day, it's basically a party on top. Enjoy the views, some good sitting areas, spray can art, and all kinds of fun. Take a picnic if you can find a parking spot.

scenic driving
14 days ago

Fun drive

Only negative is all the trucks and motorcycles. A very dusty trail due to that... otherwise it’s a great hike with great views... nice trees!

scenic driving
16 days ago

Must do in SF; especially when the flowers are blooming; be prepared to wait on the uphill on the other side as it is only one way down. Be considerate of the residents who live on the road. Enjoy the view of Coit Tower. Drive it and walk it.

16 days ago

Lovely walk around the lake. The trail is mostly dirt or gravel and mostly tucked away, with a few paved sections. Shady and lots of opportunity to get down to the shoreline.

off road driving
16 days ago

On 29 July 2018, the gate at the base of Chicken Rock was closed. The ride from the trailhead gate (perhaps a mile drive ENE of the dam) to the base of Chicken Rock was a lot of fun, if only moderately challenging, and Voyager Rock Camping Area was a great place to spend the night, especially if you arrive around sunset.

beautiful place to lose yourself.

off road driving
17 days ago

Was there on 7/28/2018. Trail was open by this time. Twin Lake and Meadow Lake are beautiful little lake. A short 1/4 mile to get to Meadow Lake from the end of the 4x4 trail.

- John

Nice views, but after taking in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Channel Island NPs during the same week, this was not that memorable.

love the view, is very relaxing

I liked nice view and very quiet, easy to find parking

scenic driving
22 days ago

Not really an off-road drive at all - in fact, the whole drive is on a narrow, paved one-way road. There is a couple of places to stop and walk around a little bit, which I would definitely recommend. Even if you just want to drive though, you will get some nice views of cool rock formations. Convenient especially in summer when it's too hot to spend too much time outdoors.

off road driving
23 days ago

Great trail. Be careful on the last hairpin switchback. I nosed in, reversed down the trail 150 feet or so to the next switchback which left me pointing forward again and did not require making a somewhat gnarly 3 point turn. Otherwise, the trail is pretty spectacular. I was in a stock 4x4 2018 tacoma and made it no problem. Did scrape my side predator side steps a couple times, but no big deal.

Never actually found the trail. Signage in the Bunny Flat area is really poor. We ended up on one of the climber routes headed to the summit and after a couple miles figured out we were way off track. But the climber route was pretty nice (although very steep in spots).

Beautiful trail in spring when everything is green! River was rushing and it was cool and refreshing. The trail follows the river and is quite flat. I think it follows an old rail road bed from years past..

off road driving
24 days ago

Took the trail to Red Lake. It was challenging in my 5th Gen 4Runner with a 3" lift. We did need to stack rocks and use our rear locker at times. Took 3 hours up, about half the time down. I have over 15 years of off roading experience (rock, sand, mud, etc).

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