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Saratoga, California Map

Great trail. Different types of terrain. Lots of hikers & rock climbers during the weekend. Make sure to get here early, as parking spaces can quickly fill up.

Definitely a popular trail even on a raining and rather cool-April day. Beautiful trail, serene hike although often interrupted by loud shouts of rock climbers perhaps. A portion of the trail required climbing over large rocks, and with a sea of fog next to the sheer cliff and gusts of wind passing through, it was kind of scary! Would like to go back when the weather is nice and the view is clear.
Parking lot is small and fills up fast, even the street parking was full.

1 day ago

Addicted to huge and super tall trees view. Fresh air and a lot of shade.

Good trail if you want to log miles and elevation and like a variety of scenery. It was misty and cold the entire day (mid-April) which was nice!

So crowded

This trail is easy to access as it’s right off Prospect and there’s plenty of parking which is convenient. However, it seemed like half the trail was located between people’s backyards and in a neighborhood which was a bit weird and not what I expected.

Some parts can be a challenge due to rocky terrain. Beautiful vista and enough tree shade to cool down on a sunny day. Waterfall was rapid due to abundant rain. Will do this one again

My pup and I greatly enjoyed this trail. The start does have a sleep us and it is exposed and can be very hot. There is plenty of shaded cool areas to make this enjoyable.

My friend and I did the full 30 miles in one day back in September. We started at 8 am and I believe we finished around 3:30/4 pm. The trail is beautiful and we had a great time but doing 30 miles in a day takes a major toll on your body! At around 25 miles our feet were blistered and we were exhausted but we made it!

Trail starts with very steep ascent. Great trail

8 days ago

Just a mile out of town, the stream was very clear and pleasant, there are several fallen trees, good option as a short hike, not maintained

We hiked this trail based on Stephanie’s review below. This is a great trail nearby trail that isn’t difficult. We got to parking lot#4 before 9am on a Sunday and there were only a few other cars. It looks like there was event happening later in the day so that could create more traffic as well. The trail is nice and has plenty of shade. There are lots of differ paths to veer down so you could do these hike a couple of times and still have it be new.

Make sure to set aside some time to walk the grounds of the Art Center.

Very scenic. Lots of rock climbers during the weekend. We hike 8.7 miles to finish the trail, but got off trail twice. Highly recommend!

trail is short but so good, interesting terrain, nice shades, rock formations, beautiful waterfall, crowed during weekend (parking very difficult).

This is a very good trail to hike if you’re a rock climbing lover. We’ve seen lot of rock climbers today on the trail. Some part of the trail are a bit challenging. Rocks to climb and very beautiful scenery. Highly recommend even for kids.

Good trail with a combination of elevation and flat trail. The view at Hunter point is fabulous!

All you want for a rocky hiking. It was fantastic except we wish the mile number can be more accurate. It was almost 8 miles instead of 5.5 miles show on map

First time we had taken this trail and discovered that it is nestled in the beautiful Montalvo Arts center. Gorgeous views and a little muddy but over all better than we could have imagined. Brought our small terrier Gracie with us too and she was delighted as well. Pretty covered for shade. Saw spectacular waterfall and took us about an hour at easy going pace. Moderate traffic at around 4:30pm on a Sunday

Great trail, perfect for someone like me who hasn’t gone hiking in awhile. The first mile is pretty steep - definitely gets the heart racing! But once youre past that, the trail is pretty easy. I passed some people hiking with dogs on leashes. The view from Nob Hill is gorgeous. You do walk on some paved road for a little bit, which took away from the experience, but would do it again.

Beautiful in spring!

