San Onofre

37 reviews
4 months ago

We went yesterday 5/29/18 and it wasn’t a hike. Just a walk by the beach. The view was super nice and very relaxing. We would have loved to sit down and watch the beach but a couple had their dog off the leash and the dog was barking and trying to run towards us. Not very relaxing at all. You must keep your dogs in their leash, it says on the sign. Don’t mess it up for other people. We did trail 1 and once you walk down to the beach you could really only walk left. And if you keep walking down you hit big dinosaur rocks and the water hits them. So the water ends up to your waist. Other than that it’s the perfect beach for relaxing and watching the waves. Perfect for a picnic. $15 fee not worth it if your wanting to hike. But worth it if your planning to get in the water and relax and stuff.