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San Jose, California Map

This is not a moderate trail, it was actually considerably easier than many "easy" trails I"ve done. Also the second half of the trail is on a sidewalk beside a road and next to commercial buildings of a tech park. That section was also deserted so I felt pretty unsafe as a solo female walker

I never used to hike before after coming here I'm addicted! If you like nature up close and personal this is it.

Good, scenic trail. Good views of the lake. Last 1.0 miles is a nice little climb into the shaded, Cottle rest stop. Lots of sun at the beginning and end.

12 days ago

A pretty easy walk around the lake and the Raging Waters parking lot. I took a few detours then made my way back to the designated trail. I only walked the loop once instead of 3 times like in the suggested trail.

trail running
15 days ago

Well maintained, clean, and fairly quiet early in the day.

Love this hike, but the trail has been closed for construction :(

One of my favorite places to visit :) Have been going for years! Love to watch the birds, cows grazing , sunsets or just take my camera out for a spin while relaxing away from the chaos of San Jose.

The hiking trail is only the big loop on the map (approx 1mile). The rest of it is a community park in the middle of a residential area.

good hiking trail for the beginners.

Good for kids and pets. Went when the sun was going down so sunset was a bonus on the lake

28 days ago

A very sunny, easy walk around the lake. Need sunscreen on a hot day for sure!

Fun walk with great views. A little shade in areas near the grove.

All sun. good for early morning or cloudy days.

28 days ago

I second that the trail is mostly in the shade and I like that. It also has a lot of smaller trail options. It also has high elevation (sometimes steep climbs), which is also what I was looking for. The trail is pretty much gravel-ish. Will definitely come back for more.

road biking
29 days ago

Finding the trail head was the hardest part. Now I would just go to 333 W. San Carlos - the pink towers. There is ramp down to the trail right by the street. In about a mile you make a a sharp crack back up the hill - then make a right after the cross walk. Now you are finally pretty much in the trail. Felt a little threatened by the homeless camps but mostly in my head. After you get out of the city it's a nice ride.

1 month ago

Some of these reviews cannot be referring to this particular loop. I have hiked and run on these trails for more than 20 years and know them well.
It's not long and flat: The first uphill and the one just before the reservoir are moderately challenging climbs.
There is not a lot of shade. A lot of this trail is exposed and can be dry and hot in the summer. It's prettiest in the spring when everything is green and there are wildflowers. And if you go early in the morning or around dusk, you're likely to see some kind of wildlife.

Lake is nice, but very easy and not that big

Made it up to Sierra Vista point, very good hike just make sure to start early if the day will be hot as there's little shade.

Great short hike! Very sunblasted so bring sunscreen. Would not recommend for the middle of the day.

1 month ago

Good workout! Strenuous at places and steep at the end. The abandoned structures are fun to see. Look for antique cars that have fallen off the side of the road.

Great hike, lots of dogs, enough hills to get a decent workout. Surprising with so many dogs on the trail that there is only one trash can at the very beginning of trail.

nice hiking for 60 minutes

a fav on a cool morn!

A Nice Hike to go to on even on a hot day. North Rim trail was closed so took the switchback trail to south rim trail. Wasn't too disappointed though. The switchback is a pretty good workout in itself. The park as such is a really good place to plan a group picnic. A lot of Picnic spots and tables with nets for some outdoor shuttle or some volleyball. Loads of trails and biking routes. Many alternatives to lengthen the trek. Definitely looking forward to coming again and doing another trail

Good tree cover. Fun hike!

Good hike. It was nice hearing the creek through the trail. Half of the trail is shaded. Finished the trail in one in half hours. Even with the app, the trail was a little hard to follow.

Favorite go-to hike. Gets hot in the summer months but there is quite a bit of shade along the way with some nice breezes. Beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife can be seen on this trail too. The first hill is a killer, then easy to moderate thereafter.

Great trail. Recommend using this app to navigate as trails are mostly (but not always) marked and easy to follow. Hiked up to Coyote Peak, which was well worth it. Lots of animals to see in the morning! Huge shout out to Tony H. for leaving his trekking poles for hikers to borrow. Helped me a lot! Definitely going to buy some for myself. I suggest using some if there are any in the loaner bin. Start early! Mostly uncovered. Wonderful vistas. 8 miles in 3.75 hours (including lengthy break at Coyote Peak)

Loved this trail! All the tree coverage made it a very pleasant hike on a hot day, and the scent of wildflowers and herbs along the way was intoxicating :) Can’t wait to go back!

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