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Dog friendly! Nice scenery ( zoo, ponds and golf )

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no shade
12 days ago

Nice stroll with memorials! If Jade can do it so can you!

Lovely, serene place with a wide bike trail and narrower walking paths. We saw some deer in a meadow, not at all worried about our presence. We had a stroller and it was easy enough to stay on paved paths, and we were mindful to stay out of the way of bicyclists (who were riding quite fast- but that's cool not complaining) but we want to go back with backpacks to check out some of the more rugged looking off shoot trails.

private property
1 month ago

Great trail! There are plenty of people to meet and greet, but it is not crowded. Went to the north at first and hit the private property gate so I had to turn around and go the other way after that. Beautiful view!

Easy paved trail for most of the way, great for dogs on leash, lots of beautiful birds, river views, can go as long as 5 miles round trip from water tower to private property gated issue in little pocket that will hopefully be resolved soon and eventually connect this awesome trail to downtown for those of us who wish to go further by foot or bike. Bring doggie bags as my only compliant is there are none offered along the path and very few dumpsters until you get to Garcia Bend. Also, it dead ends (on the south end) into the water treatment tower but don’t expect there to be any water for you or your pet to consume. Wouldn’t these simple gestures for us locals who pay into these city parks be nice? Also, the Garcia Bend bathroom has been under construction for well over a year. These bizarre idiosyncrasies are why I give it 4 and not 5 stars as nothing beats the great view and awesome people along the way.

The trailhead is inaccessible. Park somewhere else. There is a parking lot on the south side of the river at Howe Street and also at Watt street. Or you can park on the north side of the Guy West Bridge.

Offers paved or non-paved trails. Great for a rainy day stroll.

This is a great long walk (not a "hike") on pavement, with lots of trees for shade and grassy areas if you prefer to walk on that. There are over-passes ie small hills to climb. If you walk with dogs, note it can be fairly dog-crowded, and there are squirrels! There are trash cans in very frequent intervals.

Paved non-hike full of white middle class uppity snobs. They take everything enjoyable and ruin it. Also note: this path has a special rule for walkers/joggers to stay "in the left shoulder". TONS of bikers. Hikers should drive the extra 10 minutes to avoid.

Great for runs.

3 months ago

As said previously, paved trail in a park around a little lake. Lots of geese poop. Not very scenic, but fine for a quick walk. The dog park looks really nice.

1701 University Ave is definitely the place to start. Easy access to trail, plenty of free parking. It was a great trail to walk the pug. Three quarters of trail shaded with tall trees. Clean, no bums in sight!(shockers for Sacramento) Beautiful fall view crossing the river.

4 months ago

We are so blessed to live near this parkway. We walk it several days per week and it’s so lovely and the other walkers are very friendly. A wonderful neighborhood gem!

We bring all of our visitors to the Capitol and walk ourselves often. Lovely spot to visit! You can tour the Capitol building for free as well.

A beautiful park, but no walkways. I enjoy the peace pond, but unless you walk in the dirt perimeter you have to walk on busy streets.

We ride this trail frequently and I love it. You can actually take it all the way downtown if you go around Scott’s and then get back on the trail. It’s about 7 miles from Greenhaven, but all flat so very doable.

Lovely walk or run with trees of every type in California and a rose garden.

Nice easy stroll through the old part of town.

Beautiful day for a walk along the river. Bikers and other walkers/joggers very courteous. Sharing the wide trail is comfortable.

Get flat run minus the 3 overpasses. About 6.5 round trip. Beautiful parks and the people are always willing to give a wave. Dog friendly.

Not a hike, but a nice small stroll.

6 months ago

Beautiful along the river. Parked at the dog park on American River drive. No homeless people. Lots of bikes thought.

parking issue

The directions of where to park for this trail are incorrect. Drive to 1701 University Avenue and park near the dog park. You can access the trail from there. We walked the North side of the river and had no problems with homeless people. If you walk west from the dog park and cross the bridge you will enter the Sacramento State University campus.

7 months ago

It’s a paved trail, easy run. There are about 100-200 meters of birds poop near the pond. There would be sprinklers near the pond at about 5:30am to 6:00am. It’s better to run past 6:00 am when it’s not too hot, some of the poop are washed out and there are no geese around. Around sunset and in the afternoon, you’d encounter geese that could bite and run after you. It’s warm in the afternoon. I feel safe running here. When you park inside the south parking lot, remember that the gates close in the dusk. I was lock out once, have to wait till morning to get my car out. There are bathrooms and water fountains near the parking lot.

road biking
7 months ago

Such a delightful green belt through the pocket.

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