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Great little hike! Lots of bikes on this trail!

Mostly paved bike route good for cardio. Don’t recommend at all. Tried to walk down to the riverbed a lot of homeless camps throughout the riverbed. I didn’t feel safe or comfortable will not do again.

trail running
2 months ago

Nice trails to do trail running. My friend and i went from walking at a steady pace to pushing ourselves on some of the steep hills. Great workout! Saw a few snakes along the way, but not to close to the trail itself. There is no, no , NO SHADE. So be prepared w/ SPF, a hat, and plenty of water!

its really fun but watch for rattle snake just went today 4/22/18 and ran into 2 4 ft rattle snakes but other than that its fun to hike or bike.

It was a beautiful day to hike Sycamore Canyon. However it's that time of year and we came across a couple snakes.

Great area!

We tried our best to stay on the trail that the app shows. Best we can figure is a fire and rains washed the northern third away. We had a blast forging our own trail down the hill with very loose dirt. Finally came across the "bridge" that crosses the creek and cave.

Good little hike for a quick time out from the city that doesn't have too many people. Although there is recent fire damage, everything is starting to come back to life. I'd hike it again! No fees for parking but the lot is small and I imagine it fills up rather quickly on the weekends.

very pretty grounds...great place to take kids to see the ducks. Too bad there is so much traffic noise.

really good trail. really tired after I got lost. I ended up doing 9 miles... my phone died so I couldn't follow the trail that I was following through the app. :( I'm so tired...

beautiful day to hike and burn off some calories before game time.

8 months ago

Nice walk by the college. Great for the dogs.

I'm very excited to have discovered Chino Hills. This was a pleasant hike, but A very flat trail.

road biking
10 months ago

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This is a really pretty park. If you are feeling like having a leisure walk then a few laps around it should do. Now if you feel like getting a better workout the trails are amazing. The steady incline and descend of the trails offers a great workout.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

We went hiking with my Wifey, . I have my tactical sling pack with some edc items and a 2 water bottle with no food .My wife did not bring any item (Just herself) .We started at around 9:00 am, We started at Alessandro point and and trail started as easy with some moderate uphills and down hills. Wre have a nice conversation while hiking when suddenly we are not seeing a trail anymore. We went to the hardest part of the trail with steep hills and saw some tracks that made by some people who had lost their way too. We decided to go down to the arroyo which is the hardest part because you have to fight with the bushes and brushes while making your own path. I slid a couple of times but my wife who is wearing just a rubber shoes and a tight leggings managed to come down of the hill without sliding. By the way, I'm wearing a hiking mid shoes with tactical pants and a tactical sling pack with some edc items on me. The arroyo is a beatiful and peaceful place, a nice streams of water gushing down throught the rocks, but it seems that there were no hiking trail available when you decided to go back to the trail so we decided to climb on the steepest and rockiest side of the arroyo just to get out of that place. We just admitted to ourselves that we are lost. We are on a verge of calling 911 but it will be a dumbest thing to do that since we are just on a small hiking trail in the middle of Riverside city. So we decided to use google map and we tried to reach the nearest road to get back to the civilization. Luckily we found a trail that leads us to canyon crest road. Since we parked our car on the other side of the hiking trail, we just walked from canyon crest road to mission grove, back to allesandro avenue which made our hiking more challenging and difficult and by the time we reached our car it is already past 1:00 pm. We learned our lessons not to underestimate any kind of trail especially you are new to that trail. My wife sustained some minor scratches on her legs, her shoes is not appropriate for the trail and we did not bring any kind of light snacks or food. We just brought 2 water bottles for a more than 4 hours of hike. All in all, the trail is a challenging one if you go deeper on the trail.

Great sunset Views!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Just a nicer run in the street... next to a man made river. Still nice though.

the other side is good and is a good cardio workout

I like the trail it is peace and a workout . Good cardio and not a lot of people in your space . Would go again this was my first time . I would give this five stars plus for trail running .

This is a nice hike. Challenging, that gives you periods of flat rolling hills.!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Monday, February 20, 2017

So many paths. You chose how long you want to be out there. Awesome trail.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nice hiking trails. You can go for miles & miles. Moderate. Not too hard of a hike.

Friday, November 11, 2016

good place to go I went there a couple years with my children and we all had a blast. we were all feeding the Ducks

Monday, November 07, 2016

The Sycamore Canyon State Ecological Reserve is at the extreme southern portion of Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park in the city of Riverside. There is a hike around it it's boundary (which I did this morning) and several hikes through the heart of it where you can see a variety of wildlife and chaparral which was typical of this area prior to development. This hike makes for a beautiful morning dog walk. This is a very easy, quick hike.

on Santa Ana River Trail

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun easy ride. Can run into area where transients camp.. some area can be a bit isolated.. recommend riding with buddy

trail running
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I ran about 2 miles of this trail (each way, out and back) from the southern end of the construction closure in Riverside. At least in this section, the trail is built alongside or on top of a sewer main, and my run was punctuated by regular mouthfuls/lungfuls of sewer gas. For almost a mile just north of Van Buren the trail runs a gauntlet between two high chain link fences protecting a sewage treatment plant on one side and the section of the river that the plant dumps into on the other. I'm hoping another section of the trail is better; I won't be on this one again.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Scenery is nice, but it's quite noisy due to passing cars.

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