Nice flat ride on a hot hot day! Some shade along the trail, and clear mile markers and directional signs.

Freeport and 24th street are amazing to take a fast ride down roads. Pass amazing sights such as William land park, sac city college, sol collective and many more cool sight.

3 days ago

it's a beautiful Trail. it's just very short and it's in residential area but the housing around it is beautiful and there are lots of birds.

I would recommend starting at 16th and Richards.

Beautiful, clean run

Fun loop by my house. Stick to the trails by the river instead of the bike trail for a better hiking experience.

I would only recommend as a bike path. I walked my dog along and it was very overgrown and not kept up. A lot of homeless camps and trash. Two very mean stray dogs approached us from a camp by the river. Definitely wouldn’t recommend walking or running it!

no shade
22 days ago

Not a bike trail.

Easy ride. Shorter than I thought. Great for beginners.

Nice easy walk

Good trail. Easy hiking

Great trail! Bike, pet and children friendly. Would recommend to everyone. There’s a couple of water stations and shaded benches under trees to rest on. Took me around an hour and a half to walk the 5 mile trail.

Beautiful. Do it and stretch before

Great trail for all family members. Came across a rattlesnake though. You can park at Howe River Access.

Great trail and super close to downtown.

Mostly a paved bike trail. I do this walk often from discovery park and walk all the way through J street Bridge. I have taken my dog with me twice and decided to not do it again because the homeless population close to Del Paso Blvd have encampments and their dogs are sometimes without a leash. Last time there were two unleashed pit bulls and we had to get help from a guy running to be able to pass that area without my 7 year old German shepherd getting attacked. It was very stressful.

I started the trail at Guy West Bridge in East Sacramento. From that point and all the way to Folsom, the trail is amazing. Plenty of river access points, benches to rest, water fountains, restrooms along the trail. Flowers, bees, birds, dragon flies, caterpillars, butterflies, rabbits were abundant. About 80% of the trail is shaded for at least late afternoon to evening rides. Most people will move out of the way and the professional cyclist do zoom right by you like you were nothing lol I can average about 15mph on my fixed gear road bike but those people are truly professional. I cant believe I made it all the way to folsom on my first try but on the way back I was exhausted, so make sure you pace yourself. Great trail!

Catrike Road trip.

Beautiful views, walked right alongside the river and stopped many times to relax

Lots of bikes but nice walk and good scenery

Great 5 mile hike/walk with the family. Cant wait to come back!

It's a great community trail. Inside the walk boundaries is the park which has a small pond, picnic areas, 9-hole golf course, Fairy Town and Sac Zoo. Trail is mostly packed dirt and flat.

Trail closed due to flood control construction.

Loved it and took my dog. People and riders were friendly. Lots of shade too

mountain biking
2 months ago

W Jordy

mountain biking
2 months ago

First ride w Jordy

Awesome 5 mile walk! Great for everyone! Lots of traffic but everyone kept there distance! Lots of shade and paved road!

mountain biking
2 months ago

SAC River

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