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on Johnny Cash Trail

16 hours ago

So first of all... this art trail isn’t complete just yet, so if you want to check out the fully paved trail and see some of the finished installations then check it out but I will be returning once it’s fully done! ALSO very important to note that the location All Trails sends you to is actually the Folsom city hall building/ parking lot. The actual entrance to the trail is by the Dan Russel Rodeo Arena, where you can easily park. This trail is a loop so there are various other locations where you could begin the trail but there is plenty of parking if you just google map it to the rodeo arena instead. This is a 6.3 mile trail that is VERY bike, stroller friendly and pet friendly. The loop does go around Folsom prison for part of it ... but again if you’re a Johnny Cash fan you’ll understand why that is and why that’s actually pretty cool! Overall a pretty cool trail and we can’t wait for it to finally be finished because it’s pretty darn cool to see them commemorate Johnny cash how they’ve done so far and to see everything else they’re planning on installing!

22 hours ago

easy, paved trail with beautiful views. great for kids or folks with disabilities.

Great view, easy walk, and the dog loved it.

1 day ago

Beautiful trail and very well maintained. Nice flat walk with a great view of today’s snow covered mountains.

good hiking trail for all level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the directions take you to the crest of the trail, which is fine if you'd rather go downhill first. if you want to start at the trough as shown in the map, the parking lot you want is the "Sierra Azul open space preserve at Mt. umunhum road parking lot" on Google maps. Great hike, fantastic views of the South Bay.

1 day ago

Really beautiful hike, great Mountain View’s. We hiked on a Saturday (st Patrick’s Day) was not a sole on a hike. Coming back is mostly uphill. Great hike for you and your dogs!

who really love of mother nature, this is the quite perfect and secure.

on Bayside Trail

2 days ago

Easy walk! Stunning views, cool breeze! Make sure you bring your water bottle. Enjoy!

Completed this hike on March 16 with my husband and father. Hike is short but steep. At the top there is a nice clearing to walk around and see the surrounding cities. There is also an old abandoned building up there.

nature trips
3 days ago

It’s very relaxing

Easy, flat, well maintained path. Perfect for riding and coasting intermittently. My teen daughter says it's relaxing.

My husband and I completed this hike on March 15 while we were in CA for my cousin's wedding.

The first half of this trail is mostly shaded, with more sun exposure as we climbed higher. It was pretty chilly and a bit breezy even. Moderately steep almost the entire way. Good views of the rear mountains and of the SGV.

Great beach trail

4 days ago

NOT SAFE - I WAS ROBBED AT GUNPOINT AND ASSAULTED HERE IN 2018. This is not a joke - I went on a 1hr walk/hike here based on the reviews on AllTrails because I was looking for a new place to walk by the water. I was robbed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted, during the daytime, in the parking lot where other cars were present. If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone here. The east bay regional park police have been wonderful and are investigating my case very seriously. In talking to a police officer after the incident, they told me that this park is not safe and criminal activity here is common. I am lucky I was not shot. Please be very careful and choose a different place to walk. Also, be careful in the Oakland City parks area in general - when possible choose parks outside of Oakland city.

beautiful drive, well worth the time and 10$

Great variety of difficulty. Car Wreck is legit hard.

Easy to do, and plenty of trials easily viewed on google maps. Do this two or three times a week anywhere from 3 to 7 miles [if you do Dillon Point Rd]

This hike was great!! I took my golden on a Wednesday. Only ran into a few people on the trails. It’s amazing how much canopy there is so close to LA. I needed that!

nature trips
6 days ago

I love the park itself more than this one trail.

Started at Top of the World Entrance

West Ridge Trail > Wood Creek > Wood Creek Trail >Wood Canyon > Nature Loop > Dripping Cave > Car Wreck Trail > West Ridge

The loops on Wood Creek are great to get off the main road and under tree cover. The hike back up to Top of the World (and Car Wreck Trail) is steep with a decent incline and rocks.

7 days ago

My friends and I got there around 10 AM today and there were very few people on the trail. We took the trail from the parking lot on the left side of the entrance, behind the rock where there are a few picnic tables. Spotted the cave way off in the distance. Surprisingly it was not difficult nor did it take a long time to get to it. The photos from the cave came out amazing. Next time we will try to reach it a shorter way, from the metal gate on the right side of the access drive, just before you get to the big parking lot. Find the creek bed and head left. You'll see the cave on the right eventually. Total loop to cave and back around 4.11 miles.

Hiked on 3/7, great route. Only encountered a couple other people, most of the route it feels like you've got the place to yourself. I suggest extending (only .2 mi!) to the vernal pools boardwalk. Opposed to what's said in one of the previous reviews, according to all the signage dogs are NOT allowed on this trail or on this side of the Reserve at all-- although you wouldn't know it due to the poo unfortunately left behind. Dogs are however allowed right across the street on the sylvan-meadows side. Not a whole lot of elevation gain overall, but there are some steeper/rocky spots, so not stroller friendly. Interesting seeing areas of charred grasses-- maybe controlled burns? Trail goes through grassy areas to rocky/wooded areas, a mix of both which is cool. Very well marked, super appreciated compared to other local trails. Love the versatility of the trails on the Plateau, allowing for adjusting your route to make shorter/longer as you wish. Maps available at parking lots. Keep in mind there is a day fee.

I had a great walk with my dogs on this easily walkable trail. The drinking fountains were a plus!

mountain biking
8 days ago

Really great trail! Lots of bikers when I was out. There was a closure that stopped me from doing the full loop but other than that this was a really nice trail.

8 days ago

I love this place. One of my favorites. There are two trails: one that's paved and one that's natural that goes through the woods by the creek. I love that I can choose either one - depending on how I feel. You can see wild turkeys and critters here and there. It's also fairly populated, but I love it.

Unexpected beautiful landscape. The cows graze land; so be mindful since they’re not behind a fence.

8 days ago

I really enjoyed this walk it was peaceful and not a lot of road noise for the most part my two small children enjoyed it as well. There isn’t a whole lot for them to do because all along the trail are signs for rattle snakes beyond the trail so I did not allow them to go stomping into the brush. And it’s kind of annoying that they allow cars to drive on the path to get to a fishing spot on the other side of the lake. I’m not a huge fan of walking so close to moving vehicles with me two small children. Despite all that it is still a very nice 5 mile walk very peaceful.

Great hike today in the mist and we saw half a dozen people in 2 hours, it was awesome. I would say a moderate hike with hiking boots. Please make sure you have hiking shoes and plenty of water. Park at the old mission dam and you can knock this out in 2 hours. Get a map or follow the signs so you don’t get lost. Best of luck!

This trail was awesome! It definitely had it’s tough moments but it rewards you with its beautiful views and it’s open meadows. Don’t pass up on this trail.

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