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This was a good hike. They have a paid security guard in the area making regular patrols. We talked to him for a bit he was cool and friendly. During the summer the trail closes at 8pm and the gate is locked so make sure you get your vehicle out. There is no parking available outside of the gate. If you happen to get locked in you’ll have to wait for deputy to come up and let you out. I heard a rumor you could get cited. It would be great if the gate stayed open till 9. It’s a good workout, 850ish foot climb over a mile stretch. Definitely will so this hike again.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Closed due high heat!!

22 days ago

Been coming here for years, last time I went my car window was busted out and everything was taken out of my car when I got back from my hike. It’s a nice hike, no shade on the way up, only about 1.5 miles to reach the falls but it’s a big incline all the way. The falls have graffiti everywhere and there are names carved all over the trees at the top.

So nice up there. Too bad to see graffiti on the rocks

Did both of the trails one after the other yesterday, Loop and up to the waterfalls. Very rocky terrain on both, boots are advised as well as at least 2 liters of water. Not much shade up to either. It’s a good steep climb up but worth going the distance. Take plenty of breaks, it’s not a race but an adventure. Lots of mosquitos up at the waterfalls due to sitting water. Highlight was having a huge deer bound over the walking path on the loop about 10 yards in front of us. Will do again .....

it's a easy family friendly trail and the scenery is amazing....

nice walk/run, enough incline to take your breath away but easy enough that before you even think you had enough youre at the falls. nice view from the top. come early coz parking is limited to 30 cars and this trail is popular. police present to give you ticket.

1 month ago

just finished and all I can saw is owwwww. My Fitbit measured it at a little over 4 miles round trip, a far cry from the 3.4 it says it is. it's not rocky like boulder-y where you have to climb over things but pebble-y where every step is unstable and you're in danger of rolling an ankle. Once you get up there it's absolutely beautiful and a great place to relax and chill for a while. There is graffiti buy we didn't see much trash that people were complaining about. It is very steep and there really isn't anywhere along the trail to rest. It actually took us about the same amount of time going up as it did coming down. Absolutely no coverage and when it's sunny it's HOT. Good luck!

1 month ago

Great hike.

Great hike. Waterfall was small due to lack of rain but still worth the hike. I’d classify this as a Moderate more than easy hike due to the constant elevation gain in such a short distance (800 ft in 1 mile)

on Etiwanda Falls Trail

1 month ago

Easy trail...Sun projection, hat & water, I saw folks in tennis shoes but were having a bit of a struggle hiking. If your in fair condition it may take you 1hr plus to complete, parking is limited... it can be a busy trail with families hiking. Disappointed with the graffiti, pet waste & trash visitors leave behind.
Unfortunate, be considerate.

1 month ago

Like others said, lots of rocks make this trail a little more tricky. I expected the falls to be a little larger, but it wasn't very big and the amount of trash and graffiti detracked from the ambiance. There was also some dog poop on the trail. It took about an hour and a half for me and my boyfriend to complete at 9 am. Definitely go early as the sun gets pretty hot and there isn't much shade.

Fun trail and great for kids. Be a good human and pick up your trash and maybe pick up some one else’s for good karma.

good trails.

1 month ago

This is a wonderful hike, but be advised it’s very rocky. Also the trail is heavily trafficked. Depending on how you look at it, that should be factored into your decision to hike this trail.
We took this trail for family hike and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch at the falls. We didn’t mind the crowd, but YMMV. Overall, we would do this again.

Did this trail this morning for the first time. Got there around 8:30 and the parking lot was packed. It labels this trail as easy but it not. Lots of rocks on the trail so wear appropriate shoes.

1 month ago

Great hiking spot.

Very easy to hike. (I took my daughter up there for the first time when she was 4 years old).

Don’t leave your trash, pick up after yourself, and DO NOT GRAFFITI.

The Falls were an unexpected surprise. Nearly instantly you go from dry arrow landscape to a lush forest.

Easy as far as distance but when it comes down to the incline it’s a bit difficult rocks make it hard to walk sometimes

Too many rocks

It says no dogs but some brought their dogs.... anyone know if they are allowed?

2 months ago

Took me and my 40-something boyfriend three hours to hike in and out. We did have a half hour picnic before we headed back.

Super easy drive up to the trailhead.

Didn’t need a parking pass. Guessing parking fills up fast. We went on a weekday, afternoon while school was still in session and there were many people on the trail.

Verizon service went in and out. I didn’t have any service at the end of the trial.

Recommend shoes with ankle support because there are a lot of rocks and trail angles that it would be easy to roll an ankle on.

There is A LOT of graffiti along the tail. It’s disappointing and distracts heavily when you come up to the creek. I also cleaned up a normal size shopping bag of trail garbage on my way out.

This trail qualifies as ‘Easy’ on the app but the 800+ ft elevation gain is work and grueling in the hot sun.

Great creek at the end of the trail. Make time to creek walk further up.


Done this twice with friends. Would possibly say this is harder than easy if you go to the top of waterfall.

Loved the view and the crushed stone to run on

I don't get it are dogs allowed or not some posts say the dogs love it then the next post say no dogs allowed...help

2 months ago

pretty cool little trail. A lot of nature to look around and see. Good little 45 minute hike.

3 months ago

The trail is rockey and I wouldn’t rate it as easy but, the waterfall is cool. IMO it’s a good workout not too hard but, not easy.


3 months ago

Amazing hike!!! I carried my 40lb toddler in my arms all the way up the mountain and to the river creek and then down..about 6 miles total. It was quite the workout but the view was simply amazing!!! Started our hike at 6:30am and finished by 10am

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