Two Mamas on the young side of middle age with varying injuries and disabilities, and two small rat terriers with more energy than should be legally contained in such a small package made for one fun hike!

Although, Mama1 grew up hiking while Mama2 hasn’t hiked much before, and that did make a difference in our experiences.

It’s a pretty easy hike on the grand scale of things, with more shade than previous as the trees and bushes grow back, but it was challenging (especially the upper parts where the trail is narrow, uneven, moderately steep, lined with cactus, and with a sharp drop off) for Mama2, who would have preferred to have had a hiking stick. If anyone in your party has vertigo or anxiety in high places, this may not be your trail.

Mama1 is out of practice with hiking after a long post-injury recovery period, but after a literal MIRACLE prescription for an electrical stimulation pain control device that actually works, the bouncy gait came back quickly and the trail was fun and relaxing, not too narrow, not too steep for the actual damage to my knee, and not hard enough to trigger an asthma attack. No hiking stick necessary. Wouldn’t want to tackle without pain control, ever.

The dogs were thrilled, though one kept trying to knock on the bunnies’ prickly pear doors to say hello. There were a few hawk circles overhead, but the human presence tends to make a difference. Super easy hike for both small dogs, and both took a LONG nap after.