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Really fun trail! I suggest you pack light and leave electronics in the car though . You do have to get in the water and swim up to climb the mini waterfall to continue the trail. Not sure if they’re open yet though.

Are the falls open yet I've been dying to go!!!

2 months ago

I love this spot. I called into the ranger station and they said you can park there with a national forest adventure pass.

Just like the old days, parking was hard today (Sunday) we got there around 11am so it would be warmer, get earlier if you can fit parking, do not park outside of the lot because cops were writing tickets today.

How do you go when it’s closed , is there security/cops that’s there watching?

yes. stay away. no public anything, no roads, lol

Great hike! Falls at the end was beautiful! Listen to signs telling you were NOT TO PARK! As I was leaving, police came and were issuing parking tickets.

New hours are being enforced. 6:30 am - 6:30 pm when gates are open and close. Porter potty are the begging of trail now.

Sucks! No parking anywhere. Only with a $20 permit parking pass.

Well maintained and beautiful views.

It is a difficult and unmaintained service road.

This was a great hike! There was hardly any trash but unfortunately there is some graffiti. There is a pretty big incline so depending on your fitness level this could take a little while. My group made it to the creek crossing in an hour and from there we headed up the river to do some exploring. We didn't see the falls as we were afraid of being cited. We saw a camera or sensor up there that may be used to enforce the rule? Parking is $20 so we were just dropped off to avoid this cost. Overall a great hike that was fun and short! I really hope they open up access to the falls soon!!

trail running
4 months ago

Jan 2018; Parking by Permit only. No access.

Like this trail because it's a little steep which gives you a good workout. However you MUST take proper shoes because it's pretty rocky. If you take kids under 4 or 5 be ready to carry them on your way down or up.. They will get tired and the ground it's pretty hard for their little feet.. Saw many parents carrying their kids and they looked tired. Also saw people with flats shoes... In a place like that you will injured your feet with those type of shoes. With that said. The trail allows you to take cute pictures. It ends at the small waterfalls. There are other trails that you can take that lead to this one, you will find them on your way. Trail it's pretty traffic wich it's good for safety, lots of families.

I like doing the Loop more than the in and out. It’s longer (which I liked), more scenic and the terrain is better!!!! So rewarding once you make it to the top to see the waterfall. ♥️

Beautiful trail - straight out and back. Pretty steep uphill and gravelly. It’s unfortunate how much graffiti has taken over the falls, but still pretty. Make sure to go early as there is no shade.

Good workout, it was an overall very nice and clean trail with beautiful views.

Rock climbing wall. Rope climbing through waterfalls. Swimming. Greenery everywhere. Awesome hike.

I really liked this trail. I’ll admit, I’m not the type of person that does this often but I was able to get through it. There is incline so be ready for that, overall it’s a great trail. It says no dogs but there was a lot of dogs walking (my two included lol), I just wish people were better about cleaning after them and/or taking the poop bags. The scene was nice, worth the hike!

Great short hike with a lovely set of waterfalls. Unlike other waterfalls in the area, I felt that this trail was better maintained and looked after than Bonita Falls. Very crowded to the falls themselves, but fantastic none the less. The interpretive markers are awesome and shed some light on the early days for the region. I learned a lot venturing around the loop and even made my way up Day Canyon to see stone gauge building after seeing it on one of the interpretive signs. Now that’s a gem that doesn’t get much traffic. One of my favorite hikes in the region. Will be doing it again soon. :)

Great, uphill hike to a fun waterfall at the end. I didn’t notice too much graffiti like other reviews suggested. A bit rocky but doable in tennis shoes. Overall, awesome workout!

I hike the Etiwanda Preserve to the waterfall and back 3 to 4 times a week. When I have the time I hike back to the start point and hike it twice. Many people are saying easy hike but I guess that depends on how fast you are hiking it. My goal is to make it to the Waterfall under 30 minutes. I think it’s a great workout!!!

Fun, easy to moderate hike. We went clockwise like the other reviews said to and I think it was worth it. Starting off there are some interesting info boards about the preserve and area that are worth the read. The middle of the hike I would consider the falls, which are beautiful. The last part of the hike is the most boring but just a straight stretch which is okay, because towards the end of the hike we just wanted to get back to the car to go eat.

Went clockwise as others suggested. Not difficult at all but it is a very rocky path. Probably would’ve had more of a workout going counterclockwise. Didn’t know no dogs allowed but encountered about 6 other dogs along the way. No shade until you get to the waterfall so I wouldn’t suggest going in the summertime.

Really nice hike. The waterfall at the end is so beautiful.

jog on it every day awesome

road biking
7 months ago

Not to shabby. Super fun if you want to go for a cruise on your bike. Plan on jogging here soon.

I loved this hike, it was easy and had some really cool abandoned structures and cars that made the trip to the waterfall fun. I think it closed mostly due to the amount of people that died up there, either by falling or drowning. For years I wondered when they were going to close it, because it was scary watching people climb the waterfall in shorts and flip flops, with clearly no climbing experience, and often times after drinking beers they brought in an ice chest. I don't know how many of the deaths involved this kind of behavior, because it could happen to any of us, but it was obvious that it was a dangerous place that was easily accessible to a lot of people.

Closed due to fires, grafittit, vandalism. Falls only accessible if you are with the clean up crew or you will be cited for trespassing. Legal trail (STEEP) will get you close enough to hear the water. Park below Almond anywhere permit is not required

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