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19 hours ago

We went up from the dog park and BOY WAS THAT A STEEP GOOD CHALLENGE!!!!

Nice and steep

Easy, flat, well maintained path. Perfect for riding and coasting intermittently. My teen daughter says it's relaxing.

7 days ago

Nice trail a lot of people but definitely enjoyed it.

trail running
11 days ago

This is my go-to trail when i wake up to nice weather. It’s nice for all ages, stroller friendly, and pet friendly. There is a paved trail wrapping up the mountain but you can also hike straight up the side if you like. It does get crowded around 10, so I try to go earlier if I’m planning on running. But even when it’s busy, there is usually plenty of parking at Ryan bonaminio Park.

mountain biking
15 days ago

nice trail

This trail was so great! We went on a sunny day and enjoyed all the sights and restraints near the path. I definitely recommend this one, for those whole live close.

My favorite trail.

road biking
19 days ago

Biked and walked this many times with my family when we vacationed here.

21 days ago

love this easy and fast to put in a work out with my dog..

Beautiful Trail, we lived it!

A scenic moderately difficult trail. It’s definitely more single than double track if plan on going with friends. Not really kid friendly.

This trail is near level with little grade. It is an out and back trail, unless two or more people will be hiking together. In this case a vehicle can be left at the far end for an easy return to the trailhead.

25 days ago

We hiked this for the first time today and enjoyed it.
Distance- about 2.5 mile
Time- took us about 1 hr. (we ran down)
Parking- free (yay) and easy (yay)...less than a 5 min walk from the trail at Ryan Bonaminio Park
Path- wide and paved (could even bring a stroller) and dog friendly
Sights and Views- cool bridge w/tower and large white cross at the top with terrific 360° views of surrounding hills/mountains
*why not 5 stars? not really an escape from civilization with surrounding neighborhoods, lots of people, and highly manicured terrain

Easy and flat trail with beautiful views. Our dog loves it too. I can't wait to see the wildflowers in spring.

Mt. Rubidoux...a favorite! LOTS of options to get to the top. We like to take the trail that starts on the Santa Ana River side near the Dog Park.

1 month ago

A nice walk on a trail that follows the road through some nice neighborhoods. Good place to take the dog for a walk or go for a jog.

Not too bad. A lot of people on this trail. But people on the trail are very friendly.

I’ve done this ride quite a bit when the weather is decent. I like to start at sac state and head up to the hatchery.
If you don’t live close by, I would recommend leaving your car at sac state. The chance of a break in isn’t bad. But remember to pay for day parking. Easier on the weekends when most of the students are off campus.
There was a time I was with a group and we used the light rail to get back to sac state.
Some of the serious riders can be rude if your just out for a little exercise but many more are happy to wave and say hello!
There are great places to stop for some picnic lunches and the views are great if you’re like me and get tired of the city.
Some of the trail can flood if we have heavy rain. This year (2017-2018) has been great.
If you decide to go in the summer, bring lots of water and reapply your sun screen. There are lots of areas that have no shade from the sun.

I wouldn’t say this is an easy hike, it’s more moderate. There are two paths you can choose from, one easier path and the other is a little harder to do.

Bring lots of water!! There is a filtered water refill station at the start of the hike.

I enjoyed the fact that there were markers along the way telling you the names of some trees. Also how far you have gone and some history of the rails. My dog enjoyed it as well.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I've walked/hiked this loop trail a few times but prefer mountain biking it. This was my "go to" mountain biking course for a couple of years.

1 month ago

Would be an awesome hike if it wasn’t paved all the way to the top. There’s a few dirt trails on the right side of the mountain. Probably 500+ people on this little hill they call a mountain. If you’re looking for a nature hike you’re not going to find it here. A great little run though for the city folk.

Quick and easy hike with a scenic view

Not necessarily a hike but peaceful

I appreciate any Trail for what it is and what it provides for the community and tourists alike. I took this Trail and Mountain biked the whole thing I love the many changes in grade; and the many different scenerys it has lots of different pockets of little areas some nice and full of shade and others with a beautiful view and full sun.

1 month ago

Love spending family time here with my adult kids, it’s something we all enjoy.

This is a bigger city downtown hike that is still fun to this day. The disadvantage is there are a lot of people, the advantage is there are "a lot of people". This is Southern California as it is, in it's full glory such as it is, and won't change for a long time to come. Like it or leave it! There were maybe 1000 people on the trail. Various ages, fitness levels, dogs, strollers, runners, few bikes (not great for biker's), and the quintessential Southern California blend of folks. There were very fun and scenic encounters. Still love this hike/walk to this day - the already big parking area was already packed - needs to be bigger. Very scenic - views, history, and the American blend of culture.

1 month ago

I took my 4 kids. 8, 5, 3, & 1. We made it up and down.

1 month ago

I took my 4 kids. 8, 5, 3, & 1. We made it up and down.

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