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Rancho Palos Verdes, California Map

Pleasant walk along the beach. Perfect for all ages.

Trails in Trump golfcourse. Beautiful views down by rock beaches. Waves crashing, multiple trails.

Nice trail. Few people and empty. We started from Lunada Bay. Beautiful ocean views in the beginning. Goes along the canyon. Great combination of ocean views, rustic, canyon and good workout from up/downhill. Its under the radar.

Great trail. Lots of different trails and paths to take. This trail had some great elevations. Beautiful views.

Incredibly clear views of Catalina island today!
Mostly flat trail that heads due west, giving great views of the ocean.

15 days ago

Nice walk with my 75yr mother and her 11yr golden retriever. Beautiful day

Beautiful views of the ocean

One of my local favorites at sunset.

It’s beautiful but very easy. I wish it was longer.

Nice hike beautiful views.

18 days ago

What a beautiful trail along the rocky coastline, well traveled trails, wide in some spots. Lovely natural landscapes too.

Today's hike was not that pleasant, the fog lifted just as we started and the air was unhealthy. The descent was fairly easy but as we headed back up the trail it started getting warm and as there is very little shade I was just remarking how desolate the surroundings are when one of our band let out a cry. One of our troop just narrowly avoided stepping on a rattle snake. It was a little fellow about 3 feet in length, the snake remained perfectly calm and retreated back into the bush.
Overall I liked the hike but it would be better to visit on a clear day after the rains when there has been some fresh growth.

This is one of my favorites in the area. A couple of things to keep in mind are that there is little shade so in the summer make sure to dress appropriately and pack water. Also, the chances of meeting a rattlesnake on the trail is pretty high. I have almost stepped on a rattlesnake enough times now that I stopped wearing headphones on these trails. Great views of Catalina Island on clear days.

nice to go with family

We do this hike often...we take the main Burma Trail Road and offskirt on the many different trails along the way to give ourselves a different hike each time...they all lead back to the main path at some point or another. We end at Portuguese Bend and turn around and it ends up being about 5 miles more or less. Really great workout with a lot of ups and downs. Dog-friendly although you will come across horses on this trail so make sure your pup is okay with that. Not much shade at all so bring a lot of water! Really gorgeous views. We love coming here in the springtime when the wild flowers are CRAZY beautiful! If you go in the summer, go early as it gets really warm. Check El Cerro Park for parking first, otherwise you’ll have to find a spot on the road. There are portajohns within the first quarter mile or so.

Can’t believe I’ve lived here for a few years and never knew about this trail! We parked at the community center in the parking lot but you can also continue down the road and park at the other end on the street. All the trails sort of loop back into each other so I don’t think you’d get lost. The dogs loved it! Only ran into one other person hiking on a Friday morning ... we did about 4 miles although you can make it as long/short as you want. Not a ton of shade so bring a lot of water. Pirates trail is pretty uphill on the first half but then it evens out. Really gorgeous views of the ocean the whole way through!

1 month ago

Great hike, but you may have to swim a small section to get to the tide pools. We will def come back with swim suits so we can get across to the tide pools next time.

Great hike good mix of easy and hard course depending on the routes you take

Part of this trail is closed, keep your eyes peeled for the signs.

It was a scenic walk with clear views of Catalina island and a calm ocean. I took the Paint Brush trail section and found a “Trail closed” sign about halfway through it. I only had about a third of a mile to go to connect to the next trail so I took a chance and proceeded since the trail looked well used even though it was closed. Luckily I brought a walking pole that was helpful to get down the steep parts with loose shale rocks. The pole also came handy going down the steep part before the rocky beach. The trail has you walk next to Palos Verdes Dr where the road is hilly and wavy due to the unstable ground. It was interesting to see cracks and holes in the ground due to the earth slowly sliding into the ocean. I took a nice break on the beach before heading back up. My tracking device said it was 3.4 mi down to the bottom and took 1.5 hrs. It took about 1:45 to go walk back to my car at the top of Crenshaw.

I love Point Vincente as a new Californian. When you get the the lighthouse there are palm trees you can picnic under and it’s super peaceful. Always good parking and never really crowded. Also the views off the cliffs never get old. No shade on the actual trail but it’s mostly more of a walk anyway!

We started this hike a bit too late in the day so we ended up only doing portion of what we expected to. The scenery here was amazing the best I have seen in California so far however I have only been here a very short time. The beginning of the hike was on a wide trail for horses and potentially even vehicles so although the scenery was amazing there the trail was uneventful. But as we continued the trail God very interesting and at one point we had an area where the trail was closed but we decided to take a shot at it. That section was very steep and not very solid so a bit slippery going down. On the return part of the trip we cut across on a wide trail as well where there were mountain bikers and it was great scenery but not very adventurous of the trail. Overall this was a great hike however next time I would stick to the trail provided by all trails instead of modifying it for my time constraints. But again the scenery was amazing. Great trail to go with a dog.

Nice walk

1 month ago

One of my favorite walks to go on around here. Lots of parking, no shade unfortunately. They do have bathrooms along the way and water fountains.

Definitely beautiful views, not alot of shade. Alot of different ways to venture off to. Probably would be a little more on the hard side versus moderate due to steep spots, stairs and cliffs.

A nice and easy trail to a beautiful beach

If your looking for a scenic yet relaxing hike, then this is the place to go. I went with a friend and we enjoyed it very much . Nearby parking is at Trumps golf course (it's small lot, but hopefully you can find a spot)

Well let’s just say they lied about this being an easy hike. Make sure you’re athletic or else you will NOT make it back up the hill.

Great variety of trails with beautiful views.

It was the perfect hike that was not too challenging, but enough to work up a sweat!

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