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The back trail is quite steep and rocky. I enjoyed the hike and views. I saw a number of lizards and heard a woodpecker. There is a view of the lake, and the trees make it quite serene. I really enjoy being in nature on this trail.

This trail is extremely overgrown, and not a typical trail...more like a deer trail at some parts. I highly suggest pulling up AllTrails and following along the entire time, otherwise you'll be like us and backtrack alot. It was a great workout and very steep. You'll see some beautiful views.

Absolutely beautiful views! Veryyyy steep, (climbing up the mountain)Not much parking at the bottom, had to park alongside the road but it worked out just fine. I absolutely recommend, can’t wait to come back!

off road driving
2 months ago

Beautiful views. Lightweight fire road with more aggressive off-shoots all along the main road.

off road driving
2 months ago

This was my first trail jeeping (noob), 11 Rubicon 4 inch lift on 35s. for the most part this trail has a main fire road that is mostly flat dirt with a steady incline and you have the option to go on the more difficult climbs. i went off the map provided on the app and as i said the first 2/3 of the trail had the options to do difficult climbs but the last third of the trail had me sweating bullets because there is no turning back and it gets eaven more difficult, reguardless i had lots of fun and was a great first learning experience. I would had felt more comfortable if i had another vehicle with me as there is no way to winch yourself out. also the map provided is wrong, there is no looparound trail , at tge top 3 tabs (Reviews, photos, recordings) go to recordings and user "back light" posted tge correct map trail.

Went to hike Lake Arrowhead on 8/17/18 and were told it was a private lake and we were not allowed on the property. I did not see that listed in any of the previous reviews. We were very disappointed.

Parking was an issue. The actual parking area was chaired off so had to park on side of highway.
Good trail for beginning hickers. I would recommend starting trail in counter clockwise direction. Ascent is much more gradual and we had a 4 year old. There were some beautiful OLD pines and overlook was beautiful of the San Bernardino valley.

There really doesn’t seem to be a ‘trail’ to speak of. Unless I missed the entrance. It seems like a rutted out off road tract with some very lightly traveled trails that sort of disappear. The main trail I found was covered in downed trees and seemed to evaporate as I headed up the ridge. Was able to sneak one decent view of Crestline/Lake Gregory. That’s about it.

Went to the the trail discovered it was a private trail. Very disappointed

You have to be an Arrowhead Lake Association member to get on this trail.

Great hike, moderate. Great views. Good workout.
I did not give a 5 starts only because it could have better directional signs. Overall, I would recommend it, and most definitely I will definitely do it again.

Time: 6ish
Temperature: high 70s
Trails were pretty smooth and easy to walk on.
Beautiful walk/hike around lake arrowhead. Gorgeous views of the lake and high end homes that surround it.
Just be careful with all the distractions from the absolutely amazing houses you will see.
Mosquitos do come out at dusk.

A couple weeks ago, I parked near the bottom and went running on up the paved road. There were so many Monarch butterflies everywhere.

Beautiful scenery and homes, nice walk. Park to left as you drive in and the walk along the fence towards the bay. Follow it around to the left and pick up the trail along the coast of the lake

Had a fun time running this trail in my 2WD locked 4runner. Took about half the off-shoots, turned around on a few but still had a blast. Seems there are two listings for this trail, Cleghorn Loop and Cleghorn Ridge.

pretty steep grade. had frye boots on so made it most of way up...it just kept going! only a lil parking along road across street from land trust/strawberry peaks sign & old adobe looking entrance gate/ wall...but only 1 other person was there when we parked. really scenic, went up twice as quick as descent, cuz dry & loose underfoot. way cool, beautiful!

off road driving
6 months ago

This is a fun trail to be on. There a lot of off shoots to practice and learn how to off road but if you are not comfortable with that, then take the main trail. I did the trail in a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with open diffs and the car handled the trail effortlessly. Also on the weekends the trail is kind of crowed so bear in mind that you may get stuck behind a group that takes up the whole trail.

7 months ago

We couldn't find where to start. We were at where the map said but there was no where to park at all so we left.

on Tunnell Road to SawMill Loop

7 months ago

This trail is primarily a rocky rutted ATV/Jeep trail along a long ridge line though much if it is now blocked from traffic. There are some beautiful views of the mountains. Not a bad route for trail running.

fun trail but can get a little busy on the weekend. be mindful of oncoming traffic, don't go too fast. has side obstacles to try. it's fun to see all the jeeps do their thing.

Though the distance was long and incline was steady this was a fairly easy hike due to the wide dirt trail. The views were beautiful.

Quick hike with my boys.

This is a killer little hike. It is a work out that is worth the views!!!

A great family hike!!! Small kids can do this hike. Great views for sure. Always wanted to check out the lookout point but never had and so glad that I did.

This is a great hike if your looking for a good workout and have done the Heart Rock hike so many times that your looking for a good alternative. This hike starts at the trail head for Heart Rock but instead follow the paved service road up. The dirt trail begins when you hit the sewer plant it will be to the left. From there you go "UP". This is where the workout begins. Follow the trail all the way to Cedarpines Park. from there follow the roads out until you hit another dirt trail taking you the last little hike up. There you come to a large set of boulders, perfect to take a long earned rest. From there follow the paved road down until you hit a dirt road on the right. There you follow a ridge down with views of VOE. Just keep going until you came back from where you started.

off road driving
9 months ago

great trail and trip this past Saturday 1 20 18 .... kids enjoyed the jeep 4x4 ride.

off road driving
10 months ago

This was my third time coming out. It’s a great Trail with easy and hard sections to choose from. Please don’t liter and help keep these trails clean for everyone’s enjoyment.

I drove in 6.5 miles on Forest road 2N49. Then hiked to Cajon Mnt then Sugar Pine Mnt and Baily peak, along with two other unnamed peaks. 14.5 miles hiked. Awesome viwes all around.

off road driving
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Had a blast today went on this trail for the first time since I got my jeep

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