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off road driving
10 days ago

This was a nice drive in the Jeep on gravel roads. This trail is not challenging at all. It is basically ungraded fire roads with some wash outs from rain. Any stock vehicle with ground clearance is fine. The first half mile is the most challenging. Views are nice as you climb the mountain! It took us about 2 hours up the hill and 1.5 back down. But we were driving slow enjoying the sights, didn’t see 1 other person on the trail.

off road driving
16 days ago

Took this trail as the maiden voyage for my 2008 2WD FJ Cruiser with A/T tires. The trail was fun - good amount of scenery, inclines, declines, bumps, and views. People recommend 4WD but I had no problem in my 2WD suv. Never even had to switch the transmission to a fixed lower gear or let air out of the tires. There isn’t much for cover and in the summer it was pretty hot and dusty. There are plenty of side trails fit for ATVs or motorbikes. Only saw one other SUV and two motorbikes the whole time. At the end of the trail as marked by AllTrails, you can go left towards the reservoir but there is a locked gate (apple maps shows it as an accessible road). The right turn direction back to the main road is tougher than other parts of the trail, but my FJ crushed it so I’d imagine any truck with decent ground clearance or a true 4x4 shouldn’t have a problem. Enjoy!

20 days ago

Fun trail, nice Mountain Views, however the moderate tag is definitely a bit overkill. The main trail is very easy, especially in a car designed for off road use (FJ Cruiser in my case) however there are some great alternative options that offer more of a challenge along the way. Definitely a great beginner route.

I did this hike on June 24, 2018, a Sunday. Our group started out early at six am as we were expecting sun and heat which never came. The whole hike was met with overcast skies which did not start to break until we were back at the trailhead. The whole loop start to finish was a few seconds under three hours. That was with a group of nine other hikers who hike this area regularly, so there was no chance of getting lost on the trail. We started the trailhead at Remsen street, off the Sierra Highway. Plenty of parking was available, and when we left we were still the only ones that parked there, except for a pick up truck.

Though the trail is close to the city of Santa Clarita, we saw very little trail traffic compared to other hikes. All total we saw five hikers in two groups, and one mountain biker. For most of the journey we were alone on the trail, which made for a pleasant experience. The trail itself is a mixture of paved roads, moderately deep sand ruts, dirt utility roads, rocky footpaths and wide and narrow footpaths. There are several areas where you would have to cross a stream, but the streambeds were dry. I was told in winter they are there, and can be quite large, and somewhat of a chore to cross. There are several switchbacks in the loop, and the loop as a whole has a lot of ups and downs. Our elevation climb was 1,614 feet.

Leaving the trailhead, you walk alongside the 14 freeway on the west side which takes you to an to an underpass which brings you to the east side of the freeway and the loop. We turned left and headed north. The first 2 miles of the loop keeps you keeps you close to the 14 freeway and in full earshot of the traffic sound. In this first third of the loop you hike through what appears to be remnants of oil wells long since capped and abandoned. Some of the rusting machinery is still there. There are a few ups and downs through this part of the hike. At 2.1 miles you start to leave site of the freeway and head further into the bush. This is a well maintained access road, called Santa Clarita Divide Road (according to the map). This is more than likely part of the utility service road network for the many power lines you will encounter during your hike. At several points you cross under the lines and can hear the loud hum of the electricity flowing through them.

At 2.6 Miles we came to a fork in the road with a powerline tower. We took the right fork continuing the loop, which took us into some very beautiful views of the mountains and through canyons. This was the best part of the hike by far as we were in more of a backcountry area than the first part of the hike. At about 4.7 miles we peaked out on Elsmere Canyon Road and then started a descent back to the trailhead. At about 5.0 miles the road is paved again and opens to a view of the I-5/14 freeway junction letting you know the loop is coming close to an end. As you descend, the road takes you alongside the east side of the 14, down back to the underpass and the beginning of the loop. From there we went back under the freeway and back to the trailhead.

Flora and fauna: The area contains a lot of oak trees and other types of trees. The trail is mostly open, so there is little shade. It would be best to tackle this hike early in the day, as the sun is still behind the mountains for a little while. Also present were wildflowers of various colors and many types of scrub bushes. Poison Oak was very minimal. I only saw one plant, well off the trail. As for wildlife, we saw two or three stink beetles on the trail, a red bug I could not identify and lots of ants. The ants were not a problem though. They were too busy working! Also present was coyote scat on the trail indicating their presence, but none were seen.

Pros: Good workout hike with flat breaks between climbs, lots of scenery and views, oak trees, plenty of (free) parking, low amount of trail traffic, trail was very easy to follow.

Cons: Freeway sound and the power lines.

My rating: I gave three stars rather than four due to the freeway and the powerlines. Other than that it was an enjoyable hike all around and I would definitely do it again. If you are looking for a quick hike with a fair amount of cardio workouts between flat and downhill trails, this is your hike.

off road driving
29 days ago

Took my X5 XDrive40e out on its maiden off-roading voyage. Great road, I survived with all sensors and gadgets intact.

One tip: where the train “ends” in the app is actually a split with two roads you can take. I do NOT recommend the rightmost path unless you have a lift. The leftmost will take you to the resivoir, which is a locked dead end. The road narrows quite a bit and the rocks get bigger and sharper.

