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Basically a bike trail along the creek, the views aren’t spectacular and there’s no shade but it’s pretty quiet and at least there’s wind!

no shade
2 months ago

Flat easy trail to walk. No shade, concrete the whole way. Saw some ducks, a couple egrets, and a skunk. Lots of bikes and a few walkers.

trail running
2 months ago

This is my go to trail for weekday running. Lane is shared with bikes, so keep the music low. The trail ends on a muddy patch. The trail frequently goes under the HWY. Mildly crowded.

A good trail for noon off work walking.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

easy and next to the Levi's Stadium. parked on the side street. dog friendly

Saturday, February 24, 2018

no pets allowed and the directions stopped while on the freeway

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Kat: Thomas de Aquino trail intersects with San Francisco Bay trail, which you can take by foot from Sunnyvale Baylands Park ($6 entrance weekdays in summer, ample parking). yes indeed it " intersects" Hw 237 ( in fact it goes under hw) but on the park side, not on the highway side. there is a tall fence btw. park and highway, so you want to be in Sunnyvale Baylands Park , on foot or on bike, to find the trail entrance. Thomas de Aquino also intersects Tasman Drive and Mission College Blvd. but there aren't good parking spots. it is mainly a local trail you take if you live nearby and you are already on foot. Nothing worth driving for. The neighboring Guadalupe River trail is slightly more interesting, wildlands better restored, and takes you all the way to Alviso Marina. Guadalupe and Thomas de Aquino Trails communicate at Tasman Drive, though the connector is a narrow path squeezed on a 4-lane bridge. To avoid during commuting hours and during Levi's Stadium games.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I'm new to the area and I am trying to find this trail. The GPS takes me to the side of HWY237 and park along side of road. That doesn't seem safe. I see no trail. Anyone help me find this trail!?

road biking
Friday, April 21, 2017

I am able to get onto this trail from Cabrillo Avenue. Yes the bike trail could be wider but I find the fact that it is essentially dedicated bike trail wonderful. The cement barriers which protect us against San Tomas exp way are very welcome -- I don't like to be even within 6 inches of the typically aggressive cars in this area. I enjoyed watching the water, ducks and the occasional snails. The road felt both easy and challenging - the biggest grievance I have is fellow bike riders who pass behind me and pedestrians without giving a verbal or bell warning that they are behind you.

trail running
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

** Access: The trail is quite accessible from a number of locations as it cuts through Walsh Ave, Scott Blvd, 101, and Mission College Blvd. So it is a great place to run/walk/bike for people who live or work closeby. At the northern end, the trail lies behind the Great America amusement park on one side and the new Levi's stadium on the other. The trail may be closed on days there are events in the stadium. There is a signboard listing the event dates. The part of the trail closure doesnt help to the already small trail. Parking for me was convenient at the trailhead on Monroe Street. ** Scenery: The trail is bound by a tall, concrete wall on one side and the San Tomas Aquino creek on the other side. The wall on the undercrossings has some sculptures that one can probably pay attention to if one is out on a leisure walk. The wall is not continuous and the trail is very open beyond Mission College Blvd if you're going north. To me, the wall seemed to add claustrophobia to the already narrow trail. The wall does provide shade in the evenings. The creek on the other side is all dried up and there is a lot of stagnant water, an ideal breeding ground for all types of mosquitoes and what not. The dried creek is more of a stinky drain right now and more of a health hazard than anything else. ** Trail surface: The trail is very narrow all along. It is absolutely straight for most part. The trail is more concrete than tarred road. I prefer road surface for runs/walks. The concrete extends for a long distance on either sides of an overhead bridge. There are dips and inclines in elevation at these undercrossings.

3 months ago

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