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2 days ago

Very beautiful, peaceful hike. I wasn't prepared for the 4.5 mile trek up the side of a mountain, my mistake, so I was quite sore afterwards, and knee bothering me quite a bit on the way down the same 4.5 miles. The view at the top was amazing! Natural beauty all around. I'd do it again!

Great for kids, dogs and mountain bikers! Bring a snack and enjoy it at the picnic table up top!

11 days ago

I hiked beginning of May. Spectacular view at the top and pretty falls along the way! Other highlights include being surrounded by butterflies and wildflowers at multiple points. I encountered a bear over halfway up- a young adult. The bear startled at my presence and crashed through the brush about 4 yards from me before turning and loping off.

Nice flat stroll adjacent to the river, the Sundial Bridge Arboretum offers some sweet architecture, and is a nice place to relax and walk off a good meal in Redding. We got there on a late summer afternoon and the bright white inclined pylon really stood out against the deep blue sky. The bridge sign was very interesting, like the fact there are 2,245 glass panels in the deck of the bridge, each covering 10 square feet and can reach 150 degrees in the summer. It was an especially hot summer and my melting tennis shoes started to stick to the deck. The trail offered some welcome shade and a chance to cool off my shoes. Definitely worth a stop even if you just walk over the bridge and back.

Fun little loop. Less people than the river trail. A little more of a peaceful feel as well.

A nice trail, peaceful hike, lots of mosquitoes, good weather, went down to the water (lots of spiders going down) let my dog off the leash, came back home feeling tired but refreshed

We just got to experience this beautiful trail!!! Great trail!!!

18 days ago

Awesome trail—pretty well maintained, and we had the whole thing practically to ourselves! Took us about 3-3.5 hrs plus stop time at the top. You get glimpses of the lake on the way, and there’s a great view at the top, so go on a clear day to see Lassen and Shasta looking pristine. In drier weather, it’s ok to drive to the trailhead with the proper car, but we decided to start at the campground and get our miles in. (I think the gate was only open this weekend for a bike race anyway.)

The only con was the abundance of poison oak, but it doesn’t usually intrude on the trail. You just have to be attentive, especially in the spring when it blends in with the rest of the greenery. Also, the only other hiker we saw warned us she’d seen a bear on her way up, so as always just keep your eyes peeled!

I live in an adjacent neighborhood and we do this loop almost daily. It’s flat and paved with the option to walk nice dirt trails that run along the inside of the paved loop. Great for dog walking. Although summer gets very hot as there are no trees so you have to plan early or late walks.

We bike this all the time. Easy, but with pretty views of the river. This is our “go to” trail when we want to go for a decent ride without hitting the dirt.

Great place to see birds! Clean, well maintained, safe trail for Kids.

Absolutely beautiful! There are meadows and wildflowers as far as you can see. Extremely well maintained trail, and as a Mom; I felt extremely at ease letting my kiddo run as far ahead as I could see..... Doggo poopoo bags and two trash receptacles available also. Bring water, and your camera. Can't wait to go back!

30 days ago

Nice trail. Lots of wild flowers today-April 24th.

1 month ago

Great hike overall. Finding the top of Mule Mountain can prove somewhat difficult, as there are a number of branching points along the trail. Solid view of Whiskey Town from the top. (Hiked January 2017)

Quick. Easy. Close to Redding. Great views. A nice way to spend an afternoon hiking. Watching the sunset from the peak is also a great time to hike Chamise- though bring a flashlight for the descent.

Very beautiful trail, loads of different paths you can take, but marked well.

Love this hike! Great track. Easy to navigate. Amazing views of the mountains to the west and the valley, Mt. Shasta, the dam and even Lassen. The whole family did this one. The little ones where in the back packs and the 5 & 6 year old killed it.
This one will defiantly be on our short list.
You do have to compete with the mountain bikers but they are were pretty courteous of our crew.

1 month ago

I thought this trail was more difficult than the clover dale loop right next to it. An awesome trail with awesome vistas.

love this good place for my dog and me

1 month ago

Beautiful area in the spring... Nice and green. Followed the track to the back of the trail and the sky fell. Scrambled back on a different route route to get out of a heavy rain. Great trail for dogs and bicyclists. The trail is wide, clay based with gravel and wide enough to support a sports wheelchair easily. There are side single track trails going everywhere in all directions...

on Fisherman's Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful spring day. Beautiful trail. It runs along Keswick Lake. The foliage was fresh and green. There were quite a few wild flowers. Lots of birds singing and lizards scurrying around. Very lovely. There is poison oak along the sides of the trail. The trail is narrow as others said but, clear and easy to navigate. Overall, a very nice local hike.

1 month ago

Fun trail. Meant to do Piety Hill Loop but zigged when I should’ve zagged and ended up on this one. Nice trail.

Nice thought from the city... It's signed on the other end as Angler's Trail as a fishing access. The trail is pretty ugly because when the river flows are really high it flows partially through this area but the river views were very good. It was my 4th trail along I-5 on a work trip and the worst but still worth seeing the river. Took a couple shots of a turkey on the trail.

horseback riding
1 month ago

This trail and Piety Loop are both decent rides. A little rocky in some spots, but plenty of beautiful scenery. You can ride 3 ways, Cloverdale, Piety and Horsetown. Plenty of turn around and ample trailer parking at the Cloverdale Trail Head.

1 month ago

Loved it! Some nice uphill sections give you a good workout, and the picnic area at the peak is very cool. Lots of flowers and butterflies this time of year (late March), and a little running creek. But we ending up on Meiner loop somehow and had to hike a little ways up Delano road back to the parking lot

This trail has been of great help to my recovery from lower leg reconstruction. The grades are mild and surface in great shape. Scenery changes throughout the seasons make it an all year favorite for me.

One of my favorite hikes in Redding! Trail is well maintained and a good workout but not too hard.

Great trail for jogging, we’ve also biked and roller bladed here!

2 months ago

Great trail! Went in mid-March and endured some rain and beautiful snowfall! This time of year there are a few creeks to cross carefully and a beautiful waterfall. The hike up can be a little grueling but you can do it! There is a big clearing at the peak, and even a nice bench under a tree. The hike down is fast and easy. The whole thing took us about 3 hours.

Love all the trails at lema ranch!

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