Excellent trail overall, many oh sh** challenges, but I survived. Turn back at the end of the trail in the app, or you will likely regret it

off road driving
1 month ago

Went out with a buddy of mine. I drove my 4Runner Trail and he drove his Xterra. I was in 4x4 he was 2x4. Both did great. It’s a great trail.

off road driving
1 month ago

Course is a great moderate course for the new 4x4 driver. You will definitely want the 4x4 as the trail will get tricky. I have a Jeep Patriot 4x4 and the ground clearance(8.5) was just enough. Anything lower then that will rub a lot. Great place to go to

on Del Sur Ridge

2 months ago

what a fun and challenging hike....

It was nice. Very green with flowers. There was a rattle snake though, so that made me nervous for the rest of the hike. But besides that, it was a nice hike.

3 months ago

Fantastic views of mountins and oak woodlands in what was once slated to be the world's largest landfill. The views are only marred by high voltage lines in the first half, but the second half of the loop, following the Creek Trail, feels miles away from Hwy 14, which is not far away but out of earshot.

07 FJ Cruiser Base, my first time out with it, and it was awesome! Not too bad, went after a rain spell and there were a few deep puddles but the cruiser coasted through. Great scenery on a sunny day!

off road driving
3 months ago

I went the day after it rained. The Trail is clearly marked, and has half a dozen or so meanders that eventually bring you back to the main Trail. There were several muddy passages that I would expect to be dry a couple days after the rain so 2wd vehicles should be fine as long as you stick to the trail.

I followed the AllTrails.com track however there was more to do beyond the listed end point and a few trails that were off the beaten path to be explored.

This trail is listed as moderate but I think you can choose between easy and moderate, depending on which meanders you pick. If you only do the main Trail you could do the entire trek in a mid size SUV or crossover. You could also choose paths that require 4X4 and more clearance.

The roads are wide so you can always turn around if you get in over your head.

Keep it slow around turns, there are many blind turns and motorcyclists like to ride up there as well.

Worked out nice for a family walk. Old paved service roads and lots of birds and wild flowers.

4 months ago

Nice Trail- went it rains and puddles look crazy and un passable. Juts power through as they are no hidden rocks

I got list several times as it became very confusing. More signs need to be put up. Had to keep going to my hiking app to find my way around. It’s a doozy

4 months ago

Fun off road trails close to LA

trail running
5 months ago

Pluses: Loop Trail, Varying Terrain kept it interesting , Nice ups and downs for a good workout, solid distance, nice views

Minuses: 2+ Miles of it is paved, not comfortable to run on in trail running shoes. Lots of off shoot confusing spots, had to keep looking at app map to make sure I was still on the trail, highways noise in certain spots.

5 months ago

This trail is just all dry brush with no nice view or payoff. The elevation kicks in about a mile into the hike all at once so be prepared to go uphill around the halfway point.

Tons of dry brush and prickles ankle level so wear pants if you don't want your socks to be full of thorns.

off road driving
10 months ago

Not sure why it's rated moderate. This trail is definitely very easy without the need for 4x4 but the views are great. if you're looking for an easy run with amazing views this trail is definitely it.

off road driving
10 months ago

Did this trail as the maiden voyage in my new Jeep. It was a scenic drive. Its pretty easy and you won't need 4X4 to do it. We packed a lunch and found a nice place on the trail to pull over and have a picnic.

off road driving
Thursday, June 08, 2017

We went on a dry day, but there was still a lot of green to be seen. Great panoramic views at the height of the trail. Mostly well-marked. Bringing water is a must, even in a vehicle. We didn't see anyone else around, but it does seem like a great location for dirt biking or horse riding.
This was our first off-roading trip and I'd say this trail was easy, we did it in our stock 2010 XTerra.

off road driving
Sunday, May 07, 2017

Checked this trail out yesterday. Its VERY easy. Got caught in the clouds so it was pretty foggy and wet. But it was fun to explore.
This trail would be a lot more fun on a dirt bike or quad.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

A good hike with views of suburban neighborhoods and side mountain views, there's a slow elevation path up to give a good workout

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Very easy trail. You can see a good view of Santa Clarita "Saugus" area. When you are between the canyons it is dead silent. Not too crowded at all.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trail has nice views. We went after some heavy rains, but the mud was not too bad at the time. There was a lot of wind, as well.

I can imagine during the warmer months that this tail is occupied with many dirt bikers, as there are a great collection of jumps for them. It would be fun to come and see them perform.

off road driving
Monday, December 19, 2016

Fun, easy trail with a few side trails if you want to get adventurous. Had no problem in my stock RAM 1500. Did the whole trail in 2wd. Great views of the surrounding mountains and very well marked. It rained a few days ago so there was plenty of mud to play in. Watch out for dirt bikes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

fun trail

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nice easy short hike although depending were you start from the first 1/2 mile up starting from the north east trailhead are steep 400 something gain. My favorite short hike close to were I live when I don't have time for a longer hike.

mountain biking
Thursday, November 26, 2015

Great trial for mountain biking! Would definitely recommend

*Known as Haskel Open Space Preserve

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