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To get this trail right, start counter clockwise, and once you are on del amigo trail, make a left on Virgil Williams trail and then a left on madrone all the way to ringtail cat trail.

It’s a great trail. Loved everything about it. Going there towards end of the spring and just before summer, There are several places where the trail was overgrown and it was impossible to see the trail - especially the last part getting back to the fire road. We literally had to guess and pray that we were not stepping on a snake or something else.

The uphill trek from the gate will give you a very good workout. Nice views of the valley. The trail markers are easy to miss and one path was missing a marker. The map on the app is not accurate, as it is missing the Stream View path.

My first time here. The uphill paths gave a great workout while the leveled paths allowed for some running. Amazing views this time of year.

4 months ago

Staging lot to the gate up the hill is a tuff climb, 1 mile. Once at gate, Ridge Trail and Cuesta Trail off to left whines further up hill. Once on ridge beautiful view of San Francisco to west, Mt Diablo to east, Concord and river in back ground to the north, and then Tri-Valley off in distance to the south. Was pretty windy up their but in Feb. clear day and hills all green.

I hiked this Loop a few times when I could not go away to more beautiful places. It is very hot during the summer since there is no shade at all. Early spring is the best time to hike here. Also too much noise from the cars.

Great hike, great views!

8 months ago

This is a pretty tough hike, as there's two big gains, as previously mentioned. I think this is best done in Fall/Winter as there's really no cover. Also, the track on here doesn't seem to take you to a Peak. I'll need to try this again and see if I can find the actual path to what I think is the Peak but still a nice hike. I didn't see anyone once we entered the watershed either. I plan on trying this again when it cools down.

Might be the toughest hike in the bay. Definitely the toughest hike my wife ever did with me...

I use this trail everyday, typically I may start from windemere parkway or Tassajara Ridge staging area and complete till piccadilly park and then travel back home, this completes a nice loop, the trail has decent grades, is a bit technical atleast for me on some sections to run, there's plenty of cows grazing but they are harmless, be sure to slow down or halt for a few minutes if you want them to steer away if they are on your way, otherwise just walk around them, they normally protect their calves and are very peaceful; occasionally I have seen a coyote move around the area, many people have seen quite a few, it depends on the time of the day you go. If you like to trail blaze in summers, be careful, this one has no shade, I normally go on astronomical twilights in morning, I travel some distance on windemere parkway and then go to tassajara staging and then travel back down. Totally depends on where you are and what time you go - But this one has no shade. If you are a beginner and want to get into trail running, hiking, this is a great training trail for you. You will get everything here, mostly except for rocky terrain to climb.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Great hike for Sunday. Don't forget to bring plenty of water and a hat since there isn't much shade.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The first thing you'll want to know before starting is that the Rampage Peak Trail is in the EBMUD watershed. If you don't have an EBMUD trail permit, then go onto the website, pay $10 and print one out. The permit is good for a year. Also, no dogs or bikes are allowed in the EBMUD watershed. If you want to do those activities, there are plenty of other options in the Las Trampas Wilderness that can accommodate you.

I think I'm the first person on All Trails to actually follow the track, which is understandable because you would have to hop a few locked gates the way the track takes you. I suggested an edit to direct hikers to the correct entrance to the watershed that is not locked. If you look at my track, I took the correct path on my way back. Also, once I entered the watershed, I didn't encounter another person until I came back out. You are really off the beaten path out here.

I picked a foggy, cool morning to do the hike. I wouldn't suggest doing it on a hot summer day because there isn't much shade and it is rather strenuous with two significant elevation gains and descents.

I was a little confused when I came across a sign close to the end of Rampage Peak Trail that said "fire road closed to the public" because on the ebparks.org trail map it suggests that it connects to Chabot. There is a fork in the road at the sign with a marker pointing to go right, although it isn't very clear where it goes. I think if you can continue south you will connect to the Chabot to Garin portion of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, but the path doesn't appear to be well marked and it doesn't show anything on the All Trails map layer.

Edit - After hiking the Chabot to Garin trail, I discovered that Rampage Peak trail can also be accessed from the Chabot Staging area on Redwood Road. It looks like it's about an 8 mile hike from Chabot to Las Trampas via Rampage Peak Trail.

Another edit - The full Rampage Peak Trail from Chabot to Las Trampas has been added to the All Trails map layer. And a new trail has been added that starts from Redwood Road at the Chabot Staging Area. It’s a long hike through some remote areas and I did it for a July 4th holiday hike.

We hiked the loop based on the map downloaded from Alltrails and found the trail was totally disappeared at the last part of the loop. That part of the loop was in some one's private property and should not be trespassed. Instead, you should continue on the Madrone trail when it reaches the four way intersection near the end of the hike, and continue to the staging area. Our total distance was 10.4 miles with 2,575 ft elevations. Some trails were still very muddy at this time of the year and it is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trail was incredibly muddy, but still really lovely. Varied terrain, with some stunning vistas of dappled green hills, rock outcroppings, and even far views to the bay.

I will say there were a couple of turns in the route suggested here that were a bit hard to follow, but we still wound up in the right place!

Excellent hike. Not crowded and the view was well worth it. Trail was alittle muddy, but that's to be expected with all the rain we have recently gotten. My dog loved it.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Great trail for the moderate/advanced hiker. Fairly steep inclines and lots of elevation gain may be tougher for beginners. I did this trail the day after some rains, so the trail was a bit slippery in some places.

A good combination of wide open views on the ridge and neat forested passages at lower elevations. Fewer 'cow pies' than some other parks in the regions, but definitely enough that you need to watch your step. Taking the Sulphur Springs trail instead of staying on the ridge adds in some more elevation, but the neat little bathtub springs (see pictures) is worth it.

I did the trail counterclockwise. Importantly, I suggest other hikers continue on the Madrone trail back up on the ridge when they reach the four way intersection near the end of the hike, and continue from there to the parking area. I tried to take the route outlined here and found that the trail totally disappeared. Had to backtrack over a mile back to the intersection to use the ridge instead.

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