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San Jose, California Map

Good hike, plenty of places for parking!

One of my favorite local hikes. Challenging but not overwhelming, gorgeous views of the South Bay and foothills. Parts of the trail higher up in the hills are very narrow, so be prepared to squeeze up against the hillside if a biker is headed your way (as the other side of the trail is often a steep hill or cliff down). There is very, very little shade along this hike so be prepared for the sun! I've only done it on cool and moderately warm days; I don't think I'd do it on a very hot day. I've seen multiple deer nearly every time I've done this hike.

5 days ago

A very good walk for beginners (or someone recovering from surgery) but don’t overdo it. Pace yourelf according to your current capabilities. I did this Loop three times, 2 weeks after surgery.

5 days ago

TICKS! Did this hike yesterday, I found 10 ticks on my dog afterwards. That’s the most he’s ever had in almost 9 years, with frequent hiking. The trail is fine, but if you’re going out any time soon consider tick repellent and check yourself and your dogs afterwards.

road biking
5 days ago

Real nice from Hellyer County Park and south. Do not go or park north of Hellyer park, as there are nothing but homeless camps, garbage, thugs, and people who look like they’re looking for trouble. A real sanitation nightmare, too. Think twice before bringing a family member who you care about in this section.

Good uphill climb, beautiful views!

trail running
6 days ago

Good trail for the dogs

Loved the more secluded sections of the trail. Amazing hike!

14 days ago

Fun hike to do in the spring time. Lots of green plants. Most of the creeks have dried out, unfortunately. The hike starts off uphill (good workout) and ends mostly downhill. There are a Lot of families on the hike, dogs, and individuals who bike/run the trails. Parking was free.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Love it up there great place to hike or mountain bike!

Beautiful view- I try to go during times when there’s less people. I’ve had the top to myself many times and love the adventure up!

19 days ago

The trail was closed partly, which was a bummer. But, the parts that were open were pretty nice. It was crowded.

20 days ago

25 days ago

Great views and lovely wildlife.
That said, be careful what path you choose. I read the description on this site and thought there was only a loop trail here.l and about 5 miles. Now I don’t know if the mine hill trail is a loop because we had to turn around after a little over a 1.5 hours. Total walk was just over 3 hours and 7 miles. We turned around because it was the sun was setting. Getting back was not that difficult since luckily most of it was down hill and even in the dark, it was not difficult. I will definitely be back, I will just do a little research on what trails are there before I go hiking again (which I should have done anyway, but I was just anxious to go hike somewhere beautiful)

26 days ago

South of Metcalf road, only saw a dozen or so people, was a nice walk in the sunshine!

easy trail along the creek. signs could be better

Great trail.

It was a nice day hiking. We had a good day and it was a big fun. This trail is good for any age to try. Have fun and be safe to anyone plan to go hike there. Don’t forget bringing water bottles.

Beautiful and excellent trail run

Chill route, less of a hike (only 1 mile is hiking) and more of a walk in a park

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