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17 hours ago

This hike was fairly repetitive- it's a lot of rolling hillsides, with cows and wildlife along the way. I wouldn't do it on a hot day, on a foggy winter day it was perfect. There isn't a lot of shade. At the back end of the loop hike we encountered two coyotes on the trail. It was getting near sundown, and I was a little freaked out because I had a small terrier with me. One coyote was on the trail itself, and the other coyote I saw over a ridge playing with a baby calf. It was surreal. The trail itself was pretty flat and got more strenuous at the end with some elevation. Lots of cows, and moderate number of people. If you do the entire trail, it's roughly 3.5 hours of hiking, so start early.

Great views, but not much shade, better hike for slightly chilly day

This is a nice little park with a nice view on a clear day.

Great place in the middle of city! Lots of cows and people. Some inclines to start and finished through the woods. Great view of the city! There is a portion of pavement which is my least favorite but on this route, it’s minimal.

Lots of wild life to see. Coyotes, turkeys, cows, deer.

Amazing views of the bay, not a long hike to get to a good vantage point.

saw 2 coyotes, mostly in the sun, lots of hills

Very small and flat, better to go up miller knox

Nice short hike with beer after

Take the loop clockwise for the best views. Take it counter clockwise for more gradual inclines. Overall this is a nice hike, a scaled down version of some of the more demanding, more beautiful hikes in the Bay Area.

best place to hike with dogs

cool flat place to hike

on a clear day the views would be spectacular

Havey Canyon is currently impassible due to a downed tree. Had to turn back.

This hike will take you through six parks along the ridge of the east bay. When you reach Redwood Regional Park, the Skyline Trail splits - you can stay on West Ridge Trail or take the French & Orchard Trails instead. If you go French Trail, it will add about 2 miles and some elevation, but it’s much more scenic. So if you only want to hike 30 miles, then stay on West Ridge Trail. If you want to do a little extra, take French.

Also, before you reach Vollmer Peak, you will need to exit the Seaview Trail and follow the markers to take Arroyo and Vollmer Peak Trails to the parking lot. I have it mapped out correctly as it’s not clear from the trail map on ebparks.org.



Dog park. On a clear day though you can have the best views of SF. Golden Gate Bridge, SF skyline, Bay Bridge.

Paved and accessible, great views, lots of rest spots. Museum itself is a highlight too. Aggressively speeding bikers abounded, which was a little stressful. Distance is far greater than stated (maybe it would be accurate as point-to-point)

4 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in the Bay. It has it all, climbs, scenery, two parks, views for days, turkeys, turtles, cows, hawks, a lake...you get it. Go early on a hot day, bring water, layer and be prepared to take lots of pictures.

This is a beautiful hike with thigh burning climbs that bring you to hands-down, the best panoramic views in the Bay Area. Bring water because there is limited shade and layers because the wind can be gusty at the top.

Great trail with beautiful views of the cities!

Dramatic views; and some good, steep, little inclines. Made it without too many skids, even tho it was pretty dry. Tho I have to say, paved Wildcat Creek Trail is an anti-climactic ending. An otherwise great hike.

A good alternative to Belgum

5 months ago

beautiful . many very large stingrays fully visible near the marina

It was a great hike! Like the previous comment said- go clockwise so you’ll hit the hardest part first. The views and breeze were amazing!

Visited Point Isabel on NYD. Great morning walk with my dogs.

Awesome views with Panoramic look into the bay.

Super fun to see all the dogos.

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