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Love this trail

I had heard about the fire in the Slough and wanted to check out for myself how much of the nature preserve was affected. The burned area is off the loop trails that can be accessed from the Valeta St trailhead. It doesn’t affect the trail itself (although it did come right up to it) and was mainly in an area that used to be accessible but is now closed for revegetation, between a bench at an overlook and the Point Loma Tennis Club courts. I was happy to see that the tall bushes of the loop trails are unaffected. It’s worth mentioning that the park was cleaner than I’d ever seen it before. No one camping at the trailhead, no RVs in the parking lot, and no trash on the trail.

Great for a morning workout and enjoying the views.

we took the north trail on the way up and came down the South, highly recommend taking the South trail. Happy Trails

I would like to say it was hiking, but it was more walking along a nude beach for most of the stretch. Be forewarned there are a ton of clothing optional ladies and gents out there, mostly gents. You will probably feel very much out of place and over dressed but once you get past the first 3 miles of nudity (mostly males) there’s a good 3 or miles of terrain trail. Let me be clear as I should have read more of these reviews before I went. It’s not really a hike as much as it is a beach walk/run with a decent terrain at the end. If you’re reading this and it’s too late and you’ve already encountered too much skin exposure for a day you can take the roads back to the trail head.
Best of luck my friends.
P.S. I gave 2 Stars because I’m still recovering from the views.
But credit to the last 3 miles of the actual hike trek there were really good views of NATURE there.

Great and easy trail when your on the go and want to escape the city life. Park on any side street. There’s a little coffee shop at the start made out of a trailer camper. Enjoy!!

It was way more interesting than I expected. Definitely go to the waterfall. In general it’s very flat, but the trees are very beautiful.

$3 cash to park.

18 days ago

Some challenging parts!

21 days ago

Walked the last part of the out-and-back trail between W. Point Loma Ave. and I-8. Beautiful natural surroundings, but the trail runs very close to the adjacent apartment complex. Also, there were signs of transient camping. Still a pretty nice walk though.

trail running
25 days ago

Great trail for walking and trail run. Several trails to choose from. Small ponds and waterfall along the way. Came across several people on trail and mountain bikers. Share the path. Signs throughout path. Great workout. Will do again. Recommend if your looking to walk (not hike) and trail run.

Great 4.1-mile loop done this morning. Trails are well marked and easy to navigate, especially in combination with the Alltrails app. We started around 1030am and hiked for two hours, stopping frequently for the dogs to drink water and take breaks. There is no shade, so make sure that your pup is ready for the heat! The trail was dry and dusty and therefore slippery in some of the steeper sections. If you go clockwise around the loop you end up going down the steepest part rather than up it. Overall an easy to slightly moderate hike for more experienced hikers. Lovely views and breeze at the top.

More of a walk than a hike, but suited our needs perfectly. Quite a few other hikers and bikers but a nice wide trail and really lovely waterfall/pools at the end of the trail and some pretty bridges crossing the stream along the way. Brought the dogs on leashes and they loved it. Did see a pretty big snake slither across the path so was glad we kept the dogs on leashes at all times.

Great hike! Very easy if you walk! Lots of different routes to go which is nice for seeing different things. But I did have to PAY THREE DOLLARS IN CASH

28 days ago

Eh. I chose this trail because I wanted something easy for a first time hike with my 8 yr old. It's pretty flat and wide. The photos show areas in mission trails that are not on this particular loop trail. The Grasslands Loop trail is completely open, no shade available, and all dry. There's a pretty lake area that can be seen from this loop, but cannot be accessed unless you take a different trail. There was no respite from the sun whatsoever. It was a good place for a starter hike but we won't be doing the Grasslands Loop again.

We started at the Equestrian Circle and hit both South and North Fortuna, then came back along the perimeter trail next to the 52. That section was extremely steep and gravely. Least favorite part for sure. Hiking shoes are a must, and watch out for rattlesnakes. We saw one right in the middle of our path. Our whole route was about 8 miles round trip and took about 3 hours to complete.

Nice long but easy hike. Pretty views of the river along the way. Unfortunately it's tick haven right now. Also there was quite a bit of evidence of snakes on the trail. Be extra cautious with dogs and horses!

Good trail to walk. “Waterfall” wasn’t much. But overall it was nice.

I biked the suggested from Dairy Mart Rd to Friendship Park. Just amazing!

I really enjoyed this hike however labeling it as “moderate” is a misnomer. The Fortuna Mountain Summit part of the trail is listed as difficult, not moderate, on the signs there. it was a tough and rewarding hike but people should have a more accurate idea of what they are getting into with this one.

Very very nice trail! Great Lake views

1 month ago

More crowded than I had expected but not overcrowded. Lots of different paths to take.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Since the ranger station was built on corner of Mercy Rd. and Black Mountain Rd. the trail head is located just east of the ranger station on Mercy Rd. This is a great ride but be careful there are spots with loose dirt where your tires can wash out on corners.

1 month ago

I’ve hiked all around mission trails for years and this is hands down my favorite loop. It’s challenging but great views and a lot of fun. You are sure to be tired after this one.

its, nice place

1 month ago

Walked the two short loop trails. They're cut into thick brush, which makes them shaded and beautiful. But very very short - .15 mile total for both loops! I took a stroller but wouldn't do so again, as the trail is narrow and uneven. Plus, the loops are so short that most toddlers should be able to walk them without a problem. The bench with a view of the slough is a bonus. Next time, we'll take the longer out-and-back trail.

Edit: returned the following day to walk the out-and-back trail as far as W Point Loma Blvd. As far as my opinion on Famosa Slough, I’m torn: on the one hand it’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful and I’m so glad that this local little gem, not to mention a part of our ecosystem and habitat for our local wildlife, has been preserved. On the other hand, humans have made it a little less nice. Since it's small, the surrounding apartment complexes are almost always within view. And SD’s homelessness problem is visible here too; there’s a motorhome permanently parked at the trailhead, there appears to be at least one person living in the bushes at the trailhead, and my toddlers and I stumbled upon a person sleeping on a bench at a secluded overview of the water. I appreciate the nature preserve so much, but in order to enjoy it you have to have a bit of tolerance for things being not perfectly romantic. If you can look past a little bit of grittiness, it’s a beautiful place to go for a walk, enjoy flowers and trees, and watch different kinds of birds.

Great Trail for beginners!!

Didn't know we have this beautiful trail so close to the border. It's nice for all levels, no mountains, nature

Very basic

My girlfriend and I loved this hike!!! So beautiful and peaceful.. 8 Miles!!

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