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love this combination of trails - challenging, beautiful.

Awesome loop, especially if you op for meadow trail. Has a nice ascend

Incredibly beautiful

16 days ago

beautiful and perfect for a day!

16 days ago

beautiful and totally doable in half a day!

Amazing trek. Challenging to get to the falls and back in one day but well worth the effort. Gorgeous views and standing in Alamere Falls at the halfway mark (if you are doing a day hike) and feeling the cool fresh water and mist is a good break for your hike back. Would love to camp at Wildcat next time and explore other trails in the area.

2 months ago

Great trail for on-leash dog hiking! We walked out 5 miles and back 5 miles from the north end. It was open and exposed the whole time (no walking in forested areas—that’s farther south) with a wide trail and beautiful views of the hills and the nearby bay. There is a point 1.2 miles from the trailhead where it’s unclear whether you should go through a gate and continue left or walk left on the current side of the fence — go through the gate!! The misleading path is a cattle path. Speaking of which — the cows can be extremely *friendly*, thinking you are bringing them food. If you have dogs (especially heelers) make sure you’re following the leash rule for their safety. It can be INCREDIBLY windy, so make sure you dress accordingly. I plan on going back and trying an out-and-back from the southern end.

Very scenic, views ranging from rain forest, to Northern forests. Also pretty easy, great to do it early in the morning. We saw deer as we got there early.

nice spot to head to the coast. I'd love to camp here!

Very peaceful, fun hike. Took the Scout Troop. Very few views except trees, but well shaded and pleasant.

perfect length for a morning hike. We took the coast trail way, and at the beach went down to the water to hike that
.5 Mile portion with the rich sound of waves. brought our lunch to eat at the camp picnic table, and use the outhouse conveniently located before the last 2 miles back up fire trail to Laguna trail parking lot.

It’s really nice hike with all combine. Bear valley trail is almost flat with no elevation gain along with stream and forest. Arch rock is already collapsed, so avoid it. Sky trail has smoothly elevation gain with good view of pacific.

Awesome hike ... marsh land, beach trek, hills with views of the ocean and forest. Back side of trail culminates with a half mile walk along the road/parking lot.

3 months ago

Incredibly peaceful hike through imperial redwoods at the Lagunitas creek valley floor and then ascends past small tributary creeks to reach Douglas firs in the upper canopy. The hike is lightly trafficked and presents lots of great views. The hike culminates when it reaches Pioneer Tree - perhaps the only old growth Redwood left in the park. Unexpectedly great winter hike.

Stayed at Coastal Camp for the first night then went on to Wildcat Camp for night 2! Also along Coast Trail! Awesome 3 days .

Beautiful green trail with lots of shade. It's fairly flat and the elevation gain isn't very noticeable. There are many side trails and options for loops, etc. Last trip was a 17 mile hike out to the coastal trail and up to sculpture beach and back. I will be back for many more hikes to come!

Nice trail with a walk-in campground two miles from the parking lot. That’s close enough to pack in all the eats and drinks, set up camp, consume all the heavy stuff (beer, bbq, etc.), then be back to a normal load by morning, ready to hike on.

4 months ago

Very quick hike with a fault line where a big earthquake occurred.

4 months ago

Great little easy hike right by the visitors center. Decided to do it to get a bit of a stretch after driving from Reno before going on to explore more of Pt. Reyes. Has some nice interpretive signs and feels quite deep in the woods for being so close to the visitor center. It was a great short hike that my 2 year old son easily did all by himself.

This was a solid hike, even with the conditions. The rain was on and off through the day, but never too heavy. Bring lots of water, snacks, and maybe a meal. We stopped for lunch above Kelham Beach on some large fallen branches from the tree just before the bridge. The final slow incline on Bear Valley can wear on you after the rest of the trail, so don't let it fool you. Was definitely glad to get the Wittenberg climb out of the way first. It was real foggy early in the morning, so we couldn't see much from the top with the overgrowth and the clouds. The trail didn't have much traffic at all and was really quiet. The mud wasn't bad at all even after the heavy rain from the night before. Would definitely do it again sometime.

4 months ago

Good hike but would be hot in summer as the ridge is exposed with little shade. Dogs loved it and few ticks...

4 months ago

Stopped by there today but the sign posted says no dogs. Really disappointing. Immediately across the road is McCurdy Trail which is dog friendly.

4 months ago

I love Point Reyes been backpacking it since the late 60's, the food storgae boxes will not keep out rats or mice store your food in a bear canister or Rat Sack inside the food storage boxes ..... trust me on this.

mountain biking
4 months ago

great trail! steady continuous up hill climb bit very ridable.

Beautiful hike... terrain changes, fresh sea air, a tree swing. I really enjoyed it!

Beautiful countryside... I agree - should not be classified as hard. It is 11 miles, but its rolling hills. The arch is no longer there, as I believe it collapsed during the historic winter of 2016-2017. Still well worth it. Completed this today with my three young boys and their grandfather!

Loved it. Had a little bit of everything (cloud forests, beaches, wildlife) and felt very mystical.

Gorgeous hike, but it appears the trail to see Arch Rock is shut down. It was piled high with sticks and brush to close off the trail.

NOT HARD. A beautiful hike through forest and ridge tops with stunning views of the ocean, but not difficult by any stretch. It is a long hike but we found it to be moderate at best.

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