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The “waterfall” looked more like a watering hole, really. Definitely bring lots of water to hydrate along the way because there will be some parts of the trail that aren’t shaded.

Nice view and almost flat with frequent breeze I would definitely love to go back

I loved it and so did my dog

Very nice hike with the hubby and dog through lovely Maple Canyon and then an little zig zagging through historic Bankers Hill.

Love this hike!
Good exercise. Great View. Close to home.

Classic San Diego canyon landscape with river rocks on a partly shaded trail. The far eastern part of the trail includes a steep sandstone portion with deep grooves. Not quite a sandstone slot canyon (at least not yet), but beautiful, unspoiled, and definitely unexpected. Minus one star for constant road noise from the 52 and for general proximity to the freeway. Climbing down the sandstone part of the trail, I felt almost awkwardly watched by drivers getting on the 805 south from the 52. But it is what it is; the freeways aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and I hope the park isn’t either. Perfect for getting your nature fix without leaving the city.

15 days ago

- PROS -
1. Some of the most beautiful panoramic views of surrounding San Diego.
2. Much less foot traffic than other popular nearby hikes (Mt. Woodson, Iron Mountain). I saw maybe 10 other people on a Sunday morning.
3. Great workout, with plenty of climbs. Definitely a solid Moderate.
4. Very nice ample free parking and bathrooms at the start
5. Well maintained trail, albeit small rocks here and there.

- CONS -
1. The section between Secondary Summit and Black Mountain Peak is CLOSED. I noticed this was mentioned back in Feb. 2017, and apparently it is still under restoration now in Sep. 2018. This makes it a bit of a pain to hike a loop. I went counter-clockwise, following the posted route. Once I got to Secondary Summit, it should just be ~0.4mi uphill to Black Mountain Peak...but it's closed. So I needed to backtrack to the short nighthawk trail connector, at which point it joins Miner's Ridge Loop. From there, I went up to Black Mountain Peak, and then followed Miner's Ridge Loop all the way down.
2. The entirety of Miner's Ridge Loop is a wide service road from the antennas at the top. This was fine, just be aware that it isn't quite as "natural".
3. Not much clear signage. However, I just used a GPS map on my phone whenever the trail split and didn't get lost. I had cell service and 4G during the entire hike.

This was a very easy, and nice family hike. There are frequent shady areas, which come in handy midday. I would definitely recommend bringing at least 2Liters of water per person.

15 days ago

We walked the first part of the trail that runs along North Dairy Mart Pond. The lookouts over the water are nice, and my kids enjoyed the wooden walkway after the left (south) turn). The Information boards about local wildlife were good too. This time we ended up doubling back instead of finishing the square loop trail, but we’ll be back to try again. We saw birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and bees. Very peaceful, and the kids loved it!

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16 days ago

Very beautiful! Isn’t the most nature-esque trail, but it’s as good as it gets for Southern California. It does have really incredible views of downtown, the Coronado bridge and sailboats. Definitely a must-do!

16 days ago

This Trail Map App has this Trail marked incorrectly, it is not designated by the county or the city as a loop trail, you can make it a loop but you must know where your going, the county does maintain it but it is not marked anyplace as a “Loop Trail”. This could be misleading to someone who wants to check out manually and run, or walk expecting the trail to “loop” them back to where they started. So pay attention, it is an awesome nice easy family friendly Trail!

18 days ago

Stars only for easy hike with good payoff with a nice view of San Diego, otherwise very crowded with people with horrible trail etiquette. Speakers blasting music, trash not packed out, people not staying on trail and ruining surrounding brush.

The back side is more preferred. Not nearly as crowded and is more demanding.

21 days ago

Accurately described. Lake with a bit of desert landscaping. All dogs were on leash. Some owners don’t scoop the poop. Overall nice trail.

Perfect for appreciating the dramatic part of the San Diego coastline. It was a good length for kids to walk too, but we held them by their hands or carried them, as portions of the trail are dangerous. Exercise caution and use common sense!

Smashed this hike wearing 60lbs of body armor....it gets very crowded, get there early. It is an easy hike that would be great for a beginner who is unsure about their skill level. The views are nice from the summit and you’ll feel
Like you’ve accomplished something.

It was a decent hike up, but definitely super crowded. I was there by 8 & there were still a bunch of people already on the trail.

23 days ago

good trail for beginners

trail running
23 days ago

Good for a day run

trail running
23 days ago

Nearly completely flat paved trail. Perfect for a recovery run. Gets crowded later in the am on the weekends.

Awesome trail! Full of happy helpful folks!

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27 days ago

THIS IS NOT REALLY A LOOP. The Park Ranger really didn't understand why it is listed here as a loop. After running 6.6 miles over quite a few hills, really rocky terrain, and past many warnings about rattlesnakes I took a fall and then found out from a biker that the trail was not a loop and I would have to return 6.6 miles bloody and bruised. You folks really should list this information correctly as it is really rather dangerous to trail runners when you do not. If I had paid for this app I would be expecting a refund.

27 days ago

08/26/18 - started at tecolote nature center. there is plenty of parking. keep to the left once you see the first fork that seems to go towards the power line towers.. then its mostly walking on the side of the golfcourse fence.
i went further towards genesse ave snd there is a nice shaded wooded area... there are few places to loop back and hike back to the nature park entrance

on the way back i decided to take the total straight line "trail".. its not part of the hiking trail but i went for it anyway.
this is where the steep inclines and declines are but the view at the top of the 4 tower mountains is great and good workout, some scrambling required.

nice stroll with great views of houses in an area you would usually not go through. I recommend for families and dog walks

For being in San Diego County, it was surprisingly REALLY scenic and really quiet. I have not been on a hike within the city that was this quiet or scenic.

I wasn't sure about the loop though, because I parked in this gravel parking lot. So I did a out and back type of hike, but I am pretty sure that that it was intended as a loop.

Although seeing tide pools was cool, I don't see this as a "hike" per say. It's not a place to go to take a long walk. Its so short that it shouldn't even be categorized as a trail.
The value of seeing the tide pools is well worth it though as it's rare to see these particular formations along the So Cal coast.
I'd say come here for the tide pools, not for a hike. Go to the top of the hill for the Bayside Trail for a nice 2 mile walk along the coast.

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