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Rimrock, California Map

OMG! hubby and I are new retirees and I just traded in my 2002 Thunderbird for a 2018 Rubicon not for off roading actually but for the looks. Decided to might as well try our very first off road experience on our 46th anniversary date (9/1) and off we went. Luckily there were quite a bit of other off roaders which made me much less nervous. A few spots only one vehicle at a time and a few areas big boulders but nothing that one can't get through. It was a pretty easy drive and I am glad I had this app showing us where we were on the trail because at some forks there were only very small markers showing the trail we needed to continue on. Remember this was our very first time doing something like this but yes, I'm ready for the next one..

We had such a great time. No problems just a little rocky in some areas. I drive a stock Xterra pro x. I would like to come back and do it again when it snows.

off road driving
1 month ago

What an awesome experience! Got to take my 3 year old and 5 year old out in the rig today and had a blast! Honestly I stayed in 2wd for 97% of the trail. Gets pretty rocky in some sections but overall definitely worth checking out!

Good entry level trail. Well maintained for the most part, I made a mistake a veered off to 3NO3 but realized it about 1-2 miles in and came back up. It was a good trip though.

Great trail. I did it in a mid size Dodge Rebel with no problems. There were some moderately difficult roads that made it all the more fun. Scenery was beautiful. Make sure you download the all trails “pro” version so you can follow the trail while you have no service. Definitely something I’d like to do again in the winter when there’s snow on the mountains. There is one part where you get to a fork on the road. The GPS tells you to go left on the 2N7OY. This is better suited for jeeps, motorcycles or small off road vehicles. Take a right on the 2NO2. Better for larger trucks or off road vehicles.
I took the 2N7OY in my Dodge Rebel and there were a few areas that got little sketchy with the bottom clearance but it made it way more exciting.

I have to agree with Justin (fr abt a yr ago). If you are an experienced off roader, this may be an easy trail, but for newbies or just starting, it's sufficiently challenging. I was in a high clearance Toy4Runner, & was happy for the clearance. This trail is *on average* moderate IMO. It's really a mix of easy and moderately challenging, but it's not a trail to be inattentive on. Many places if you had a breakdown would be a major PIA. Like Justin, I had a passenger who was not too happy, so keep in mind that "easy, moderate, etc" are relative terms. This is not a rock crawler, axle breaking, rollover trail by any means, but it's no snooze either.

did this trail starting at Pioneertown 2N02 rd to 2N87 rd which takes you to Woodlands, but be aware that the post reads rd 2N86 but map says 2N87....very clean trail, lightly trafficked which is good just in case you get stranded. A deer crossed my path which was awesome. Did this trail in a 2000 Cherokee with a 4.5 lift and mud tires, it helpa to be lifted, 4x4 not really needed but it helps......Clean trail, will go back again because i love scenic trails and this has nice views.

Super fun trail !

Nice trail, in very good condition. only a few sem-steep parts, but pretty easy.

Good idea to have a map, even with GPS just to get to where the game 4X4 starts. I rate it as Easy, no real major crawling over irregular rocks. Berdoo Canyon has more difficult areas.. A steep bedrock climb and some rough spots. A 2011 Jeep Wrangler w/2.5 Lift.

Did this trail yesterday in my stock 4runner trd off road. Definitely download the map if your not familiar with the area, i took an off shoot of the trail and ended up on on of the more difficult trail sections with huge rocks to climb over needed up having to turn around and go the right way so be careful! Only saw 2 other people on the trail. Started in pioneer town then went to big bear.

off road driving
4 months ago

Great trail completed in a stock JK Rubicon. Added difficulty is you take loop 2N70Y as this section has 7 - 10 steep rocky obstacles. The main road 2N02 was easily navigated. Beautiful Joshua trees transitioning into pines. Would highly recommend this trail.

Really fun and easy trail for our Jeep w 3inch lift!

Ran this trail in stock height Tacoma TRD 4x4OH and Chevy Colorado Z71 out and back starting at Pioneertown. What a fun trail this was! Beautiful views to go along with a trail that takes you through sand, rocks, ups, downs, and all arounds! I firmly believe this trail is a 3 due to the frequent sections of rocks and ruts. Never had to get out and spot and never had any issues with clearance for being in stock height trucks, but did have maybe one or 2 sections that initially looked a little sketchy. Just for fun, we did the trail back from Big Bear to Pioneertown in 2wd drive and never even struggled. Sure it wasn't the easiest or smoothest ride, but it was very manageable if you know what you're doing and have sufficient clearance; just be careful of the narrow roads and cliffs! Also, don't forget to stop by historical Pappy & Harriet's for a beer before heading back home. Check out the video for footage of our entire run up to Big Bear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ3oGErYgsE

Great views and an easy trip. will do that one again sometime!

Great trail, started in the dessert and ended in the snow, dogs definitely on leash, 3 jeeps one of them stock, made it through just fine, if it's the 1st time your doing it you WILL DEFINITELY need to download map or you could miss a turn or make a wrong turn and end up in god knows where. I rate this EASY it's mostly just dirt, but you do find a little bit of small rocks nothing a little bit of ground clearance can't take. Definitely would do it again. Super Fun!

Had a fun easy going trip from Big Bear down to Pioneertown, kids enjoyed the bumps & we never had to use 4wd in the JK. Beautiful scenery & met some nice folks heading up the other direction.

Awesome trail! A fun trail that's great for testing the abilities of your 4x4. Offers spectacular changes in scenery as you go from desert to mountain forest. Some rocky sections but nothing you cant manuever around or drive over. Definitely worth checking out!

off road driving
Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This is a great trail for any high clearance 4x4, but it might intimidate some drivers. Some guidebooks rate this trail as easy, others hard. I think moderate is fair as you don't need a modified vehicle, but it's on the hard end of moderate - something you can test your experience on without too much of a chance of a getting in over your head. There's a lot of narrow shelf road, a lot of loose rock, a lot of large embedded rocks, wash outs to be expected, and the last push is pretty steep (you can also exit from a little lower down near cactus flats if you feel like skipping the part most likely to need skid plates when I last knew). My passenger, who will no longer go off roading with me, stated he thought we had a 50% chance of dying by plunging into the canyon. That's a vast exaggeration of the facts, but just keep in mind before going it was that intimidating to someone without much 4wd experience. You shouldn't just go to test your skills, though. This is an amazing, scenic drive, and is probably the best way to see the transition between high desert and alpine life zones. It's also one of the best places to see some truly huge Joshua trees. Highly recommended.

off road driving
Saturday, June 03, 2017

Fun drive.

Fun trail to take to Pioneertown

off road driving
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It has been tradition that every year at Thanksgiving I do this trail. This is an amazing trail. There are plenty of off shoots to keep things interesting. A stock 4x4 vehicle should be able to do the main trail just fine. The off shoots are more difficult and that is the moderate part. The scenery is amazing and is pretty much mandatory for me whenever I am in the area.

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