4 days ago

Went for a mid day stroll with my medium sized dog (40lbs) and was on the back side (at the bottom of the steep incline overview of ranch/nursery/greenhouses) eating lunch when I saw a light brown/tannish animal. Thought it was a coyote but it moved swiftly like a cat, large muscular shoulders and body and thick legs and paws. Definitely not a coyote but 99.9%sure a MT LION. Seen on 5/17/18 at 1:30pm. I picked up my dog and huddled our asses out of there. Carried a medium size rock with me, luckily there were a lot of large rocks on the trail to throw at the cat if needed. Thankful we didn’t see it again, probably 1/4 mike away down in the field near the mountain slope. Be careful and prepared!