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San Francisco, California Map
5 days ago

I love this park. Barely a trail! It’s more like a gorgeous scenic loop, really short and easy. The swing is cool, more for IG photos and to say you “did it”

5 days ago

It was pretty nice! Me and my gf really enjoyed it we went around 5 on a Sunday, medium traffic, we saw people here and there but no biggie everyone was pleasant! Advice don’t follow the GPS on here it takes you to an unknown area, just GPS Glen park and you’ll find street parking. The trails are well labeled and easy to get to. We just decided to follow where we felt like exploring. it was rocky, and pretty cold in the trees then sunny and warm on the stairs. Decent trails it took about an hour.

Great little trail. Cool history to it. We also went out to the Japanese tea garden, which is why our distance is longer than the 2.0 mi.

My husband and I did this trail yesterday. It is beautiful but short. So when we got to the end we continued through the beautiful neighborhood of Sea Cliff and kept going through Presidio Park, all the way to Fisherman's Wharf. In total we hiked 8.37 miles and it was a beautiful walk. I highly recommend it!

Good for kids. Great views.

horseback riding
8 days ago


Not exactly what i would call a hike but it’s beautiful sightseeing.

11 days ago

Too bad this paved path runs parallel to a looped busy boulevard because the constant stream of vehicles creates lots of noise and exhaust. Loud and stinky. There are various places where a walker can cut in closer to Lake Merced and those places are beautiful although not marked and some of these paths are not maintained at all and dead end into overgrown impassable brush. But when you can cut in the walk is very nice and quiet and pretty with snatches of views of the lake and plenty of song bird activity year ‘round. I suppose if you’re an urban jogger with music plugged in with ear gear that cancels out background noise at least heavy vehicle traffic sound wouldn’t be an issue. Still exhaust.

over grown
12 days ago

10/7/19 An easy and short trail. Wooden steps are at the beginning of the trail. Very dusty. Blackberry bushes have taken over the native plants. There are still some ripe berries and green ones at this time of year. If you are not wearing long pants your legs may get scratched up by the over-reaching berry branches.Trail restoration effort is on going and a portion of the fencing blocked the trail but it was easily cleared out of the way with not much effort. There were a few benches at the summit. There was not much of a view as some reviews had mentioned.

all the GG park highlights!

14 days ago

W backback w laptop etc. Recorded late missing Palace if Fine Arts. Beautiful day, talked w an artist at her studio

Definitely something you should do at least once. The bridge does get crowded at times. Walkers and bikers share the trail and it’s going in both directions. Be aware of your surroundings, watch for overzealous bikers as they often do not follow the posted 10mph speed limit. The views are great but it does get cold and windy, even in the summer. Bring a light jacket and you’ll be perfect.

17 days ago

Incredible views, definitely worth going. Lots of stairs and very sandy/rocky in spots. Steep slopes on the one side. The rock labyrinth is pretty cool, but it takes some creativity to get to it.

Beautiful, especially when the weather is clear. Recommend waiting until noon or later for fog to roll out. Easy trail, wouldn’t really consider a “hike”. Check out the labyrinth at the outlook if you have time

the playground is very tall in the park. its from the 70s 80s era of tough kids. a little throwback nostalgia i liked but rough for parents with young kids like myself. This was a great little hike we were all over the place.

Great views the whole way and super easy walk.... the further away you walk from the GGB towards the Marina the better views and pics you get with the whole Bridge profile coming into view.

Great urban hike! Skip the portions after Glen Park towards Candlestick Point. Kinda shady and the views were..meh.

19 days ago

My favorite trail in sf. Awesome views (weather permitting), and undulating terrain. Nice stair action. Go down to mile rock beach and utilize all the stairs here. Even in the fog the place is beautiful. Instead of the loop just stay on the trail right on the coast and do a back and forth. Better views and better work out. Better on the weekdays than the weekends as crowds go.

20 days ago

Setting up LDP scavenger hunt

Great views! We went on a day that was super windy. This trail provides a taste of coastal breeze, upscale neighborhood, and sandy beaches. The plus is free parking!

25 days ago

25 days ago

Beautiful!! Nothing more to say.

Short and sweet, beautiful!

26 days ago

Beautiful! Loved all the little things along the way.

27 days ago

I have mixed comments on this trail. There were tons of people, kids, and dogs. Parking was difficult but it was Saturday afternoon. The trail itself is flat and a little rocky but overall not difficult. There are a lot of stairs so wear decent shoes. The views of Golden Gate Bridge and the bay are outstanding. The baths are neat and the history of the area is worth checking out.

27 days ago

Fun first hike with my wife and 13 month old :)

27 days ago

Not sure why this is categorized as moderate, more easy than moderate. Beautiful scenic views.

HANDS DOWN THE BEST VIEWS OF SAN FRANCISCO!!! 10/10 would recommend to everyone!

I take my dogs here all the time. I’m so lucky to live right down the street! Construction going on now near the water fountain.

1 month ago

When my friend and I went we walked from where the Muni dropped us off at the Ocean Beach stop and walked all the way up to the Baths and back. It’s a beautiful place to take pictures and enjoy a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean (and play around in some surprisingly unsupervised urban ruins). The wind is obviously chilly but does help keep you from getting overheated from walking uphill. Keep an eye out for the huge ravens on the beach that are utterly unafraid of people - they’re phenomenal to get a look at up close!

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