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Stunning 360° views from the summit! but the trail was very very poorly marked....on my way down I ended up in a neighborhood about 2 miles from where I parked. I would highly recommend just backtracking the way you ascended instead of trying to follow the loop.

Great hike. I walked up, ran down. Took under 2 hours

I enjoy this hike as I do this one often. I enjoy the solitude of an early morning (

This is a beautiful and challenging hike that is always crowded, so expect that and you won’t be disappointed. Great work out, marvelous views along the way, and a wonderful mix of folks from all over to talk with while you await your Potato Chip photo op.

on Lake Poway Loop Trail

4 days ago

6 days ago

It is a fun, moderate hike with a nice steady incline to the top. It’s probably best on a cloudy day since there is zero shade. Parking was decent.

Too many poop bags left behind on the trail.

Very fun hike! The descend is a bit rough on the knees, so if you have those issues, prepare accordingly. It was packed when we got to the top, and we had to wait about 45 min just for a picture. So readers, be courteous and don’t have a 22 minute photo shoot with wardrobe changes. Took about 3 hours of total hike time (not including the pictures at the top). Worth it & would definitely do it again!

Great Hike!

Fun and pretty local trail, with some spectacular views. Great to go for sunset at the top, if you bring your headlamps.

The trail is mostly well maintained but some of the steeper sections are covered in loose rock making the ascend harder on the ankles. Great views from Ramona overlook which is about half way between the start of the trail and Iron Mtn, on the east side just off the Ellie Lane trail, worth a peek! ;)

Very nice view. 3h with making pictures

Great hike! It wasn’t too hot yesterday, but I can’t imagine doing it when it’s supper hot. There’s no shade on the hike. Great parking. Lots of dogs and children. Beautiful view on the top..

on Blue Sky Canyon Trail

13 days ago

this Trail is great for running... I prefer to go to the right around the lake. there is a small Trail close to the water that you can take around part of the lake that's pretty interesting and doesn't look like a big road. That's where the fisherman go and there's less people. on the way back you can go up to Lake Ramona which is about another mile and a half up.. i clocked 8.5ish

Greeeeeat workout...
Nature is my home, nice place to be alone or with friends.
Book, walk, run, music, meditate, your choice
JUST DO IT. Go outside. ¡Explore!

First in line at gate when they opened. Opened prompt at 0600. Did not care for $10.00 parking fee, but rules are rules..Hike was great..the switchback at 1.5 mile to 2 mile was most difficult..then smooth sailing to top. Have to wait your turn for pic, and always run into a few that want to pose for unusual amount of pics, delaying others...oh well..return down is great..mostly all downhill...hiking sticks are great for this course...overall..really enjoyed, will return again

Nice hike, not to hard. We went there with dogs on a rainy Tuesday. It was nice cool and no people. Considering that it's 20 min drive from home I was very happy

we've chosen a shaded way from the east side beginning at romona fire station in the afternoon. steep but flat concrete road to hike up, the most important, so much shade becuz of the shadow of the mountain! no parking lot, people kept parking on shoulder but no tickets. everything's good. less trafficked from east side but crowded at the chip rock waiting area, we have to wait in line.

The views are worth it when it’s clear. Go early in the morning or towards the evening to avoid the crowds.

Great hike, but I find it unfair that we had to wait in line for an hour to get a picture, when most people hiked only one mile to get to the top.

Very fun hike, but we had to wait in line for an hour or so just to get a photo. There is an easier way up, but I wouldn't recommend it, though I find it unfair that we had to wait for a bunch of people who hiked one mile to take a picture when I hiked three to get there.

Good hike! Great view!

I really enjoyed the trail! I’m an avid hiker and I must say it’s not the “hardest of hard” trailhead. What makes the hike appear hard is the heat! There are pockets of shade found on the sides of the trail and alongside big rocks. I encourage you to start early so that by the time you finish when the sun is blazing you won’t even care! I’m thankful that although it was hot there was a lovely breeze throughout the hike that made it bearable. Dry heat would have SUCKED! Ohhh, the line to take pictures was super long. Some people will stay on it for 10 minutes taking every type of pose with 15 people waiting in line to go up. That was probably the only downfall...lack of consideration. All in all I’d definitely go back and start even earlier! I started at 8:15am (but really should have started at 6am-7am) It took me exactly 2 hours and 56 minutes.

A good, solid hike with well maintained trail. Relatively easy grades without any really steep pitches. Good for people of all ages. Be aware of the temperatures as it can get very hot and there’s virtually no shade on this trip. Also, much of the trail is out of the prevailing wind, so when you’re down in the little valleys it’s warmer still. Make sure you bring enough water for those hot days. Great views from the summit and definitely worth the relatively quick time it takes to get there. Easily doable in 2.5 hrs at a moderate pace.

This loop starts at a golf course that is private property where you will be asked to turn around and get out. DO NOT HIKE THIS.

Very challenging hike but there are plenty places to pause and enjoy unobstructed views. The views are breathtaking and the grounds of the trail are very well maintained!

Great quick hike, it took about two hours going up and one going down enjoying the views and taking photos.

This place is amazing and has a wonderful view!

A bit out my comfort zone but was definitely worth it.

The views are well worth the little climb. I arrived at 6:30 am on a Saturday and the trailhead parking was 10 spots away from full....be early, especially on the weekend. Well maintained trail allowing for good pace up and a solid cruising speed coming down. Great for most ages and pet friendly.

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