Running Springs

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This trail is across from the Snow Valley Ski Resort. The TH is "Little Green Valley" TH. Can go either direction on this loop. Little steep in a few places, but "not on your butt stuff". Our loop was not "rocky". Fair amount shade, and at decent altitude - i.e. can do this hike when it's a bit warm out other places. There are better 4 star hikes around (like in Big Bear, or Deep Creek in Lake Arrowhead) in the area, This is an easier hike than Keller Peak. This is an easy hike. All the trails are in decent shape, including "connector trails" not visible on Garmin Base Camp or all trails. About 15% of the loop is on a somewhat attractive double track road. Lots of view points. A lot of bike tracks in the "Bike Park", but we saw no hikers or bikers while we were there. It's not a problem walking through the parking lot of the ski resort to get back to your car. The alternative is to do a little bush-wacking near the end to get back to the start, or walk on the side of the road (the car go fast by here).