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My friend and I enjoyed this hike! It’s easy and falls are beautiful. Lots of people hike this so parking can become difficult to find. I recommend arriving earlier, doesn’t offer much shade until you get close to the falls. Great for bikes and dogs.

Amazing ! It’s a must

Good hike overall; the rocks are awesome and the history is cool to learn about. The trails are pretty easy to follow and parking is almost always available. There are crowded sections, but as you meander along this trail, it thins out.
There are some cool spots to climb up some or the rocks and play around a bit.
Would recommend this as a nice day hike, and would also recommend stopping in the little towns nearby for some great diner food!

Great loop, be aware thou.
the whole loop it's block by rocks, so it is flooded. You need to go upper side of trail at one point. Probably 1 mile, going between Rocks, over tree trunks and under tree trunk. So, not as easy for now. We got Sun, Rain and Mosquitoes.
Si dress accordingly to the weather.
Still thou, a challenge for beginners like us. I found a stick about 6ft. came very handy to go through this obstacles.
Great spots for pics!

The paved route is a moderate for beginners due to the incline. The steep dirt trails work the legs and definitely get your lungs working. Would suggest a buildup to the harder routes. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon to make it to the top of the ridge. All in all a very good trail with the park at the bottom to crash on afterwards

Beautiful park, but obviously very busy when the weather's nice.

road biking
1 day ago

Yesterday, I rode south through the Dublin BART Station toward the south end of the trail. I missed the trail signs and went about half a mile before I could get back on the trail. There is a mixture of asphalt and concrete trail sections in this area, making it hard to stay on the trail. The trail signs are small and you switch sides of the street.

Is an easy walk, not hike trail. lots of birds, but I didn't see the cave. yes it's true fences in both sides. I did difficult hikes and this is just a relax walk if you don't like it... better for me less traffic

scenic driving
2 days ago

Breathtaking drive!

4.5 went on a Sunday afternoon- saw lots of wildlife and people

Really nice hike! Lots of shade and wild flowers.

2 days ago

Ok trail but the bikers are some of the worst around. I think the trail instructions have a lot to do with it. The bikers dont even bother reading that it says for hikers, walkers to stay on the left. The bikers dont announce themselves when passing and flat out ignore the yield to pedestrian signs. Definitely not a trail to take the kids on.

It was more of a walk than a hike. Plenty of people around and a nice stroll through the residential neighborhood.

It’s a mellow stroll with great views.

My friend Megan lost her tan and black Kate Spade wristlet with her license in it. Please call her or mail it if you find it. Great hike! Bring lots of water.

This is a very easy trail!!

We enjoyed our first run!

road biking
3 days ago

My vehicle of choice was a Trikke Freedom (which was not one of the options). The trail relatively smooth, level and is asphalt paved. There are areas where tree roots have pushed up the road bed. There are other areas that have long cracks (mostly parallel to the direction of travel).

3 days ago

Great hike. Lots of hills. Best when it’s overcast. Not a good hike during the summer months. Not much shade after the first 1/4 into the hike.

Great trail. Not too many people. I love the tree lined area in the beginning. Have hiked the face once and that’s a challenge! Not for a beginner for sure.

3 days ago

very nice place!

4 days ago

Went in May and all the lakes were frozen over. Beautiful place, will definitely be going in July to fish.

Great workout. Nice views. Well maintained.

Great trail very quite and serene.

very nice trail, beautiful and peaceful. highly recommended place to spend time with family, hike or simply clear your mind from the crowd of the city without being far away from it.

It is a very lovely trail. I have done this trail several times in July - August. Great weather and great views. Its bit of a hill with a grand end at a lovely cliff enclosed beach.

We hiked this yesterday. It is a moderate hike that is best done in the early hours to avoid the heat. The path is asphalt all the way and there are clear signs posted at the entrance to it from the highway. There many towers and buildings around when you get to the top. On the trail, contrary to what most posts say, it was easy to find shady spots but the heat could get intense if there is no wind. My group was lucky enough to have a nice breeze most of the time. We started the hike around 10:00 am and were back to our car in about 3 hours with tons of stop for pictures and rests. The views are amazing. Glad to have done it.

7 days ago

it is a beautiful trail and it was fun and easy to do with my son.

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