Nice water and Golden Gate Bridge View’s

This was a bucket list check off! Parking was closed everywhere (this we knew was the case), but we got there early enough to find parking on the road above fort point. It was very foggy at the time we started (again, we knew this was probably the case), but when it’s projected to be 104 where we live...yay fog! Hardly any pedestrians, but plenty of cyclists. Stay to your side of the walk/bikeway and all will be good. The bathrooms on the Marin side were open (thank God!). This is something we will definitely do again, but add in some extra miles to Baker Beach.

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14 days ago

This was some what confusing as there were several different trails that you could take. It was definitely scenic as you pass the beach, several cool bunkers and the ggb. I was expect to get a good workout but it was just mediocre for me. There was a section that was all stairs which was the best part of the hike. Lots of people out and bikers as well. Wear your masks! Total miles for us was about 6 as we turned around at the end of the bridge.

Gateway to bigger and better trails, but a bucket list item not to be missed. Prepare for gusts, bike and foot traffic!

I loved this trail, it’s so beautiful when it’s sunny out. It had just rained earlier in the day, and there were a few muddy spots, but nothing so bad that you couldn’t traverse. Very well maintained trail. I went the reverse way - parked on Lincoln Blvd. (next to the Battery Crosby trailhead/Sand Ladder), and I’m pretty glad I did. Made for longer descents starting and finishing, and only one steep climb back up from the beach.

Heavily trafficked. Pro: Baker beach was great to walk along. Con: Too many bikes in a narrow path near Golden Gate Bridge.

Such a beautiful, fun trail! We had a blast. Amazing views. Uphill climbs get a little intense for people not used to biking regularly and definitely not used to hills. We had a great day!

Exhausting but awesome.

3 months ago

Gorgeous day. Recording didn’t work through the whole Trail- but I did whole Trail

3 months ago

Trail can get crowded. The connector to Baker’s Beach is under construction. You will need to go around.

What a view!

Great views all the way. Coming up will get your breath pumping but it’s pretty short. Got there with my dog and saw the no dogs sign, took her anyways and saw other dogs too. She loved Marshall beach!

4 months ago

Two sets of beautiful mosaic artwork on stair risers. Amazing view from the top

beautiful and no traffic early in morning

The wild parrots of the Telegraph hill zooming around in the morning is always a treat to see.

Actually the fog was wonderful. Pack extra clothing: it could be hot or not. It was windy. On the south side of the bridge, the Welcome Center staff were informed and helpful.

Make sure to take the Batteries to Bluffs trail off of the Coastal Trail. Great scenery, fun trail and the Bridge is magnificent! World class in my backyard!

7 months ago

Awesome! Not as busy as expected. Pretty peaceful for San Francisco

Walked in early October 2019; 83 and 75 years old. Easy walk, walking from parking lot on SF side to the visitor's center/overlook on the Marin Co. side, and then back. Probably a little over 4 miles all together. We took our time, but it was easy, and the Blue Angels were practicing for Fleet Week, making it even better. Definitely a walk everyone should take if they have the chance.

Definitely something you should do at least once. The bridge does get crowded at times. Walkers and bikers share the trail and it’s going in both directions. Be aware of your surroundings, watch for overzealous bikers as they often do not follow the posted 10mph speed limit. The views are great but it does get cold and windy, even in the summer. Bring a light jacket and you’ll be perfect.

8 months ago

Heavily trafficked but amazing views of the bridge. Time it right to catch sunset on the way back-- epic.

8 months ago

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