I hiked this trail from 3/26-28. I started late, so I parked my car at 2:30 at the Castle Rock parking, headed down Skyline Blvd, to the service road, went to the trail camp which currently has no water, the off to Travertine Springs Trail (the best part IMHO) over downed trees and slick clay through the vague trail signs all the way to Waterman Gap where I showed up just before sunset to sling my hammock and pretty much die after a 10 mile hike in four hours. The next day was pretty nice except for the rain, the trail has several trees down, and is very we this time of year. Then it started pouring on me and I would HIGHLY recommend trekking poles because so much of it is slippery and steep in the rain. Once you cross over China Grade road into Bug Basin it gets really downhill and if it’s wet, you have to slow down a lot. Going along The trail towards headquarters takes you over some sandstone formations the are practically a slide in the rain with a big drop on the other side. So please be careful! In dry weather, I think this will be a pretty decent hike, wear your wide toed shoes for the toe smashing downhills, and go enjoy a nice hike through the mountains with some demolition derby attractions on the side.

Nice and fun hike. Open areas are sunny and hot. Need to have hat and sunscreen.

23 days ago

Have a look at the Arun and Aislinn’s comments below. It’s pretty accurate!

I would recommend to go clockwise because you start off with an easy assent on the fire road with sun and open space.

The best part of the trail:
- no traffic
- beautiful redwood trees
- beautiful dappled light through redwood canopy
- crossing the stream is easy and refreshing but you have to take your shoes off

Watch out for:
- check often your GPS to make sure you stay on the trail.
- during the descent, a lot of fallen trees.
- you have to park the car on the side of the road.

Last but not least: at the Michael’s summit, you have a sunny place for your picnic. Check our pictures.

Nice, easy hike through the woods. Some fun scrambling. Views aren’t spectacular, but it’s a pleasant outing.

Lots of people but a nice walk nonetheless. The waterfall was flowing and very peaceful sounding. Lots of dogs, all on leash. No big areas for dogs to run and the trail is pretty narrow so I kept my dog on the leash. Took us about an hour to do the whole things at a leisurely pace. I didn’t realize this trail was on the property of the museums, I would have dressed nicer and enjoyed the culture a bit more. It appeared busy, it was a beautiful Sunday.

My son and I backpacked this trail the last weekend of Feb 2019. We caught a slot as the weather was spectacular, daytime temps were comfortable but still on the cool side, evenings were cold.

We started at Saratoga Gap (not Castlerock) and spent the first night in Waterman Gap Trail Camp, there is a bathroom, it was clean, there was also a water faucet (not in the bathroom). There is an awesome vista at Sempervirens lookout.

2nd day we hiked to Big Basin HQ, the trail was mostly downhill but there was a moderate climb out of Waterman Gap, we descended thru old growth redwood groves and sections that had been cleared out. Crossing China Grade Road is there is another vista where you can see the Pacific if it’s clear. Descending from there is some huge boulders which the trail traverses. We stayed at Jay Camp, there are toilets w running water and showers. Big Basin HQ had a small general store BUT no hot food really except some. 7-11 looking hot dogs. A dude could make a killing there selling burgers and beer! All I wanted that night was burger!

3rd day was another moderate climb out of Big Basin to Berry Falls which was awesomely awesome! From there we started descending to Waddell Beach we crossed the Creek 3x but the at the third crossing the “bridge” was washed out and we had find a place to rock hop across the river.
The last few miles we began to catch a sea breeze and we knew we were close, finally we came to the park entrance and opted to walk the long road to Hwy 1 then crossed it to the beach! Yay! We were done! Then we went out for burgers and beers finally! We had a great time and I would definitely recommend this trail.

The trail was in good shape most of the way, there were sections that were muddy and we had take a detour out of Big Basin due to trees falling from recent storms, we did have to scramble over several fallen trees during our hike.

The hike was interesting and refreshing. It was muddy at the trailhead but it got better. Make sure you layers up if you're planning to hike in early morning. It could be freezing cold while hiking at 9am.

This was one of three trails we did in three days, including two in Big Basin. This was our favorite by far! The view when you come around the first corner of the ridge is incredible plus the Castle Rock formation itself is worth exploring for a half an hour or so. Perfect length for easy paced 3 hour hike. Not much traffic in the middle of the week, only saw a hand full of people. Trail was in great shape.

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