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Great moderate trail. Parking lot was closed but easy parking just a quarter mile past trailhead. I highly recommend doing this trail counter clockwise as the trail is still open in both directions. The actual elevation gain was 945ft and 5.6 miles from the parking location. Trail loop itself was 5.2 miles. The added perk of the sandstone caves was really fun.

I powered through this on a rainy afternoon. Only crossed paths with one pair of bikers. Great hike but not sure I'd want to bike it! Feels nice and remote.

that last section uphill threatens to take a star off, but the rest is so beautiful... 76 banana slugs today!

Good for dog socializing . There are many dogs on trail and a sheep farm.

off trail
over grown
private property
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Nice quiet trail that has some nice views. Lots of plants but surprisingly few bugs, which is great. Seems well kept.

on Anniversary Trail

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Short, easy trail with pretty wildflowers and amazing views- you can see all the way from SF to SJ! Very convenient as parking lots are at the start & end of the trail.

Refreshing hike during the shelter in place situation but there no big view points. Went on a Friday so there was not much crowd but the parking was almost full. Completely shaded and good hike.

Loved this trail! Nice steady incline for the first half, nice steady decline for the back half. Had my little one strapped to my back the whole time and got a decent workout.

The views are breath taking. The way down is pretty easy but the way back it’s mostly uphill.

horses make it a little less pleasant for hikers but still a nice trail.

Habitat restoration with one area cleared of eucalyptus. Wild irises in bloom.

Great views, good workout. Ranks among one of my favorite in the area for a straightforward escape to the trees. Did not take 1 wrong turn (which for myself and my hiking partner is unusual!) Downhill out, uphill back with a small bump in the middle. If you’re in a poor mood heading out on this trail you’ll surely be in a better one once you finish! Moderately traveled. Moderately muddy - proper footwear will be helpful on this trail. Bring a light sweater/ sweatshirt as it was cool on the shady decline Enjoy!

Ended up being about 6.5 miles. It’s a pretty long hike with no views. But, the forest is pretty and there was lots of Newts and Banana Slugs! Very over grown in some areas and its a pretty secluded hike. All in all, it’s not the best, but a pretty good hike.

Lovely, beautiful, magical little trail on a foggy, rainy day. Great views once the sky cleared and the sun burned off the fog. As other reviewers noted, uphill or downhill the whole trip. My mama really benefited from her hiking poles, and I very much recommend for anyone who needs a bit of support on their footing. Trail is mostly wide throughout. Be cautious/conscious of mountain bikers. Take the more scenic (read: magical) path to the right upon starting. And also, I thought the ending was abrupt, as noted, but still quite beautiful. We took a break at the end and ate some lunch.

For most of the part (not all), the trail is wide enough to allow you to keep your distance.

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Had to park further down and took a longer route which ended up being 5.5mi. Hike was pleasant though, very doable for kids as well

This path is OPEN from Ralston all the way across to Canada Road (as of 5/17/2020), despite what the headline says above. That includes the pedestrian/bike bridge over the freeway. There is a fence at the Ralston entrance that blocks half of the trail that says 'authorized vehicles only', but that is just to prevent cars from entering the first half of the trail where it is wide enough for them to fit.

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Beautiful trail! The loop is clearly marked at entrance/exit as a one way to support social distancing but not everyone was following the direction. We were going the correct direction but passed so many people at one point coming from the opposite direction we thought we were going the wrong way! I am really grateful these are open again on weekends and hope more people follow the guidelines so we continue to have weekend access under shelter in place.

We arrived by 7:30 am, last Sunday. The parking lot was open and 80% full. East Ridge trail is a good warm up before you approach West Ridge, however our group missed the connection between East and West Ridge, and navigating back to West Ridge was a bit confusing as well, even with a map and signage. Our 8 mile hike turned into a beautiful 15 mile hike that I don't regret. I'd brush up on the map and get some assistance from a trail guide before I return to the East and West loop. Great scenery, active hikers, bikers, dogs, and a few people just out for fresh air.

Absolutely beautiful. Shady for the most part. The uphill is long and hard but also filled with ferns and redwoods and is totally worth it and a great workout. It took us about 3:30 and did clock in closer to ten miles. Due to COVID and social distancing requirements they are being quite strict about people not parking on the side of the road if the parking lot fills up. So get here early! When we got back to our car we saw lots of people had tickets who had parked in the no parking areas along the road.

Legit hike. Hiked as a loop with Harkins Ridge Trail, beautiful views of the ocean toward the top, massive moss covered tress and redwoods in the lower sections. Rating 8/10

This is the 3.2 mile sylvan serpentine Edgewood trail. Some parts are 2 way

Ran this trail and it was such a blast. A bit steep going up but coming down hill was super smooth. The trail is nicely groomed and you can easily wear road running shoes for this hike as long as it’s dry. The trail is closed to only going counter clockwise so keep that in mind, but I’d definitely do this again!

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