Steep descent with lots of loose rocks. Mellow on bottom of canyon. There is a creek crossing that is very slippery (I was told). Walked an extra 0.8 mi (each way) to get to bridge. Ascent was also steep and rocky. It’s very easy to go the wrong way so I was happy to have the google map. Barrier across trail suggests that it’s closed but I just followed the google trail map and went anyway.

I love this trail but PLEASE STOP LEAVING TRASH. I packed out a whole backpack full of litter this morning and it makes me very sad. this place is beautiful and right in our backyard, we should keep it safe and pristine for the animals living in the canyons and future hikers!!! people suck so hard :(

I just wanted say thanks what a wonderful

This trail is not accurate at all.

Great!!! Little shade. PERFECT for biking.

A lot of the trails in the area are doing construction. So a lot of detour area

I have lived at the end of Park Village Ave for over 25 years and have hiked every inch of this beautiful area. This is a truly special wilderness preserve in an urban area. It has been overseen and protected by The Friends of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, a non-profit dedicated to keeping this jewel intact, supported, and viable for the future. We welcome visitors and encourage them to use these limited and dwindling resources. Unfortunately I have to agree with others with recent reports that this valuable recreational area is being used, exploited, for purposes it wasn't originally intended for, and by people who are not respecting both the rights and safety of others as well as the canyon and preserve itself. I hike nearly every day and am sad to report that in over 90% of the encounters I have with other people, or groups, nobody is respecting social distancing (every time it is me who has to stop and step off the trail to let others pass) and only a handful are wearing face coverings (I always have a mask I pull up during every encounter, except for bikers who come up behind me often without warning). The Park Rangers and support staff are stressed and overwhelmed with the influx of people who might find a more enjoyable experience if they were to go to a beach or a boardwalk, instead of what used to be a quiet, serene, immaculate, wilderness experience. PLEASE come and enjoy the canyon, but also PLEASE look up the 7 principals behind Leave No Trace, a framework of minimum impact practices that outdoor enthusiasts have followed for decades if not centuries.

I used to love this trail before quarantine. I would go on weekdays and see less than a dozen other people. Since it’s been reopened there are more people here than ever before, and barely any of them wear face masks. Groups of people, blasting music, taking up the entire trail and not staying 6 feet away. Litter everywhere. It’s obnoxious and nothing is being done about it. I won’t be returning until quarantine is over and the obnoxious amateurs go back to whatever they were doing before.

We picked this trail because we could take our dog. We had no idea that half of the trail would be loose gravel. Do not take your dog unless you put booties on your dog to protect their feet. The waterfall at the end was packed with people and social distancing as well as wearing a face mask were non existent. Trash was along the trail. I would not recommend it. Lots of people carrying their loud music. If you are looking for an escape, this is not it.

very nice hike, loved the view, but very crowded and hard to social distance

Nice hike down into the canyon which was fairly lush and green. It felt surprisingly open and secluded considering residential houses line the tops of the canyon walls. Just keep your eyes out for mountain bikers zooming by on the trails.

Easy trail, lots of people.

Easy to low moderate trail that is shared with bikes and horses, heavily trafficked on Memorial Day. The waterfall had a pretty decent flow for San Diegans who dont have many waterfalls to get access to easily.

off trail
over grown
5 days ago

5 days ago

Waterfall area is fun. The rest of it is a bit boring and no real scenery to enjoy.

no shade
5 days ago

This was a very challenging hike. The trail goes through a river which you have to cross via rocks and fallen branches. There’s also one very steep, rocky part up to the top of the south fortuna peak. Bring plenty of water.

most overrated hike I've been on. I will not go back.

Very easy trail. There are hardly any elevation changes, so this trail is suitable for people who are just getting into exploring trails. There's a lot of nice scenery near the creek. There can be lots of bugs near the creek especially. Watch out for the horse poop. Lots of traffic.

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