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have been going for years love it. it's pave so great for running. city view is amazing

You can take the paved road all the way up the mountain or you could start at the dog park and take the dirt path up halfway. The dirt path is a much harder, true hike that is quiet but it eventually lands you on the paved road. It smelled like dog poop and urine in a few areas and it is heavily trafficed by pedestrians, strollers and bicycles.

lots of parking availability. whether street or lot located at the park right by the trail head

pretty easy with gentle inclines and declines. lots of landmarks with history explained on plaques. the only thing i would say that would cause an introvert like myself to have any gripes on this hike is the amount of traffic! there's so many people and their pets on this hike. i had to dodge so many strollers and crazy but adorable dogs and their POOP! that's the one thing, if you're going to be a pet owner, PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET!!!

other than that, i'd say this is a very nice hike with amazing elevated views of the city below and cool landmarks.

Great workout. Too crowded and noisy. People play music loudly instead of keeping it at a personal level. Not everyone picks up after their dogs. People sit on the cross base and hang out, not giving a chance for other people to touch it or get close enough to enjoy the view. Bridge area smelled strongly of urine. Would be nice to have a restroom up there for people to use. Nice to see families hiking together.

Easy trail - not a lot of people . Very pretty

13 days ago

Good for a quick easy exercise up and down the mountain. You can get about 4 miles by doing entire loop. I got bored just doing the paved road so we take the dirt inclines all the way up..a great way to avoid the crowds! Major pet peeve about this Mountain is that people don’t pick up after their dogs!!! And there are plastic bags offered for free at trail head!! And then there are the rude people that blasts their loud music for all of us seeking some serenity and silence to hear...so annoying. So if you don’t mind a lot of rude people..you won’t mind this trail. Start at the crack of dawn or take the dirt steep trails to avoid crowds.

Nice clean pavement trail ...great for taking your dogs

14 days ago

went with my two sons, my 6 year had a great time! and my 1 year was running like a cheetah. We only made to the start of the mountain but was definitely fun.

Very easy to put miles on your feet.

Some nice views and very well marked trail but the trail got a little boring after awhile. It is very flat and anyone in reasonably good shape can do it. The trail ends abruptly with no major payout at the end which was a bummer. There are also lots of ticks so bug spray is a must and be carried you bring your furry friends.

Nice and easy

Soft flat trail through a peaceful neighborhood. Great for dog walking
and stretching your legs.

Nice easy hike for our family of 4 and 2 dogs. Daughters, aged 7 and 4 handled it well. Beautiful scenery set alongside the river.

Car free and a good surface for road bikes. Even in fall with all the leaf litter skinny wheels were totally fine. Trail crosses numerous roads and cars were very courteous.

18 days ago

20 days ago

Family place to go and have a nice hike

On arrival you come to American River Canyon Overlook park. Dont bother with doing the first loop or heading to the very end of the black trail marker. The area is fenced off so it forces you to go around.
Look at my return tracks.
The start of the trail is across the parking lot from the out building behind a big metal Flag pole in a chained off area. Drop down behind the flag pole and head left at the gate.
First impressions of the place was "what a dump"!
Things got better after the first mile and the views are nice. Typical river views.
Wear your muck boots as its obvious the people using their horses over feed them.

I'll return to the area to use some of the other trails but will consider parking at another location.
Lots of runners on the trail.

I’ve done this hike twice. It was a good beginning hike but I wouldn’t do it again. Way too many people & the parking was horrible.

1 month ago

just another walk really. good for conditioning. Enter from 14th or from the main entrance. Dirt trails give a better workout, and plenty of rocks for bouldering. Great sunset views from the cross or the rock benches past the cross.

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