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San Diego, California Map

Maybe the most challenging hike in the park. Started at the East Fortuna Staging area where there's always plenty of parking but makes the hike a bit longer (6+ miles). Serious ascents/decents along the 52. A bulldozer and water tanker were "conditioning" the service road along the 52 today. It was probably for SDGE vehicles but it also made the road less slick for hikers.

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23 hours ago

Fantastic view from the top of the highest point in SanDiego. Many hummingbirds to be seen. Can be heavily traveled depending on time of day. Watch your footing some areas have loose dirt. Heed the hot weather alert warnings. Trail is used by runners as well. Good family hike and has modern bathroom facilities at trailhead. Bear in mind this is an unshaded trail so a hat or head gear might be in order.

My favorite trail in the area. Great views and a good workout.

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2 days ago

I have sort of a mixed review as there is some good, some not so good. This is a loop as depicted, however the right fork is actually a service road and not a trail according the nice lady at the Nature Center building situated at the trail junction. If you take that loop, be forewarned there are some up and down hills, several of them in actual fact. And it's the downhills that are potentially hazardous as they are steep in places. I had trekking pools which makes it a bit easier but I ran into two college football athletes and one of them took a spill, though I didn't see it when it happened. So if you go right at the fork, just know what you are getting into. Since it's a straight road, you can see what's in front of you. It's the better route if you want a workout. If you don't have trekking pools, I would use the brush to grab on the downhills. I just took it slow and careful and made certain I did not fall.

The other thing I don't like about this trail is you really feel the city around you. From the SDG&E natural gas pipeline that runs through the canyon to the electrical power lines that produce an audible hum in places and the sound of golfers on the course adjacent to the trail it just doesn't seem like nature. But I did happen to spot two errant golf balls on the trail!

On the other hand there are places where it's quite a nice hike. And I like hikes that are long enough so I know I got some good exercise. My Garmin sports watch clocked it as 5.3+ miles, but I also went beyond the loop junction, which goes across a creek (find the dry crossing by the rocks to the left of the creek) and ends up a road at which point I turned around (see photos I posted with has maps). I took the loop back which is mostly flat and picturesque in places and that was very pleasant.

Overall I give it a 4 but if it took half star ratings, I'd make it 3.5.

A fun hike, just prepare to get lost. I ended up taking a wrong turn and adding several kilometres to my route but overall it's worth it.